After you install Checkout Boost or Boost Sales successfully, our apps will create new product variants in order for customers to receive your offer. These new product variants should be hidden so your customers won’t see them.

Therefore, in order for apps to run perfectly, you’ll need to login Shopify dashboard and do the following steps.

If you find it hard to play with code, feel free to send us a request to finish your installation.
We offer FREE installation for all customers who have upgraded apps. In other cases, there will be a small fee of $20 if you want us to finish installation for you. Upgrading your apps will save you a lot, in comparison with installation fee, and you’ll have more time to use apps as well.

Note: These following steps require you to edit theme files, thus, if you’re not familiar with code, please contact us right away to avoid theme errors or conflict. Thank you.

1. Hide free gift product on your store

If you offer a free gift to customers, they might see that free gift as a product on your store, or change the quantity of received free gift during checkout. To avoid that, please do this step:

Edit the product.liquid template

  • On the first line of the product.liquid file, add this line of code:
<!-- SCN code start -->
{% include 'scn-product' %}
<!-- SCN code end -->

2. Hide the price of new free gift product on collection page

As we mentioned previously, apps will create new product variants in order for customers to receive your offer. Price of some free gift products will be displayed as $0 on collection page. Please do this step to hide it:

Edit various liquid files (see below) wherever the price is displayed

The location of this code can be found in multiple liquid files or snippets of code depending on your theme. Wherever the price is displayed, this piece of code needs to be added. We’ve noticed this code can be found in the following liquid pages or snippets depending on theme:

  • Templates
    • product.liquid
    • index.liquid
    • collection.liquid
    • search.liquid
  • Snippets
    • product-grid-item.liquid
    • product-form.liquid
    • product-loop.liquid
    • search.liquid
    • related-products.liquid

In any and ALL of the liquid files listed above (and any other liquid file that displays product prices to your customers)


{{ product.price | money }}
{{ product.price_min | money }}
{{ product.price_max | money }}

Replace the line of code above with the following code:

{% include 'scn-min-price' with product %}

Some themes may have the price as prod.price, prd.price or some other variation.
If it’s prod.price, use ‘scn-min-price’ with prod
If it’s prd.price, use ‘scn-min-price’ with prd
And so on…


Tutorial video: (pending)

Click to download scn-product-price.liquid file.


If you’re not confident with adding code to your theme, send us a request now to finish app installation. 

We wish you success.

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