You have been putting a lot of effort and money running ads, getting customers to your site, encouraging them to buy more with upselling/cross-selling techniques, etc… but in the end, they drop their cart. That’s really a pain in the neck.

We believe that the problem for abandoned carts can be well-solved with a combination of Recover Cart Pusher app and Checkout Boost app. In this article, we’ll show you effective ways to set up these two apps together to achieve a better result in reducing cart abandonment rate.

Just a quick review: Checkout Boost app increases your conversion rate by asking customers to share your products with friends in exchange for a gift or discount while Recover Cart Pusher sends automated & targeted push notifications on web browsers to recover abandoned carts.

The combination of which Recover Cart Pusher shows notifications to remind visitors of getting back to the cart page where there are Checkout Boost’s offers popping up would motivate them to quickly complete their purchases in order to receive the gifts.

Let’s look into the setup:

1. Set up Recover Cart Pusher

Nothing tricky here, you just need to turn on all the “Permission box” and “Abandoned Cart Reminder” in Recover Cart Pusher dashboard

abandoned cart recoveryRecover Cart Pusher dashboard

So 15 minutes after when customers abandon their carts, a notification will be pushed out on their web browser to remind them of returning to the cart page like this:

abandoned cart recoveryRecover Cart Pusher’s abandoned cart notification

2. Checkout Boost

When customers click on the notification and get back to the cart page, they’ll be surprised by a reward popping up on the screen which encourages them to finish payment. Would it be awesome to give them some more motivation to complete the last step of their buying journey with a little pretty gift or free shipping?

abandoned cart recoveryCheckout Boost offers displayed on the cart page

To make Checkout Boost offers pop up on the cart page, you just need to choose “Show offer Cart page” at the section of “When do you want to show this offer?”

abandoned cart recoveryCheckout Boost dashboard


Sounds simple, doesn’t it? We believe it wouldn’t take more than 5 minutes to make Checkout Boost and Recover Cart Pusher work like a perfect duo to save your abandoned cart.   

If you want to know more how to set up each app separately, please refer to our instructions here:

Feel free to drop us an email at [email protected] if you need any help setting it up, our experts are always there to help you out.