Want to make more money from your Magento store? Of course, you do.

Thankfully, with Magento 2 platform, there are plenty of sales generating extensions that help you do that. Whether you want to boost online sales, increase conversion rates, build trust and credibility or get in-depth marketing analytics, there is definitely a tool for that.

Nonetheless, it’s overwhelming to scrawl 1,500+ Magento 2 extensions to find the right ones for your online store. That’s why we’ve gone ahead and handpicked a list of 10 best Magento 2 extensions with comprehensive reviews to save you from that work. Without further ado, here’s our list!

Marketing Automation

1. Beeketing | Sales & Conversion optimization

All you need to optimize your sales funnel and increase sales.

Traffic means nothing if you fail to convert them. It’s such a pain to see the majority of visitors bounce off your store. That’s why Beeketing’s extension focuses on keeping customers stay and leading them to the final goal of your sales funnel: purchases.

Beeketing extension provides you 10+ built-in tools, each having a distinctive set of functionalities meant to leverage the conversion rate at all the three stages of your marketing funnel:

  • Acquire and convert leads
  • Up-sell and cross-sell
  • Engage with customers

There you will find many different tweaks to increase conversions: recent sales notifications, countdown widgets, coupon popups, product recommendation sliders, email marketing tool, etc.

Beeketing's features

By adding those tweaks to your sales funnel, you are able to interact and engage with customers at different points in their shopping journeys. The more they are motivated to spend money, the higher chance you can sell.


  • An AI-powered upselling feature helps suggest product recommendations automatically yet personally
  • Detailed and insightful reports to analyze each feature performance
  • Gamification technique is applied in a sophisticated way


2. Out of stock notification by Amasty

Add subscription boxes for customers to get stock notifications and price alerts.

It’s unavoidable that there will be a time your products are out of stock. Missing potential customers during this time is such a waste. But you can still take advantage of this situation, using out of stock notification by Amasty.

What it can do is to add subscription boxes to your out-of-stock products. From those boxes, customers can opt-in to receive notifications when the product is back in stock. Besides, the extension has a similar feature but for price changes.

out of stock notification by Amasty

By gathering product alert subscriptions you can get insightful information about which products customers are interested in most.


  • Guest visitors can subscribe without getting registered.
  • Customers can easily manage or remove their subscriptions from the account page.
  • Send one-time notification to not annoy customers.


3. Coupon Link by Wsnyc

Create URL links that automatically add a coupon code to customer’s shopping cart

If you run marketing campaigns that grant coupon codes to current and new customers, such as referrals, contests, and giveaways. Coupon Link is a must-have extension.

Coupon Link will automatically generate URLs using this notation: domain.com/?coupon=coupon_code, which are added to the campaign materials such as articles, posts, newsletters, landing pages, social media posts, affiliate marketing… When the audience clicks this URL link, they will be redirected to the website and the coupon code will automatically be applied to their shopping cart. Customers don’t have to insert granted coupon codes manually to get discount or free shipping.


  • Create timed promotional URLs to create a time limit for your campaigns
  • Support one-time coupon codes to limit the number of time a unique customer can redeem the coupon code
  • Support price threshold to encourage customers to spend more to get the coupon code


4. Customer Specific Product & Price Extension

Adjust Catalog Price and Category Visibility by Customer/Group

Sometimes store owners need store personalization for their customers based on segments, price, and products. Mconnect Customer Specific Product is the best suit for you as it hides or restricts specific product or category from individual user or group or non-logged user. Moreover, it can set the custom product price to a particular customer or group or make your customer feel special by showing VIP product to VIP customers only.



  • Multi website configuration per customer supporting.
  • Fully/Partially restrict category from individual users.
  • Restricted products can be hidden from search results.


Customer Relationship Management

1. Zoho CRM by Magenest

Customer relationship management system

When your customer base expands, providing personalized shopping experiences for your shoppers becomes a real challenge. One of the best ways is that you can systemize and automate the marketing process by employing a customer tracking system for your Magento store with Zoho CRM extension.

Zoho CRM is a web-based CRM service, it helps you combine all your contacts, leads, accounts, sales funnel and customer activities into one meaningful customer profile. This profile includes customer name, products that they have bought, orders and invoices,…You can access these data quickly, look at each customer activities and analyze them in details.


  • Easy to install, easy to customize
  • Have all your customers, orders and promotions synced in Zoho system in just one click
  • Allows deleting customer and product’s records in Magento once they are auto-deleted in Zoho CRM system


2. Loyalty Program by Amasty

Promotions based on purchase activities

You’ve probably known that getting new customers is much more expensive than retaining old ones. Worries no more – this Loyalty Program extension will let you do both: cut down expenses on converting visitors into customers and make old customers come back for more purchases.

Loyalty Program extension helps create a reward system with multiple levels. You will be able to assign customer groups to those levels as well as to create special promo conditions for each group.


  • Create promotions based on customers’ purchase history
  • Create rules to move customers automatically up to the next level
  • The Loyalty Program discount will be applied automatically during the checkout. No additional coupons needed


3. Refer a Friend by Aheadworks

A top-notch referral program extension for Magento 2 stores

Worth-of-mouth marketing is never a dead strategy for online stores to grow new customers and sales. Refer a Friend extension is built to help Magento merchants launch and manage referral programs efficiently.

This extension places a Refer a Friend section on the website, which allows customers to create a unique referral link and share it with their friends. By sharing the referral link, both the referers and referees will get a reward granted by the store’s owner.

referral program


  • The extension provides: one-time discount for referrals; cumulative reward spendings for brand ambassadors; protection from the sham usage of referral links
  • The admins can select which customer groups are eligible to participate in customer referral programs
  • The new referrals can be welcomed with the popup which content is derived from a Magento static block


Customers engagement

1. Pixlee

User-generated content platform

If you’re looking to build an excellent shopping experience in your Magento store, then user-generated content (UGC) is your best ally. Pixlee is a UGC platform helps you strengthen your marketing effort by putting customer stories at the center of their experience.

In a nutshell, Pixlee curates real-time user-generated content photos, manages photo permission rights and integrates the content into your multi-channel e-commerce experience. You can use Pixlee to showcase a shoppable gallery from photos of real customers to create a more authentic shopping experience.


  • Publish real customer photos on your website to help shoppers discover products more organically
  • Display real customer photos on product pages to increase conversion rates
  • Turn Instagram into a social storefront


2. Yotpo reviews

An advanced solution for customer reviews, visual marketing, loyalty, and referrals

While Pixlee makes use of customer photos to provide an authentic shopping experience, Yotpo enhances the shopping experience by collecting and displaying social proofs.

By social proofs, Yotpo helps you to collect not only photos but also reviews, ratings, or Q&A from customers. They are almost everything a customer might need to trust your brand and to make a purchase decision.

Yotpo gives you options to display customer’s content at key touch points throughout the shopping journey. It could be your homepage, product & category pages, or/and at checkout.


  • Display ratings on organic search results to get high rankers
  • Easily share the best customers content on social media to drive traffic
  • Get analytics from customers feedbacks


3. Simple Extended Contact Forms by Aurora Creation

Customizable contact support form builder

The most important reason to have a contact form on your website is to reduce spam and keep your site secure. When you publish your email address, you’re more likely to be flooded with promo newsletters and unexpected emails. A contact form is not only the key solution but also one of the must-have elements on each e-commerce sites.

This extension helps you display a well-designed form for your contact page. You can customize the form and the email contents flexibly with the simple markup. With this extension, your customers can easily find a way to contact you and ask for proper support without hours of searching for your email or phone number.


  • Choose multiple email addresses to receive the email notification
  • Pick from 6 different types of contact fields including (but not limited to) text, select, captcha…
  • No additional cost. No monthly/yearly fee. 3 months of free tech support


Store optimization

1. Promotional Banner by BelVG

Display holiday promotional banners on your web store

Holiday season is always the biggest sale craze of the year for any online store. Promotional Banner is a super simple and easy-to-set-up extension, that allows you to display a beautiful holiday promotional banner on your website. There are 15 neat looking themes already built in the plugin for you to use. All you have to do is to choose which banner to show on each holiday, and select the products you want to promote.

This extension helps you bring a holiday spirit look into your website, so you don’t have to think about how to decorate your store for the holiday season.

promotion banner


  • 15 beautiful pre-designed themes for 9 major holiday seasons and more are added!
  • Special offer banners can be placed on any pages
  • Very quick and easy installation and configuration


2. Smart One Step Checkout by Aheadworks

Accelerate checkout experience by one-step checkout page

One of the most common concerns for Magento store owners is the complication of the original checkout process. There are many fields that customers are required to fill in. Since it costs time and effort to complete all the steps, customers may abandon their carts during this point of time.

In order to not losing any sales, an extension to shorten the whole process into a single-step checkout page is necessary. Smart one step checkout by Aheadworks is our first choice. With it, orders can be placed quickly. Hence, customer experience is improved and carts are prevented from being abandoned.

Smart one step checkout extension gives you full control over your checkout page. You can optimize it by adding fields, changing field positions, set default options, etc.


  • Evaluate the checkout page’s performance using Abandoned Checkout report and Checkout Behavior report
  • Allow customers to edit their carts right at the checkout page
  • Detect users’ GeoIP to automatically provide location suggestion


3. One Step Checkout by Mageplaza

Enhance customer-experience at checkout to prevent abandoned carts

Another option to optimize the checkout process for your store is One Step Checkout by Mageplaza, which solves almost every problem with customer experience on the checkout page. It does not only cut down unnecessary steps but also implement many advanced features to speed up the checkout process and prevent abandoned carts. Especially, the Professional version of One Step Checkout is integrated with Mageplaza Abandoned Cart Email extension. This integration even helps minimize your cart abandonment rate more effectively.

One Step Checkout by Mageplaza

This module stands out among others because of its high compatibility and customizability and is claimed to be Mageplaza’s best selling paid extension of all time.


  • Compatible with the 3rd-party modules
  • Allows gift wrap, gift message, comments and setting the delivery time
  • Google address suggestion


4. Layered Navigation by Mageplaza

A replacement for the default search function of Magento 2

For those who sell a decent amount of products, Layered Navigation is for you. If you don’t have too many items with different categories at multi-levels, you can skip this one. Otherwise, this would definitely help you with a better customer-experience. Mageplaza Layered Navigation provides a system of filters so that shoppers can easily search products or navigate while browsing your store, which default search function of Magento 2 is missing.

Layered Navigation


  • AJAX loading page
  • Infinite scrolling
  • Price slider
  • Quick lookup options
  • Shop by brand is included in the Ultimate version


5. DragDropr

Build your webshop pages easily by dragging and dropping content blocks

DragDropr makes building a web page so much easier even for non-developers while saving time and resource with a drag & drop visual interface. They provide 200 content blocks so that you can create entire pages, or change any existing content quickly. Especially, DragDropr automatically adjusted content based on the shopper’s screen size to make sure your page looks nice in any devices.

It also allows you to customize your product page by enabling or disabling various product elements like product pictures, prices, or text description.

DragDropr guarantees the way you create and see the content on your screen will be the finalized look of your page.



  • DragDropr fits almost any CMS and works seamlessly with WordPress, Magento, Shopify or Lightspeed
  • Hundreds of pre-made templates to choose from


Which Magento 2 extensions are best for you?

There is only one answer to that question, it’s testing.

We’ve tested no less than 100 extensions to combine these 11 best ones for you in this article. And so do you. You’ve read all the list, it’s time to test them out and pick the ones that take off.

Wait – don’t forget to come back here and share your experience with us. Happy selling!

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