If you are about to use Checkout Boost and want to make a load of money with it, please take 9 minutes to read my article below. This is the summary of Checkout Boost and some excellent suggestions for you to get the best use of the app.

how to increase conversion rate

Are you ready to boost your conversion rate to 25% with Beeketing?

A. What is Checkout Boost and How it increases your sales?

In average, 67% of online shoppers drop their cart at the final checkout rate. You cannot bring this painful number back to zero, but you can reduce it by giving a little incentive when customers are about to check out.

Checkout Boost is an app that helps you to send customers a nice pop-up catching their attention by offering a free shipping / free gift / discount code when they are in cart page and about to hit checkout, and motivate them to share their cart on facebook or twitter. With just a click in 2 seconds, now customers have more incentives to buy your products.

(Watch our step-by-step tutorial video to see how it is easy to create highly-converting offers with Checkout Boost app)

From the shared posts on social media, people in your customer’s network get noticed of your brand and turn into your natural referral leads. If you used to run ads to get traffic from search engine, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, you would probably know how expensive a lead can cost you. But with Checkout Boost, you win social leads at no cost.

So basically, you achieve 2 goals at the same time: increase checkout rate & Boost referral traffic from the powerful social network sharing. It’s super awesome, isn’t it?

B. How to make the most use of Checkout Boost app

Simple as it seems to create a checkout-boost offer, making it effective and convertible needs some serious strategies. This part includes some suggestions to help you create the most perfect Checkout-boost offers.

1. Select the offers which bring back the highest conversion rate

##Offer 1: Complementary items as free gift

Make sure your customers want the free gift you offer so much so that they can’t hesitate sharing their cart to get it. There would be no better way than offering something that adds up great value to what they just purchase: a complementary accessories that goes well together.

checkout conversion rate

Our customers often see 15%- 25% conversion rate from free gift offers, so we believe it will worth your try.

##Offer 2: Free shipping will boost up your conversion rate. This is guaranteed

Wikipedia defines free shipping as a “marketing tactic used primarily by online vendors and mail-order catalogs as a sales strategy to attract customers.“

free shipping

If you’re shopping online and and realize you’re some more bucks away to receive a free shipping code. Isn’t it obvious that you will find another item to tack onto your order?

##Offer 3: Countdown timer offer

The rarer the chance is, the more valuable it is, this explains the Scarcity Principle. Customer will be urged to purchase when they feel that they may not be able to get the offer in the future.

countdown timer offer

##Offer 4: Post-purchase Incentive + Smart Upsell

Fact: Retaining customers is far more valuable than acquiring new ones in long-term.

This brings us the idea of a post-purchase offer combining with Smart Upsell technology, like this:

post purchase + smart upsell

Customers will receive a coupon offer in Thank you page after finishing Checkout and use it in their next purchase. Also, the feature goes with Upsell recommendation based on customers’ carts (thanks to machine learning and big data technology).

Timing is important. Find the right moment to influence your customers. It’s can not be more accurate to keep customers engaged right after they make a purchase.

2. Question: Can you use many offers at the same time? Absolutely yes!

Let’s see how!

##Option1: Set up different thresholds for your offers

Cboost hơ to show offers

Offer with a threshold is always a smart marketing strategy. Not only does it motivate customers to make purchase but also help to increase average order value.

This feature is strongly recommended for you to optimize Checkout Boost. You can take advantages of many different offers at the same time. A motivation bar will show up to drive customers’ action. Which offer has smaller threshold will be signposted first on this bar.

Sale Motivator Checkout Boost

##Option2: Target different products / collections for your offers

For each offer, you can set up mixed rules of product/collection and price range to determine if the offer should show.

  • Choose All if you want the offer to show when ALL rules are matched
  • Choose Any if you want the offer to show when at least 1 of the rules is matched


3. Make copywriting beautiful & persuasive

In Checkout-boost offer, the subject & message positions are your chance to convince customers by copywriting. So make it impressive and convincing, by following these suggestions:

  • Make your copywriting beautiful and sweet:


–  We’ve got a little surprise just for you!
–  Awesome! Here’s our gift for a wonderful customer like you.
–  Wanna get this cool item for free? Share your new order with friends now.

  • Create a sense of urgency / scarcity:

Does it really work? Yes it does. Peep Laja of ConversionXL (a famous site on conversion optimization) increased sales by 332% by mentioning that only 5,000 packages were available.

So, how can you create scarcity in your offer?

Let’s specify the available quantity: If you are promoting a free gift or discount, highlighting in your copy the limited number of available slots; or give your offer a tight deadline.


–  A free gift / 10% discount just for you! Offer ends at midnight.
–  Get your free-shipping code now or never!
–  This sweet little free gift is running out of stock 🙁 Get yours now or never!
–  Only 100 free gifts are available. You want it?

4. Edit Twitter sharing message to better target your audience

The default Twitter sharing message is “Check it out”. Do you think it sounds like being written by an excited person who just discovered an amazing thing? Let’s make the sharing message more personal and engaging by editing your Twitter message, as below:

Setting Twitter Checkbout Boost

And your customer will see the message like this when sharing:

checkout boost increase conversion rate

Some suggested messages for you:

– I love [Store Name]! Check them out now for a discount/ free shipping/ free gift on your first order!
– Take a look at this awesome product I’ve just bought. Cool huh?
– Get 10% off your first product here, I’ve just taken mine
– Check out [Store Name] for their awesome products, like the one I’ve just bought here
– I’ve just found a great store to shop, check it out. You won’t be disappointed
– I’ve just found a great store to shop, check it out

C. Offer does not show – why and how to fix?

It’s quite normal for first-time users that checkout-boost offer doesn’t show up at all. Don’t be worried yet, because you can easily fix it yourself, with our detailed instructions below:

Reason: Your store doesn’t have a cart page, but the setting is “Show offer on cart page”.

After customers add a product to cart, if your store has a quick-shop function and directs customers to checkout page instead of cart page, it is suggested that you choose the setting “Show offer after customers add matched items to cart”.

Thanks for reading until the end!

You’re way ready to create awesome offers with Checkout Boost app.

Our customers see thousands of extra sales in a month just by optimizing their offers little by little until perfection. Will you do that to achieve the same?

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