It’s that time of the year again when fantasies and spooky things are widely popular and celebrated. Halloween is the best season to don scary costumes and to do some pumpkin carving.

But, for many online stores, it’s more than just dressing up and trick-or-treating the neighborhood. Halloween is also one of the most profitable holidays of the year for your dropshipping businesses.

If you’re looking for product ideas for Halloween, then you’re in luck! We’ve curated a list of the most popular and trending Halloween products and lined up global Halloween suppliers to help you source these Halloween dropshipping items quickly.

Want to know what’s right for your online store? Let’s start!

Why Halloween is Important in eCommerce

While Halloween celebrations vary across the world, the common denominator is that consumers all over the globe shop online to partake in the Halloween festivities. In fact, in the U.S. alone, the total spending for Halloween is foreseen to reach $9 billion this 2018.

According to the National Retail Federation’s (NRF) annual survey, this year’s forecast is the second highest spending in the survey’s 14-year history and still on par with 2017’s spending record of $9.1 billion.


In the same survey, consumers are planning to purchase $3.2 billion worth of Halloween costumes (68% of Halloween shoppers), $2.7 billion worth of decorations (74% of Halloween shoppers), $2.6 billion worth of candies (95% of Halloween shoppers) and $400 million worth of greeting cards (35% of Halloween shoppers).


The growing number of consumers planning to participate in the Halloween celebration means a good business opportunity to invest in hot dropshipping products for Halloween.

Halloween Products for Dropshipping

This year, we investigated the trends and highlights in several data and surveys to help online store owners build and continue on increasing shoppers’ excitement and meeting customers’ demands for everything, from costumes to candy during Halloween.

There are several product niches that dropshipping websites can take advantage of during the Halloween season. Here’s a list of the most popular items during Halloween together with some trusted dropshipping suppliers to get them:

1 – Halloween Costumes

Halloween costumes have always been a staple during Halloween. While they began as sincere tributes to saints, this tradition has already evolved over time. Now, you can already dress up in scary-looking garb to spook your unsuspecting neighbors or don your favorite superhero outfit.

Halloween costumes can be anything from scary, spooky, funny up to creative and heartfelt, all at the same time. While witches and creatures are always fashionable Halloween costumes, more and more consumers are also looking to dress up like their favorite celebrities, television characters, and other pop culture references.

If you look a Google Trends, Halloween costumes have 100% peak interest during the period of October 22-28 last year. While this last week of September 2018, the interest in Halloween costumes is already starting to pick up with 31% interest over time.

google trends

The most prominent Halloween costumes are for children, adults, and pets. Here are the top Halloween costumes that you can select to dropship:

Top Halloween Costumes for Children

costumes for children

Dressing up children is the most common tradition during Halloween. If you want to follow the money, Halloween costumes for kids are one of the most profitable products to dropship. In the 2018 Top 10 Halloween Costumes for Kids, more than 3.8 million children are intending to dress up as their beloved princess character, 2.5 million as their beloved superhero, 2.2 million as the fictional superhero Batman, 1.9 million as their preferred Star Wars characters, and of course, 1.9 million will dress as witches.

Let’s look at Google Trends to check the interest for children’s princess costumes and uncover products to dropship:

costumes for children

You’ll see that the top related query for princess costumes for kids is only ‘Disney princess costumes’ and if you click it, you’ll be directed to the top related search term: ‘6 original Disney princesses’. The original Disney princess line-up featured Snow White, Cinderella, Aurora, Ariel, Belle, Jasmine, Pocahontas, and Mulan.

Alibaba has trusted dropshipping suppliers for Disney princess costumes:

disney princess

Alternatively, you can source Disney princess costumes at Rubies Costume Company.


Top Halloween Costumes for Adults

adult costumes2

Halloween costumes remain to be well known with adults too. In the 2018 Top 10 Halloween Costumes for Adults, 48% of the adult celebrants are planning to don a costume this year. There will be more than 7.2 million adults to dress like a witch, 2.5 million as a vampire, 2.1 million as a zombie, 1.9 million as a pirate, 1.3 million as any of their beloved Avengers characters.

AliExpress has multiple dropshipping brands that could supply you with witch costumes for adults.


Top Halloween Costumes for Pets


Pets won’t be left behind when it comes to dressing up for Halloween. A growing trend is some families planning to dress up the whole household including their beloved pets. Sixteen percent of consumers plan to dress their pets in costume this year. Pumpkin, hotdog and bumble bee costumes are at the top of the list again this year.

Nicepet offers dropshipping Halloween costumes for pets like dogs and cats:


You can also find pet costume wholesalers and suppliers at AliExpress:


2 – Halloween Party Masks

Aside from costumes, party masks are important to the Halloween tradition. Sometimes masks are part of the whole Halloween costume package or for those who don’t want to don a dress will just wear a mask for them not to feel left out.

A quick search on Google Trends will reveal that interest for Halloween masks will peak at 100% popularity at the period of Oct 22-28. Moreover, it’s already beginning to gain more traction as early as the last week of September. This has a very similar interest statistics with Halloween costumes.

halloween masks

Top Halloween Masks

halloween masks2

Interest for Halloween masks has mixed sources from different pop culture references. The most popular for kids are PJ Masks, rabbits, Spider-man and dinosaurs. While adults tend to be inclined with scarier references like The Purge and Halloween: Resurrection movies.

If you want to find a product niche for Halloween masks, simply go to AliExpress. By doing a quick search, you will see the that the trending Halloween masks for this year are LED light masks with ‘The Purge’ citation.

led masks

3 – Halloween Decoration Products

The true spirit of Halloween won’t come alive without decorations. From houses, offices, establishments to parties, you will see the staple pumpkins, candles, spiders, bats, and spider webs all around.

Top Halloween Decorations

Décor Ranking Décor
1 Pumpkin 11 Cemetery
2 Witchcraft 12 Mask
3 Spider 13 Headstone
4 Lighting 14 Zombie
5 The Nightmare Before Christmas 15 Clown
6 Ghost 16 Fog
7 Yard 17 Jack Skellington
8 Haunted house 18 Mouse
9 Vintage 19 The Haunted Mansion
10 Spirit Halloween 20 Jack-o’-lantern

Source: Google Trends, Past 90  Days, Search Term: Halloween Decoration, Worldwide


Halloween Decorations Wholesale and Dropship Suppliers

  1. Alibaba Halloween Decorations Dropship
  2. WholesaleCentral Halloween Wholesale
  3. Burton and Burton Halloween Decorations and Party Supplies

4 – Halloween Accessories

Of course, shoppers are always on the look for Halloween accessories. In fact, interest for Halloween accessories starts to pique as early as October 1 with 41% popularity and then at 100% during the period of October 22-28.

Top Halloween Accessories

Ranking Accessory Ranking Accessory
1 Fashion accessory 11 Playboy Bunny
2 Headband 12 Harry Potter
3 Dress 13 Legwarmer
4 Basket 14 Gothic fashion
5 Fur 15 Bow
6 Cape 16 Wig
7 Scarf 17 Bag
8 Glitter 18 Shoe
9 Hood 19 Jewelry
10 Skirt 20 Artificial hair integrations

Source: Google Trends, Past 90  Days, Search Term: Halloween Accessories, Worldwide

Halloween Accessories Wholesale and Dropship Suppliers

  1. Trick or Treat Studios Wholesalers
  2. Dropwow Accessories Dropshipping Wholesaler
  3. Alibaba Halloween Accessories Wholesalers and Suppliers

5 – Halloween Cosmetics Products

For some people, they don’t want to settle on just wearing a scaring looking costume. Some indulge themselves in the full package of the Halloween celebration — they wake makeup, some pain effects, and other Halloween cosmetics to amp everything up.

Top Halloween Cosmetics Products

Ranking Cosmetics Ranking Cosmetics
1 Face Paints 11 Clown makeup kit
2 Contact lens 12 Zombie makeup kit
3 Vampire makeup 13 Doll eyes
4 Body painting 14 Eyeshadow
5 Spirit Halloween 15 Prosthetic Makeup
6 Wounds & scars tattoos 16 Corpse Bride
7 DIY watercolor kits 17 Glitter
8 temporary arm tattoos 18 Scarecrow
9 Fluorescent body paint 19 Poison ivy
10 Glowing eyelashes 20 Maleficent makeup kit

Source: Google Trends, Past 90  Days, Search Term: Halloween Cosmetics, Worldwide


Halloween Cosmetics and Makeups Wholesale and Dropship Suppliers

  1. Light in the Box Wholesale Makeup Cosmetics
  2. Dollar Days One-Stop Whole Distributors for Make Ups and Cosmetics
  3. AliExpress Wholesale Halloween Makeup

Trick or Treat

Halloween is spooky, scary, festive, creative, and funny all at the same time. This makes it one of the most exciting holidays to celebrate every year with billions of dollars being spent by shoppers for this single occasion alone.

The range of Halloween products that you can dropship is unlimited and unimaginable because of Halloween’s versatility. You can start with proven and traditional products that most shoppers are looking for during Halloween like children and adult costumes, face masks, decorations up to new and trending Halloween items like pet costumes and cosmetics products. Remember also that Halloween shoppers use pop culture references as their guides when shopping for the best Halloween products.

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