If you jump to social commerce market, Twitter is a must-chosen network as it is one of the largest social platforms today. That’s the reason why most businesses are on Twitter, and they are still trying to find actionable ideas to increase their Twitter followers, and boost your sales on Twitter.

In this article, we’ll suggest some simple tips to get you more connected with your followers, and increase your genuine Twitter numbers.

I. Why your business Twitter account needs to increase followers?

Even though it’s said that the numbers aren’t important, there is only thing to concern is “quality followers.” But whether it is true or not, the number of followers also play an important role for any business as following reasons:

More followers, more influence. Twitter is a great tool for spreading and promoting your products and services. If you have more followers, your tweet can be shared widely by your followers’ retweeting. Twitter makes it ridiculously easy as the larger your follower count, the faster your ideas spread.

More followers, more social evidences. The higher number of your followers, the more trust people put in your business. Maybe not all of them engage actively, but your account at least will attract more attention with large number of followers.

More followers, more sales. You’re likely on Twitter for selling your stuff. Whether it’s a brand, a product, or a service, more followers will open the opportunity to generate more leads and more conversions.

II. How to increase your Twitter followers

Create a detailed and attractive profile

When registering, Twitter requires you to fill out some biographical information. People will consider this information to decide whether they should follow you or not. Thus, don’t fill it out just to complete the steps, let’s invest some time to build an attractive profile which can strongly impress your customers.

  • Think of a great Bio: Don’t underestimate it. It is one of the first things that potential followers review. Explain who you are, what you do, and what would be your tagline? Include that in your bio. Also, be sure to include a city name. By the way, Twitter will not include you in search results unless you fill out your username, full name, and bio.
  • Prepare an amazing image package for Twitter profile. It should be included of your profile pic, header image and background image, which all need to be carefully chosen and designed to make your profile page more attractive.
  • Use an outside About page. Your Twitter bio can only include 160 characters. It’s not much space to tell your story or introduce all of your products or service. Consider creating a custom About page on your online store and linking it to Twitter. As such, your potential customers know where to find more information about you.

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Post frequently, not spam

It’s proven that people who tweet frequently will attract more followers. There’s no perfect number of post you should aim for a certain time, but it’s clearly that if you don’t say anything, nobody will notice you.

This doesn’t mean that you just tweet a lot and tweet about anything, as if you did that, your account would be considered as spam and make your followers annoyed. Take time to plan ahead and come up with a content strategy for the type of things you want to share with your audience.

Share useful content

Remember the 80/20 rule when you are posting on Twitter, or any social media site (80% of your content about any information that interests your audience, 20% about yourself). Tweet information related to your products – but not just your products only.

Create content that people look forward to getting and want to pass on to their own followers. This is the key to getting retweeted.

Choose proper time to post

In order to maximise the chance of your tweets being seen and shared, make sure to be active when your audience is online. Unlike Facebook, Twitter doesn’t have insight to know exactly when your fans are online. However, you can totally handle this, as there have been numerous studies about the exact time that people are most active on Twitter.

Here is a good study about online time of most Tweeters, which you can refer.

Use promotion campaign but don’t overuse it

Use engagement tactics like contests, or giveaways regularly to build habits in your followers, and keep getting tweets shared. Host monthly contests, for example.

Use hashtag

Twitter is one of the first social platforms introducing hashtags, and they are still very relevant today. Do searches for relevant keywords (such as your company name, your products’ name). Keep on top of mentions of you and your products on Twitter, and also find new hashtags to engage too. You can also use the general hashtag (any hashtag used for daily post or topic) or specific hashtag (which is used for your specific campaign).

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Keep them to a max of 3 in each tweet, otherwise you’ll look spam-my, and you’ve only got 140 characters.

III. Conclusion

These are great ways on how to gain Twitter followers for your business. We hope that you can apply some appropriate ways to promote your own Twitter account for your online sales.

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