If you promote your online sales well, it will make more customers know about your business, then you have opportunity to explain for your customers why the should choose your products and services as well as demonstrating your superiority compared to other competitors, providing compelling reasons why customers should choose you, then boost your sales.

In this article, Beeketing will suggest a number of ways to take advantage of free tools to promote your online sales.

1. Facebook

Facebook is the most popular social network nowadays. It is a large potential market segment, most importantly, it is free available tools to help businesses reach their customers to promote your website easily. Information on the Facebook has spreaded very fast. According to the statistic of Facebook, each participant in this social network has 130 friends on average. Hence, when a customer is satisfied, he/she will say good about your business with 3 people and when they are not satisfied they say bad about you with 10 people, but it’s now no longer true in the Facebook environment. Instead of saying for some persons as usual, a customer whether he is satisfied or dissatisfied can affects the decisions of hundreds of other customers.

If you do not have any fanpage on Facebook, it’s time for you to start building plans to utilize Facebook marketing and finding new clients.

Take care your Facebook fanpage and develop your fans community on Facebook. You will gradually convert your fans on Facebook become loyal customers if they continue to get excited and love from content you supply.

It’s convenient and quick for you to provide information for your customer via Facebook Fanpage if you are owning a well-organized website with full of information. The only thing you need to do is to paste products’ links on that so your customers can receive the detailed info about your products or services. Therefore, they will feel satisfied as they can search for their wish products, compare them with different products and use the online payment function which integrated on the website.

In addition, joining in the group on Facebook is also an effective way to promote business and help more customers know your online store. Let’s find out the members’ needs in the group you join and provide information about your products or services enthusiastically. You will create a good impression in the community of potential customers.

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Fan Page attracts more people’s attention

2. Emails

Firstly, you shouldn’t forget to insert links and some lines introducing about your business in the email signature. It will help introduce your site to people in your networks and businesses.

Next, think about using email as a mean of your marketing strategy. When you meet a new client, ask them to leave their email address politely. And when you have a certain number of emails, start build an email database to execute email campaigns. You can design an event (promotion events, gifts …), then send information about these events to the email address that you gathered. Remember to propose recipient to access the website for detailed information about the program.

Don’t forget to remind them open your email and referred useful information

email automation

Send newsletter to customer is one of effective ways to attract their attention

3. Forums

Connecting with potential customers through the appropriate forum will bring benefits to your online store in creating awareness of customers.

However, do not join the forum just to post the introductory articles about your business. Take the time to contribute to the community by participating in discussions to provide knowledge and share your own experience. They will appreciate you and your name in the community will be enhanced.

And to take advantage of these forums, you should insert your website link in your account signature. This approach will not be considered spam and you can discuss in more topics comfortably. Many potential customers will notice your signature and click to access the store.

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Flyingsolo is one of the largest forum in Australia

4. YouTube

In recent years, YouTube has grown rapidly to become a world’s largest video sharing social network. According to its statistics, a user spend average 15 minutes per day to watch videos on Youtube. So, it’s time for you to invest in this media.

Let’s create a video channel on Youtube (Youtube channel) and spend your time collecting interesting videos which can attract viewers and enrich content to your channel. In every video’s description, don’t forget to insert your website address. More attractive are the video content, the more user you can attract. Therefore, your website will be promoted more widely.

5. Stationery

The stationeries as name cards, sign boards, envelopes, note cards, receipts / expenditure … would be the ideal place to put your website on. When customers are interested in your product, they will know your website address to find you.

Printing the website address on these stationeries not only helps you to show your professional and but also gives your customers the convenience which make them get your information easily. Whenever customers need to find out more information, they can find the web address in these stationery.

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Printing the web address on the name card will help more customers find your website easily

There are many methods to advertise your online sales for free. However, make sure your website is full of information, easy to access and do not make the common mistakes in web design. If not, even though you spend a lot of effort to promote, customers will “go away” even if they visit your website but could not find the information you want.

Let’s find out the best methods for boost sales  in social commerce age with Beeketing in the next blogs

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