Online sellers make a lot of mistakes with their websites without any awareness of it. Those mistakes can easily reduce online sales and decrease customer’s experience. However, with a careful planning, online sellers can easily fix them all. Here are top 4 typical mistakes that online sellers usually make and some suggestion to fix them.

Mistake #1: Poor website’s performance

A website design can be considered as the face of online stores, which means the greater it looks, the better impression it makes on customers. There are a lot of bad website design examples that you can take a look here to avoid for your store. Sellers usually make a huge mistake when they don’t take care of web design. It doesn’t mean a bad website cannot sell anything, it still does but to be honest, customers usually don’t like to shop there.

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You can see the difference between a good website design and a bad one. Here are some top web designs that can absolutely inspire you to make a better one in the future.

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Another mistake is slow loading pages, this can be defined as basic HTML pages take longer than 2-3 seconds and complex pages take longer than 5-7 seconds to load. This mistake comes from 5 main reasons: unoptimized images, content served without HTTP compression, combinable CSS images, images without caching information, and domain sharing not implemented.

Mistake #2: Bad product’s pictures

Not many online sellers know how to make good product pictures. The biggest mistake they made is to take product pictures lighter or darker in comparison with the real one, which results in the product customers received is quite different than what they expected and they may claim for it. This problem can harmfully reduce customers’ trust and lower the sales of that store.

On the other hand, sometimes product pictures are too small or there are too few product pictures. Online customers cannot physically handle the product so that they need as much information or pictures possible to measure them. Try to minimize this disadvantage by optimizing the quantity of the pictures, taking pictures in different directions, angles, zoom in or zoom out. You can learn some tips to take a better product picture from Shopify or Ebay guide.

Mistake #3: Lack of product and contact’s information

Many products are also lack of information. As mentioned, customers cannot touch or try the products themselves, they just see it through pictures or know about it through product’s information. What if customers are interested in a product but they cannot find enough information about it on an online store? They’ll search for that product’s information on other stores and then buy it, causing the first store to lose sale. Information is the key to help customers measure a product, making them more confident to shop with you. Giving customers detailed information is a way to make good impression and to stand out from others.

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Must have Shopify appBesides, online sellers may forget to give customers contact information, which is really important, especially for stores that sell expensive or high technical products. Would you buy an expensive watch from someone who suddenly appears from nowhere? The answer will be “No” unless you’re too naive. Contact information can be considered as a way to build customer trust and help shoppers identify the person they are trading with. Customers usually look for online store’s locations or phone numbers before buying a product. They must know who and how to get in touch with sellers if there is any problem. Remember to put your contact information in easily recognizable places.

Mistake #4: Inconvenient checkout process

The mistake online sellers usually make is to ask customer’s account before they place an order, which make customer uncomfortable and feel annoying. It would be a wiser choice not to require customer’s accounts at this stage, and ask them latter.

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Besides, lack of payment options can also decrease sales. Some websites just provide customers one or two payment options only, which limit the customer’s payment ability, making them hesitate to continue and decrease your sales. Try to upgrade your payment by providing diversified payment options, increasing customer’s experience and boosting sales.

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Those mistakes can be easily fixed if you pay a little attention to it. Additionally, it can bring you a significant change in sales or bring back slipping-away customers that you should have lost with a poorly-optimized website. At Beeketing, we’re proud to have great designers who can help optimizing your store’s UI-UX to the best. If you want your store stand out from the rest and have better conversion rate, contact us, we’re happy to share our tips with you and help your store grow.


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