Guess how big the eCommerce market is?

A trillion market which was $1,6T in 2015 and is projected to reach $2,5T in 2018.

However, not everyone masters the art of selling online. The world now has 12 million eCommerce stores, but only 650,000 eCommerce sites can sell more than $1,000 a year. It’s only 5% who finally realize the recipe of how to sell online successfully.

Why did we write this guide?

Working with 120,000+ online business owners since 2014 to help them increase conversion rate and sales, we have talked with a lot of those who started out empty-handed. Thinking about becoming a prosperous entrepreneur is fancy, but how to sell online successfully goes a long way. A lot of time will be spent, many efforts will be invested. You will also need a workable amount of budget, and a long-lasting passion that can get you overcome the hardest times.

We built this guide to make this journey easier and success more achievable with proven tactics and strategies. This resource is piled to the top with detailed instructions from choosing the best products to sell online, building an email list, increasing conversion rates, to settling payment methods and shipping procedure. The final goal is to help you see your way clear from having an idea about what to sell online, through everything in between, to make millions in the eCommerce market.  

Who is this guide for?

Thinking about building your own business online but not yet knowing where to start? This guide is for you. Running an online store but not yet making great sales? This guide is for you!

This is a Complete Guide to learn How to Sell Online. It’s for anyone looking to take their online business pivot to the next level. In each chapter, not only will you gain knowledge, ideas, and inspirations, but you will also find tips, methods, and tools that you can sit down and get your hand right onto. Case studies are also provided to help you learn from real practices.

What can you find in this guide?

How to Sell Online guide consists of 10 Chapters:

book iconChapter 1: How to choose best products to sell online

Learn how to assess internal & external factors elements that define a potentially successful product, look for products ideas to sell online, and acquire your selected products by locating the right suppliers.

book iconChapter 2: How to create an online store

Explore most suitable eCommerce softwares for your needs, how to choose and buy a domain name, why securing and backing up your website matters, and other necessary steps to create an online store that can function well and is ready to grow.

book iconChapter 3: How to design an online store

Show you best eCommerce website design practices and inspirations to design an online store that can drive your online business to grow faster.

book iconChapter 4: How to drive traffic to online stores

Address 10 most effective yet free to low-cost strategies to drive traffic to your online store.

book iconChapter 5: How to build an email list for ecommerce stores

Learn how to convert traffic into email leads with 15 best practices that are recent, effective, relevant and out of the box.

book iconChapter 6: How to increase online sales

Discuss 10 strategies that help you encourage customers to start adding items to cart, increase average order value, and bring customers back to your store for repeat purchases.

book iconChapter 7: How to reduce shopping cart abandonment

Discover 9 shopping cart abandonment solutions for online stores, that are practical and easy to apply to lift up your checkout rate fast.

book iconChapter 8: How to manage eCommerce shipping, fulfillment, and returns

Navigate the best options on how to deliver your products by cutting down supply chain wastage, managing customer returns, and automating your order orchestration.

book iconChapter 9: How to use eCommerce analytics to grow your online business

Learn the most important eCommerce analytics metrics that can help you improve the performance of your store’s Traffic, Conversion, and Retention.

book iconChapter 10: How to retain customers and encourage customer loyalty

Learn how your online store can sustain customer loyalty by understanding the motivations, and the actions and strategies needed to retain customers.

Learning how to sell online takes time, theoretical methods, and real practices. You’re not secured to become a successful online business owner after reading this guide. It’s taking what you read learn into action that pushes you closer to success. Let’s get the ball rolling and keep this guide handy for ideas, reflections, and inspirations along the way.

We wish you great success!


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