There’s an exciting piece of news we’d love to share today – Beeketing has a new look!

We have grown a lot since we started Beeketing in 2014. From a group of 6 at the beginning, we’re now a company of ~ 100 employees who are working hard days and nights for your success.

As Beeketing continues to grow and expand our areas of focus, strive for excellence with our products, we want our brand to best reflect why we do what we do, what we strongly believe in, and where we bound to.

Let’s take a look back then.

The Beeketing journey

When we started our first startup – an e-commerce website builder – our goal was simple: we wanted to help people launch their own businesses. But then we realized that having an online store was not enough, it was still a long way to succeed for every entrepreneur from anywhere.

We had come a long way since then, working along side with hundreds of thousand entrepreneurs like you. We understood the difficulties of building a new business, meanwhile, we were savvy in e-commerce, we knew your pain and how to cure it. Therefore, we pivoted to pursue the vision of “empowering entrepreneurs to launch, grow and succeed”. Just like that, Beeketing was born.


The challenge

As we’re working with more and more e-commerce merchants, our customers grow faster and they’re facing another nice-to-have problem in their business journeys: reaching the high-growth stage where they cannot easily control everything like before. Investments of time, money, or resources increase a lot, which means they need more support to scale. Plus, the needs for analytics, planning and management rise up.

High-growth startups now require an enterprise method to get ready for a sustainable scale.

Aiming to accompany our customers from the beginning to the top, Beeketing has evolved from an app provider to a new, united family of products and services to support companies, whether big or small, to succeed by applying big data and artificial intelligence in automating your roadmap to growth.

We’re not only eliminating costly management, human resource training, infrastructure that burns through development process, we’re helping companies scale through a network of supportive experts. Starting with our e-commerce expertise first, then we’re developing products for other fields such as: SaaS startups, enterprises, etc.


A new brand identity – The new Beeketing logo

Aiming high, so Beeketing needed to rethink our brand as well. We’ve created unique identities for goals, drawing our inspiration from the use of simple growth shapes.

We’ve created unique identities for goals

All of the product identities fit together into the greater whole, represented by our new corporate logomark – a double arrow which means Beeketing is now the base for entrepreneurs and brands all over the world to launch, grow and succeed.

The two triangle blocks supporting one another represent the relationship between the core Beeketing products and customers. Let’s conquer success & growth together!

Officially introducing the new Beeketing logo that we’re all excited about:



With Beeketing, your business will always continue growing.

This marks a new chapter in our ongoing mission to unleash the potential of every e-commerce and business brand. Thank you to all of our customers for inspiring this important change!


Our new product logos

We’re also evolving our product logos to align with this exciting change, and you – our beloved customers will start to see the updates right from today. One of our biggest challenges was to design a system of united visual looks across 11+ products, while still yield the unique characters and benefits of each one. No easy feat!

Each app logo represents its core value and benefit, but still belongs to the whole Beeketing family and feels very related to each other.

We hope it will help you recognize Beeketing apps – the ones you love from anywhere, so we can continue helping you can more brands to launch, grow and succeed.

Party Time

Beeketing has turned 4

It is our hornor and excitement to join this great journey with all of you. Time flies so fast and it’s all of a sudden to realize that Beeketing has just turned 4 this August, 2018.

This is a big milestone for us here at Beeketing. We cannot thank you enough for all of our support and love during these wonderful years. You have our promise to always strive for excellence, provide top-notch customer service, continously evolve for the better and be the base for your success.

To Your Success and Beyond

Our logo evolution since the beginning represents best how Beeketing has grown over time.


Starting today, you’ll see these exciting changes out in the wild, and gradually over the coming months.

Beeketing is growing, so will you and your business! Customers are always our focus and priority. So together, with this new Beeketing, we look forward to starting the next chapter of this incredible journey to contribute to your achievements.

Our vision is to empower brands all over the world to launch, grow and succeed. Our mission is to do great works to make your life better and grow your business bigger.

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