The question here is why first impression matter:

“First impression matters when you want to build a lasting trust,” says Robert Lount, an assistant professor at Ohio State University. “If you get off on the wrong foot, the relationship may never be completely right again. It’s easier to build trust after a breach if you already have a strong relationship.”

Customers mostly buy products from those stores they know and trust, which makes first impression more and more important. Here are some tips that we find most helpful for all online stores:

1. Your brand name or images: Making sure it’s easy to remember.

Your brand name must be the first thing customers see and should be the last thing stayed in customer’s minds. You can do many things to make customers remember about you, make them trust and be loyal to you, but those things will faded out when time comes by and everything left is your brand name and their feelings about that brand.

There are many ways you can do to make your brand name stand out such as:  a unique name (You can read this article to know How to name your business), a meaningful slogan (5 tips to write a killer slogan), an amazing logo (7 killer tips for logo design)…or an outstanding “About us” description . It takes you time to finish those steps but it’d not fail your expectation.

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2. Professional website design.

A website is a double-edged knife: a good website design brings more customers, creates better user experience; while a bad website design makes customers want to leave, and of course never come back.

It’s been easier and easier lately to have a clean, friendly and professional website, these Shopify store themes can help you come up with an excellent website that makes you and your customers happy. If you find it’s uncomfortable to do it by yourself, you can always hire some professional web designers to help you. Of course, I don’t recommend you spend a lot of money in order to create your websites, trying to make it as clean as possible. You can always ask for help on Shopify forum and continue to improve your sites later.

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3. Clear and specific contact information

Making sure that your contact information is placed in different places and customers will know how and who they will contact to if there is any problem. Retail stores always have a specific address that customers can always come and ask for help. Most online stores don’t have such things that required them another contact information in return such as phone numbers or email addresses. This is the simplest way to gain customers trust and the base to build your customer’s services

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4. Privacy policy

In a time where privacy is more and more important, it’s necessary to prove to your customers that you remain secure when do business with them. When customers give you their information, they bear in their minds that you’d not leak it for anyone else, especially some information such as: financial records or credit information…

You can do this by create a specific private policy alongside with “About us” page and Contact information at header or footer. On the other hand, making sure that you stick to your word, it’s your legal “promises” after all. It’s also useful to note that Google looks to see whether sites have privacy policy as a point to evaluate manual quality, so this should be a must-step for anyone who want to do business online.

5. Welcome coupon pop ups to make them purchase right on the first time

Beside creating trust from customers by representing a professional storefront with trustworthy information about your brand, there is another thing you should implement on your homepage: install a coupon pop up window that gives new customers discount code on their first purchase order with you.

welcome coupon pop up

This little coupon pop up gives customers incentive to get connected with your brand and make the first order.


Hopefully, those tips can help you improve customer’s first impression on your stores as well as your sales. Let’s Beeketing know if we can do anything to help you and remember to follow Beeketing’s blog to learn more how to grow your sales.

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