Recently, with the development of technology, to create an online store is no longer a difficult and time-consuming task. Beeketing can help you to have an inexpensive yet money-making website to improve your online store.

In a series of articles on how to increase the efficiency of online sales, we will continue to share with you the tricks to improve your online store’s profession. In this post, we raise awareness on some elements of your storefront that you may neglect, such as coupon pop ups, images, store’s introductory pages…A professional website will maintain the trust of your customers and help build a sustainable brand image in their minds.

1. Pay Attention to Your Store’s Introduction

Some website owners are often not interested in the Introduction because they think that part is not really important and that customers never care. However, according to recent surveys, the percentage of consumers who read the introductory information about businesses increased by 13% compared to the previous years (2008). This demonstrates that the information you provide in the introduction affects customers’ buying decisions as well.

Take time to decorate the “About page” with appealing information, lively images of your business, as well as the commitment and effort to bring the best products to customers.

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2. Implement coupon pop ups on your storefront

Once you have traffic to your website, the next important step is to keep them on your store and drive them down the conversion funnel to complete purchasing orders. One of the most effective, straight-forward method is to incentive them with discounts by using coupon pop ups.

Coupon pop ups on eCommerce storefront

Coupon pop ups like this do not only help you build email list or social fan base to engage later post-purchase, but also boost up conversion rate right away.

3. Use High-quality Images of Products

The saying “seeing is believing” emphasizes the role of appearance on an object evaluation. Similarly, customers will feel more stimulated if you bring a good impression on products’ images.

It is suggested to use bright pictures, with reasonable layout and color calibration. Besides, do not forget to insert your logo on the products’ images. This will help increase brand recognition and profession.

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High-quality images bring aesthetic to website and create trust from customers

You should avoid using the product images from the Internet. These images might not properly describe the products you are selling, thus the customers may lose confidence on buying your goods.

3. Take Care of Your Product Information

Online customers usually have little chance to try the product. Thus, what matters is the provided information which seriously influences their buying decisions. Do not let the introduction too short and sketchy. Let’s bring out the most sufficient information that buyers need to know. However, that does not mean you should write a whole article, you just need to present concise information on each item.

4. Show Your Care to Customers

Do not forget to guide your customers how they can ask when they have questions to make. Many online stores ignore this and they have lost a lot of customers. Customers wish to be responded to very enthusiastically and they will not have sympathy if your site does not even have a phone number, or email address.

5. Publish Your Customers’ Testimonials

It is advised to create a subpage that updates the customers’ feeling when using the products. The perceived customer satisfaction has helped to create not only a professional website but also trust from the new-coming customers. In order to increase the efficiency, update new feelings by frequently asking for customers’ testimonials. The questioning thing will not annoy your customers, yet making them feel more respected.

In conclusion, hopefully the above guidelines will help you get a professional website that customers will highly appreciate and buy more from your shop. Let’s follow Beeketing’s blog to learn more how to grow your sales on social networks.

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