One selling technique that we highly recommend to increase order value is gamifying the consumer buying experiences in order to motivate them to add more products to cart.

So here is the calculation: display all of the products that you want to be in the game at places where visitors constantly see them, and then guide your customers step-by-step so that they are excited to get involved in doing the simple math to win it.

This is where Personalized Recommendation and Checkout Boost apps work perfectly to help you organize the gamification. Checkout Boost creates the game for customers to participate while Personalized Recommendation suggests more products that they can pick up to win the game.

In this article, we’ll show you how to combine these two apps to trigger customer’s excitement and make them buy more.

Quickly review each app’s function before we get started: Personalized Recommendation suggests the right products to the right customers thanks to its advanced machine learning, while Checkout Boost app increases your conversion rate by asking customers to share your products with friends in exchange for a gift or discount.

1. Set up Checkout Boost

Here is how the maths is done: if your current average order value is, for example, $40 and you want to increase it to $50, you’d better set your Checkout Boost‘s offers included with the condition that Show offers when “Cart total price is equal to/greater than $50”

Checkout boost offer

Checkout Boost offer setting

This way, right when customers add a product into their cart, a popup will show up on the top right corner of the product page to notify customers how much do they need to “win the game”.

To double the effect of urgency and scarcity, you can also duplicate this Checkout Boost offer and choose to show it on the Cart page (instead of on the Product page) as well. This way, customers will be notified about adding just one more product to receive the free gift not only on the product page but also on the cart page, hence the conversion rate would climb up!

Here is what “the game” looks like when customers add a product into their cart:

Checkout boost on product page

The Checkout Boost offer displayed on the product page

The first step has been well set-up, now you need to make sure that your customers can see products they might be interested in, so that they’d like to add them into their cart to achieve the game target: spend just $15.02 more to reach the shopping goal.

2. Set up Personalized Recommendation

At this point, widgets such as “Recently view & featured recommendations”, “Who bought this also bought” or “Handpicked just for you” set up on the product page would give customers a sense of reliable reference. The items suggested on those widgets would be those that customers have browsed or might like to pick up, thanks to the smart recommendation engine built on historical data of previous customers.

Personalized Recommendation dashboard

Personalized Recommendation dashboard

So, after customers have seen the offer pop up on the top right corner of the screen and know how much more they’ll need to hit the goal, just scrolling down to the bottom they’ll see those personalized recommendations. Not so difficult to pick an item that they might have kept their eyes on, isn’t it? 😉

Personalized Recommendation

The personalized recommendations displayed at the bottom of the product page

Again, if you also set up Checkout Boost offers at the cart page, it’d make sense if you also leave product recommendations there as well. “Cart Recommendations” or “Recently view & Featured recommendations” would be suitable to be put in this place to complete the circle of the gamification.


Checkout Boost and Personalized Recommendation is a good combination of gamification examples that can help you psychologically convince customers to spend more with you, hence, increase your revenue.

If you want to know more how to set up each app separately, please refer to our instructions here:

Feel free to drop us an email at [email protected] if you need any help setting it up, our experts are always there to help you out.

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