Want to make more money from your Magento store? Of course you do.

Thankfully, with Magento 2 platform, there are plenty of sales generating extensions that help you do that. Whether you want to boost online sales, increase conversion rates, build trust and credibility or get in-depth marketing analytics, there is definitely a tool for that.

Nonetheless, it’s overwhelming to scrawl 1,500+ Magento 2 extensions to find the right ones for your online store. That’s why we’ve gone ahead and handpicked a list of 13 best Magento 2 extensions with comprehensive reviews to save you from that work. Without further ado, here’s our list!


1. Live Sales Notifications (free)

Recent-sales notification popups

Building trust with online shoppers isn’t easy. They only buy from those that they like, know, and trust. That’s why we put this extension above all, it’s the must-have element for online stores of all shapes and sizes.

Leveraging the power of social proof, Live Sales Notifications will display popup notifications of recent sales on the corner of your site. It helps create the sense of a busy store to enhance brand’s authenticity and strengthen shoppers’ confidence to buy. This strategy is widely used in e-commerce as a simple mind trick for online shoppers.

Once installed, the extension automatically syncs your store’s data to retrieve latest orders and turns them into notification popups, just like this one:

live sales notification


  • Show recent sales notification popups to create the sense of a busy store
  • Integrate seamlessly in 1-click with Magento; very easy and quick to set up and manage
  • Customization options are available. You can create your own custom notifications to promote some specific products


2. Upsell & Cross-sell Popups

Product recommendations to boost sales

Upselling and cross-selling technique is one of the best tactics you need to apply when it comes to increasing sales and order value for your online store. And we choose Upsell & Cross-sell Popups extension to be the best-in-class solution for you to do that.

This isn’t the only product recommendation tool out there, but this is the one that stands out from the crowd, because of its customization, reporting capabilities and professional designs.

When customers view or add an item to cart, a popup will show up to suggest other items that can alternate or complement with items that customers choose. If enabled by you, Upsell & Cross-sell Popups extension can automatically recommend products for any order on your store. This helps you save up to 95% of your time to implement each offer and still leads to a boost in revenue and high success rate.


An upsell offer on The Online Christian Store


An cross-sell offer on iwon4u.com.au


  • Support both hand-picked offers and automated deals based on customers’ interest
  • Add sales gamification technique to motivate customers to spend even more on each order
  • Holiday themes collection to drive attraction on the holiday season


3. Loyalty Program by Amasty

Promotions based on purchase activities

You’ve probably known that getting new customers is much more expensive than retaining old ones. Worries no more – this Loyalty Program extension will let you do both: cut down expenses on converting visitors into customers and make old customers come back for more purchases.

Loyalty Program extension helps create a reward system with multiple levels. You will be able to assign customer groups to those levels as well as to create special promo conditions for each group.


  • Create promotions based on customers’ purchase history
  • Create rules to move customers automatically up to the next level
  • The Loyalty Program discount will be applied automatically during the checkout. No additional coupons needed.


4. Free Gifts & Coupons

Different types of offers/ deals to boost checkout rate and social word-of-mouth

Did you know 68% of online shoppers abandon their carts right on the cart page? Free Gifts & Coupons extension is a perfect solution for store owners who want to decrease this rate.

By offering customers an incentive before they checkout, this extension changes customer’s intention of leaving your site without buying anything. If your customers accept the offer, a free gift/ discount code/ or free-shipping code will automatically be applied to their cart.


To make your offer even more powerful and exciting to customers, Free Gifts & Coupons can:

  • Create a sense of urgency by adding a Countdown Clock. It looks like this:

countdown clock

  • Convert customers who are about to leave your site with Exit-Intent technology
  • Ask customers to share products on Facebook/Twitter to get the offer as a reward – And you get more social traffic as well!
  • Show an upsell offer after checkout to motivate them to come back and buy more


5. Gift Card by Aheadworks

E-Gift Cards for your Magento store

70% of Givex’s survey respondents said they would buy a gift card as a birthday present and 64% said they would buy one as a holiday present. Customers love to buy E-Gift cards. Why don’t you give them what they want?

Gift card extension provides your customers with an one-size-fits-all online Gift Voucher. It’s one of the most effective ways to boost your customer’s loyalty and increase sales. More than that, the benefits are not all one-side, E-gift cards can surprise your customers’ friends and family while saving a lot of time of wondering what to buy.


Aheadworks offers a powerful solution for creating both physical and virtual gift cards for your Magento store with powerful front-end and backend features:

  • Card personalization: Customer can pick from a selection of visual card designs and attach a personal message to the recipient.
  • Delivery options: The card may be delivered either online or by post, depending on whether it’s virtual, physical, or a combined product.
  • Checkout activation: The gift card is applied during the checkout process by entering validation code in the gift card field.

Gift card


6. Stock & Price Countdown (free)

Countdown timer, stock countdown and social proofs

Ever thinking of adding a countdown timer or stock countdown to your Magento store to create urgency and boost conversions? This extension will help you do that.

Stock & Price Countdown is designed for countdown timers, and it comes with more cool features like social proof notifications and a low stock countdown bar. Adding a countdown timer is a great way to create a sense of urgency and excitement that encourages your shoppers to purchase on your store – which can increase your Magento store’s sales and profits.

The best things about this free extension are its flexibility and fully customization. You can freely customize the size, font, and color of all the widgets so they blend in with your store’s look and feel.

stock & price countdown

Stock and Price countdown on Porrento Online Store


  • Freely choose to show each widget on all products or choose some specific products only.
  • Choose to show actual data from your store or set-up data by you
  • Holiday themes collection to drive attraction on holidays season


7. Free Shipping Bar by M-Connect Media

Increase Average Order Value & Reduce Cart Abandonment

Let’s say you are offering free shipping on orders above $500. Your customers would come to know about this offer only at the checkout and that too if their order total crosses $500. You might be using sticky bars or banners to convey the offer. And that requires help from a developer.

Are you looking for some easy and better way to showcase your Free shipping offer? Such that it is beneficial to you and your customers. Make your customers aware of free shipping offer right on the home page. It will also calculate and show how far is the customer from availing free shipping offer. This will entice customers to buy more.


  • Let the customers know about free shipping offer in intuitive ways.
  • It automatically calculates the remaining amount needed to obtain free shipping, when a shopper adds product to the shopping cart.
  • Add your own custom message for free shipping bar.
  • Formatting options like font size and color for the message text.
  • Progress bar indicator for attractive visual appearance.
  • Change the background color of progress bar as per your theme.
  • Allows uploading images for mini-cart loader and empty mini-cart.
  • Custom Success message when customer avails free shipping.

Free Shipping Bar


8. MailBot Email Marketing

Automated email marketing for Magento stores

MailBot offers a best-in-class solution for increasing sales and recovering carts abandonment with personalized emails, newsletter campaigns and ROI tracking reports.

Once installed, all customers’ buying behaviors history will be synced to MailBot to send targeted and automated emails/newsletter. Then MailBot will help you plan weekly newsletters and decide which types of email to deliver to each segment of customers.

Besides the default segments based on the active levels (new customers/ low spent/ high spent/ frequently buyers/..), you can create your own custom segments based on customers’ behaviors on your store with MailBot. Just like this:


This extension has a library of email subjects and bodies where you can input for the bot to randomly select for each week’s campaign. The extension will make sure emails have different subjects and content to make them feel like they’re receiving a personalized email from you.


  • Automate newsletter drafting & scheduling for you
  • Advanced customer segmentation so the app can send tailored contents to each group of customers
  • Personalized follow-up emails with 8 pre-built campaigns for you to choose


9. Zoho CRM by Magenest

Customer relationship management system

When your customer base expands, providing personalized shopping experiences for your shoppers becomes a real challenge. One of the best ways is that you can systemize and automate the marketing process by employing a customer tracking system for your Magento store with Zoho CRM extension.

Zoho CRM is a web-based CRM service, it helps you combine all your contacts, leads, accounts, sales funnel and customer activities into one meaningful customer profile. This profile includes customer name, products that they have bought, orders and invoices,…You can access these data quickly, look at each customer activities and analyze them in details.


  • Easy to install, easy to customize
  • Have all your customers, orders and promotions synced in Zoho system in just one click
  • Allows deleting customer and product’s records in Magento once they are auto-deleted in Zoho CRM system


10. Pixlee

User-generated content platform

If you’re looking to build an excellent shopping experience in your Magento store, then user-generated content (UGC) is your best ally. Pixlee is a UGC platform helps you strengthen your marketing effort by putting customer feedbacks and stories at the center of their experience.

In a nutshell, Pixlee curates real-time user-generated content photos, manages photo permission rights and integrates the content into your multi-channel e-commerce experience. You can use Pixlee to showcase a shoppable gallery from photos of real customers to create a more authentic shopping experience.



  • Publish real customer photos on your website to help shoppers discover products more organically
  • Display real customer photos on product pages to increase conversion rates
  • Turn Instagram into a social storefront


Customer support

11. Facebook Live Chat (free)

Live chat box integrated with your Facebook Messenger

Want to reduce everyday offline tickets/ emails from online shoppers? Facebook Live Chat will have you covered.

This extension helps you create a new customer support channel: a live Facebook chat widget popping up on the corner of your Homepage. Shoppers can send messages to your Facebook page’s inbox to request your instant support. Then, you can reply and chat with customers anytime, anywhere right on your Messenger mobile app.

With Facebook Live Chat, you’ll find yourself wasting less time, devoting less effort, and providing the best customer service to important customers.

Facebook live chat


  • Integrates directly with your Facebook Messenger
  • No admin panel hassles – messages go straight to your Messenger inbox and you can keep track of them easily
  • Totally free to use. No limits whatsoever.


12. Simple Extended Contact Forms

Customizable contact support form builder

The most important reason to have a contact form on your website is to reduce spam and keep your site secure. When you publish your email address, you’re more likely to be flooded with promo newsletters and unexpected emails. Contact form is not only the key solution but also one of the must-have elements on each e-commerce sites.

This extension helps you display a well-designed form for your contact page. You can customize the form and the email contents flexibly with the simple markup. With this extension, your customers can easily find a way to contact you and ask for a proper support without hours of searching for your email or phone number.


  • Choose multiple email addresses to receive the email notification
  • Pick from 6 different types of contact fields including (but not limited to) text, select, captcha…
  • No additional cost. No monthly/yearly fee. 3 months of free tech support


13. Multi-vendors Allowance – Powerful Marketplace

E-commerce trending develops significantly and shows no signs of slowing down, so do not miss the chance to make use of all functions of marketplace to increase sales dramatically. Magento 2 Marketplace Extension is one of the most ideal tools to make you earn unlimited profit from all transactions in your marketplace. This powerful extension will let multiple sellers and a wide range of customers do everything they want in the automatic online marketplace. Creating profits from giving convenience for others and receive commissions can push up your reputation greatly.  



  • Integrated with +3 Additional Plugins: FAQs, Facebook Live Chat & Social Login.
  • Unlimited Active Sellers
  • + 5 Types of Products Compatibility
  • + 10 Payment Gateway Support
  • Powerful Seller Cpanel
  • Multi-functions Advanced Report


Which Magento 2 extensions are best for you?

There is only one answer to that question, it’s testing.

We’ve tested no less than 100 extensions to combine these 13 best ones for you in this article. And so do you. You’ve read all the list, it’s time to test them out and pick the ones that take off.

Wait – don’t forget to come back here and share your experience with us. Happy selling!

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