Jingle bells, jingle bells
Jingle all the waaay…to Beeketing’s biggest launch of 2018 🎶🎶

Before I unveil the secret, let’s look at common problems that you’ve met when supporting your customers:

  • Everyone needs a break, including you. Then who would reply to your customers’ questions when you’re away? Either you just accept the fact that either your customers must wait for your help or you hire a support agent.
  • You reply 20 – 30 times a day to the same common questions, such as “Where is my order?”, “What’s the shipping policy?”, “Can I return/cancel my order”, and etc. Both of us know how boring it is to answer those over and over again.
  • When the peak times come, you know the drill. Your inbox is like an endless list of questions. Both you and your customers feel frustrated.

So how can we help you to get through all of these?

Please welcome Answers – an upgraded version of Quick Facebook Chat, that helps you fix those issues in no time, with two new features – Searchable FAQs and Order Status.

Good, better, best. Never let it rest.” That’s our promise to you.

Seriously, it can blow your mind because it can:

Deliver Exceptional Customer Support With Powerful Features

If there is one thing Beeketing’s co-founder – Alice Ha would tell you, it would be the core component in building successful business lies within the customer satisfaction. And to online stores, the best way to make the customers happy is through fast and reliable customer support. But she admitted that it’s not easy to reply to customers’ concerns 24/7. So what she did was working with our engineering team for months trying to present you Answers.

The new Answers app aims to help you avoid those common problems mentioned above, in order to deliver beyond-expected customer support. Here is how:

1. Facebook Live Chat 

The #1 purpose of the app is to provides live chat support for customers via Facebook Messenger. Once customers send you a message, it will store all of their conversations and help you build a Messenger subscriber list. It meant to help you provide personal communication with your customers while establishing and retaining the relationship between you and them.


2. Searchable FAQs

This allows customers to search the answers to frequently asked questions instantly. Depending on how detailed and personalized your Q&As list is, the customers can find lots of information there before they need to message you. Busy folks will love you for saving them the hassle of waiting for the response, and you don’t need to be constantly online to reply. Plus, you need a break but Answers doesn’t. This tool is there to share the burden with you 24/7.


3. Order Status


Because the majority of customers’ concerns involve the delivery status, this tool does an amazing job of informing customers about the latest status of their orders. It starts by asking for customer’s email and order number, then immediately shows them the link to their order status page. Thus, their most-asked question can be solved seamlessly in no time. Happy customers. Happy you.

*Note: all of these following features are currently available on Shopify only. Only Live Chat & Searchable FAQs are available on other platforms.

Moreover, busy times often mean holidays are coming. Hint: Chrismas is just 1 week away. Honestly, as a marketer, I don’t want to be online too constantly during my break. Do you? I bet a no.

So how about you let Answers take care the majority of work while you’re enjoying a good time? Since the customers can find the solutions to common issues for so quickly and seamlessly, you can guarantee high satisfaction while still having time for (1) yourself, friends and family, (2) dealing with more complicated cases. Plus, let’s begin your 2019’s resolutions with “reduce customer support’s training cost” in the checklist.

More questions answered, less effort put in with Answers.

A little sneak peek: The feature Chatbot is coming soon with the ability to auto-reply to questions related to three common problems:

  • Order Status
  • Cancel Order
  • Return Order

Stay tuned!

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