You have so many interesting promotion ideas for your online store but don’t know how to start?
Are you confused about how to utilize all social platforms to promote your campaign to the right customers?

Here comes a definite guide for you to get started.

A. Preparation

1. Promotion content

First and foremost, you need to prepare promotion content. Think of something your customers want, and desire to have, what they usually ask for.

  • People always ask you about shipping fee? Give them a free-ship week for any purchases.
  • A lot of your customers are worrying about the high price? Save them a 30% discount so they can experience your products’ quality with an affordable price.

Second, let’s go into further details: how long do you want your customers to enjoy the promotion? What benefits will they get? You should clarify all benefits to attract your customers. List them all and use appealing words to advertise your own promotion campaign.

2. Promotion materials

Do you know that people are more attracted by photos than text? It is suggested that you create a fascinating poster which can catch people’s attention and convey the promotion message clearly.

Don’t worry if you are not familiar with designing thing. We recommend Canva – a simple and easy-to-use tool for amateurs to design poster, Facebook cover, blog graphic, or even presentation… With Canva, you can quickly use its library to design your own poster with just a few clicks of drag and drop.

Increase traffic by using the right tool

Do you believe that this poster can be “designed” only in less than 10 minutes? Yes, Canva can help you do that. 

Canva provides you with various types of design. Therefore, you can choose the template that fits your demand the most, and freely add your style.

B. Running Campaign

1. Post promotion information to all platforms

How many social platforms are you selling on? Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or even more? Post your promotion to as many platforms as possible. But make sure that you are active on that channel, as no one wants to reach a desert island.

It is essential that your message is united in all platforms too.

2. Email Marketing

Get your customers’ emails ready, it’s time to utilize them all. You can send the first promotion email 1 day before or on the first day of your promotion campaign. This email should be linked with all of your online platforms, for example: website, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc, so customers can stay connected and get updated with the channel they are familiar with.

The second is Remind Email which should be sent on the last day of promotion. It will take your customers back to you if promotion period is too long, or in case they forget.

3. Facebook

Let’s give Facebook some priority. Why? According to recent researches, Facebook is the social platform that drives the most sales for online sellers.

To spread the news on Facebook, there are usually 2 popular ways: Facebook event and Facebook Ads.

Facebook event is totally free. Simply create a Facebook event with details of your promotion, a beautiful event cover, and attracting content. Then you just need to invite all of your friends and your customers (whom you have the connection with) to join the event. It is the most convenient and best-saving way to tell everyone about your campaign.

The second method, which is a little more expensive, is Facebook Ads. The best way to promote such campaign is to use “boost post” type of ads.

With this type of ads, your post will be displayed on customers’ news feed, which is the best way to get their attention. Moreover, you can also choose to target your audience, it guarantees that you can reach the right customers.

C. Post- promotion

You have just finished all steps to run a promotion campaign to increase online sales. We would love to hear your results!

Getting to the end of a promotion, we bet that you have gained a lot of attention as well as boosting sales. Let’s make a funny photo to thank your customers for taking part in. Post this photo to all channels: Facebook, event, blog, Instagram,… to express your sincere thanks and inform them about how to catch up with the next promotion. For example, “Follow us on Facebook to be the first one receiving discount next time!”, or “Join our newsletter for more promotions you won’t wanna miss”.

Generally, practice makes perfect. There is no fixed standard on how you should operate your promotion. Let’s begin with this step-by-step instruction first, then try it your way later. If you need some more suggestion on running your promotion campaign or anything else, we are always here to help.


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