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When you sign up for the Beeketing Affiliate Program, a unique link to Beeketing apps will be given to you so that you can share with your friends, share through Facebook post, a tweet, your website, or your blog, etc. You’ll earn up to 20% of subscription fee for every customer that signs up for Beeketing through your link, which can make up to $30,000 per sale! Sounds good and easy, right?

Beeketing Affiliate Commission

You can also use any online marketing channels you’re familiar with to refer customers, such as: email, paid advertising, social media, SEO, or direct referral. It’s even easier when you own an online store or if you’re working in an agency for e-commerce, as a lot of your friends/ customers are seeking for recommendations to boost their online sales, so why don’t suggest them what they need?

Still wondering what’s the best way to start? Take a look at our easy-to-apply suggestions:

1. Show how to use the affiliate app in multiple ways

Instead of showing your clients one use of the app you’re promoting, this tactic requires you to get creative. Through your actual exprience with an app, try to come up with multiple ways of leveraging its features so you can develop more rich and unique content.

For example, instead of just doing up-sell and cross-sell with Boost Sales app, you can create a BOGO offer (Buy One Get One) too.

Would you rather read yet another app tutorial or a blog post that details “5 Crazy Uses for a Shopify app that generates thousands of extra revenue per month”?

2. Make a video to demo and review the affiliate app

Did you know videos may make up 74% of all internet traffic in 2017? A video sounds complicated to make but it can simply be a digital recording of your computer screen. Once you master the software, they’re super fun and easy to create. If you don’t love writing, this is the perfect tactic for you.

In your screencasts, you can walk people through key features of an app (like this tutorial) or teach people how to do something nifty using the app, show how it helps you or your clients to increase sales and it would be the perfect source for new leads to come in.

Be sure to inject some personality into your videos to differentiate yourself. Many fellow e-commerce experts offer training videos so it’s important to show how you use the app and why you think it’s amazing for your audience.

Some Youtube video reviews of Beeketing apps for your reference:

Best Shopify Apps

3. Share a personal story of how you achieve success with the affiliate apps

Did you know that 67% of consumers are influenced by online reviews?

You’re considered an expert in your industry, and you’ve used many tools and resources to help you get there. So if you feel compelled (or your audience is begging for it), go ahead and round up your favorite apps.

The golden rule of affiliate marketing is to promote only products you have personal experience with. With that in mind, share a story about how a particular product helped you, changed your business, or changed your life. Or share a story about how it saved you time and money in the long run.

People are naturally drawn to success stories so anything you’ve used to achieve that success will be extremely enticing. Don’t be afraid to reveal your secret sauce, either. You’ll set yourself apart from more secretive competitors and gain even more authority in the eyes of your audience.

A case study or a review of how Beeketing apps actually work on your store or your clients’ stores will do its best in attracting discussions and new leads. For example, these are some reviews from ShopiHunt about Beeketing apps:

Beeketing Apps - Review

Simply share how you use these apps, how you customize it to work best on your sites and the actual impact it has brought. Be straight and give your honest reviews – people appreciate honest thoughts and they’re also very sensitive, they can realize fake feedbacks right from the start.

4. Leverage social media

There are a lot of social networks you can join and share your opinions these days, let’s begin with the most common ones such as: Facebook, Twitter, Quora, Medium, Youtube, etc.

For example, tweet a hook message plus hashtag to catch people’s attention and start conversation. Some common hashtags for e-commerce entrepreneurs that you can use: #shopifyapps #woocommerceplugins #onlinesales #onlineselling

Sharing communities like Quora or Medium always have a huge number of people who seek for a solution of their problems. This is the ideal place for you to share what you really experience with Beeketing apps, to lend a helping hand by answering their questions, and attract potential leads as well.

Beeketing app referral

5. Word of Mouth

Know a friend who is in need of growing their sales?
You already joined some e-commerce communities where common questions include increasing conversion rate and boosting revenue?
You work in an agency who provides high quality custom development or theme designs to e-commerce customers?

If you’d love to help your friends get the same great benefits that come with increasing their online sales by Beeketing apps, directly share with them the solutions you’ve applied to your site, to win their hearts and win their money to your pocket too! Just send your personalized affiliate link (after you sign up here) to anyone who you think might find it useful and get yourself up to 20% monthly commission from each referral.

It can be a sharing post, a personal email or maybe just some chatting. As long as it brings real values to readers, it can bring you good tractions.

In terms of emails, We’ve prepared a template here for you so you can get started right away!



I’ve been using Beeketing apps to increase sales and conversion for my online store for a while, thought you’d like to give this a try too. Here’s 10% off for your first app with Beeketing. Click to sign up here: {{link}}

Beeketing provides marketing & sales apps that help to boost revenue for your online stores. Claim your discount and start growing your sales!


[Your name – Your signature]


It’s fun and easy to share!

6. Attract new leads with our free resources

Let’s monetize your website or your blog by adding Beeketing banners or affiliate links to your posts. Why not make the most of your site traffic by promoting one of the most powerful apps in the industry and earn extra money every month?

Banners for Beeketing Affiliate partners

We’ve created banners, templates, and handouts for you to help your promotions – Everything you need to start without any effort. If you want to have a custom design to fit your site, let us know so we can figure it out together.

Here are some suggestions on where you can use these free resources:

  • Add an affiliate app banner to your site. They’re the fastest way to get started as an affiliate because they only take a few minutes to add to your site.
  • Use your blog footer to promote affiliate apps.
  • Create a Resources page on your site share affiliate apps. People love to emulate success. One of the most popular ways to earn with affiliate links is to share your ‘little black book’ of fab tools and products.
  • Add affiliate apps to pre-existing content. Put old content to work for you, plus, when editing the content, you could even go all out and revamp the post entirely, giving you bonus SEO points.
  • Feature affiliate apps in between blog posts and comments.

7. Offer a bonus to entice people to use the affiliate app

Did you know that when people sign up for Beeketing using your affiliate links, not only do you get the commission, but your referrals will also get a 10% discount code so they can start using Beeketing apps with less investment?

Beeketing Affiliate Discount

You can use this 10% off coupon code “BEEKETING-FRIEND” to promote and encourage people try Beeketing apps, along with the default 15 day free trial from all apps.

8. Meetups and Workshops

Hosting meetups and workshops can connect you with other like-minded entrepreneurs, as well as merchants and potential clients. There are a lot of independently-run events put on by local shop owners, partners and experts, such as Shopify meetups or WooCommerce meetups. You can either attend one close to you, or host one to share ideas, review the useful apps/ solutions that you trield, or just hang out.

Why Beeketing?

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We’ll have Affiliate Newsletter to outline new features, upcoming events, and recommended reading. Your dashboard will let you see exactly how much money you’re making and when your next payment is. Everything is ready once you sign up so you can start making more money right away.

Overall, your success is our success. Boost your earnings. Keep them coming and we’ll make them stay. As long as customers use our apps, you’ll get the monthly commission!


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