Better Coupon Box is one of our free apps to offer your customers a discount code, in exchange for social media following when they first enter your store. If you install both Beeketing and Better Coupon Box, your coupon box will be enabled to collect customers’ emails as well.

Collect customers' emails in coupon box

You can get Better Coupon Box for free at:

With the collected emails, Beeketing will be your “under-spy” to follow and track customer behavior on your store. From then on, Beeketing will help you to understand your customers, know what they’re searching for, know what they want, understand what they’re interested in…

After that, Beeketing will be ready to apply “Recommend” marketing apps to them and increase your conversion rate.

So, how to use Better Coupon Box effectively?

Step 1: Get started by installing Better Coupon Box app

Normally Better Coupon Box users won’t have the option to collect customers’ email addresses. This option is available only after you install Beeketing.

It’s a free app which you can get at:

Now get ready to create your first coupon box.

Step 2: Create Better Coupon Box offer

Step 2.1: Submit all required information to activate your awesome coupon box

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Wondering what to write here? Don’t worry, you just need to click on the link “Suggest me a good one”, a pre-written message will be ready for you to use.

Step 2.2: Create a coupon code

You can create a coupon code in Shopify Admin as this instruction. It can be free shipping, percentage discount or money discount, depending on your choice.

After that, submit this code in the “Coupon Code” box.

Step 2.3: Enter your social network profiles you want to activate so that your customer can follow you and get coupon. You can use your Facebook Page, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest or Instagram, not all profiles are required.

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Step 2.4: Customize your coupon box

One special function of Better Coupon Box, which makes it a powerful tool on your store, is email subscription. It’s like no other collecting email tool you’ve heard of before, it will be your “under-spy” to track customer behavior and enable you to understand them best.

Once customers submit their email addresses, Beeketing will follow them carefully and learn their interest. Then “Recommend” apps in the platform will do their jobs to introduce the right products that attract them most through website recommendation and email follow-up, to make them buy more and more and more…

Therefore, if you want to sell effectively like Amazon, it’s strongly recommended that you activate this function in Beeketing.

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Moreover, you can personalize your Better Coupon Box and make  it suit your store by changing Button’s position, label or color. There are 4 positions and unlimited colors to choose. It’s very easy to set up and use.

You also can set your “limit time for offer” and when you want to show coupon code. We offer you with 3 choices:

  • Automatically show up on first page
  • Automatically show up on second page
  • Manually, only show when users click “get discount” button

*Note: You can skip this step and use the default option.

Step 2.5: Click Save and Bingo! Your coupon box is now activated and ready for you to view live on store.

How your Better Coupon Box will display?

When customers first enter your store, a beautiful popup will display to offer them a coupon code in exchange for social follows or email subscription.

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After they follow your social profiles or subscribe emails, a coupon code will be ready for them to use.

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If they decide not to use it at that moment, the coupon box will be minimized into a “Get discount” button. Whenever they’re ready, they just need to click that button to reveal the code again. This is to make sure that your customers won’t forgot the special discount you offer.

Wanna know how “Recommend Apps” will work afterwards to increase your sales? Let’s find out more here.


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