As mentioned in the article “E-Commerce Trends”, with 1.2 billion members, Facebook is the biggest network in the world. It’s truly a fertile soil for any businesses to explore and develop. However, when all retailers rush into Facebook to expand their business, you must be unique and different from others so customers will have better impression on you, then boost sales.

In order to succeed, you not only learn how to sell better on Facebook, you also need to deeply understand this network and find the proper ways to market your business in E-commerce age.

Let’s take a closer look on some marketing tips that you can easily apply to your Facebook page to boost your sales gradually.

1. Build good content

“Content is King” as it’s always something that bring customers to your Facebook page at the beginning.

Do you follow a page with posts impressed you at the first sight? Do you like a page which provides you useful information or a spam-my page with info that you don’t care?

If you are a Facebook seller, you need to firstly focus on your page’s content. But how to create good content which not only impresses your customers but also can promote your products and services? Just mix it up! Engage your audience with photos of not just your products, but of what excites or inspires you as a buyer. For example, videos can showcase how-to-makeup instructions for cosmetic stores.
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Don’t have a video? Share your personal insights! Make your status updates relevant with news or innovative uses of your products. And don’t forget to include clickable links!

2. Run promotion campaign

Who don’t want to receive free things?

People are usually attracted to the chance of winning something in a contest or getting free things, that’s why offering free items through giveaways will grow your Facebook page in number of likes and your whole sales in general.

Your task is to think of an effective promotion campaign which can attract your customers as much as possible. What prize will make your customers crazily want? What method can be easy to participate, as well as driving more fans to your Facebook page?

If you have already registered with Beeketing, you will soon receive a tutorial about “How to run a promotion campaign”.Let’s check it out and find out the best ways for your business. Still don’t know what it is? Start your account with us! Your account manager will get back shortly.

3. Selling without selling

None of your customers wants to hear about your products all the time. Therefore, what you really should be talking about (besides your product and its benefits) is helpful articles, behind-the-scene videos and relevant customer testimonials. You can also try to create a poll or competition, or even pose interesting questions and debate topics. This will help your business become more authoritative and trustworthy. Find the stories your customers are interested in and communicate more with them about these topics frequently.

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Are you still wondering how this will help your E-commerce store?

The answer is simple. It will help building a strong relationship between you and your followers, as you always show your care, and share the same thoughts with them. Eventually trust will be built, you will be the one they find whenever there is a need.

Need more tips?

  • Maintain personal connection with specific potential customers.
  • Deal with negativity openly and clearly.
  • Always respond to comments quickly.
  • If you make a mistake (which you mostly will), sincerely apologize.
  • Connect other social networks for better engagement.

With all  the above strategies, we hope that you can take full advantage of them and apply successfully to your Facebook marketing plan.

We would love to hear what strategies are helping you build your online empire. Share your story with us, together we will make social commerce community more connected.

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