Great to see you become a Happy Email user! How lovely that we can be with you from now on, to start building a long-term relationship between your brand and your new customers.

When we first launched the app in early 2015, we received a lot of requests from customers to make Happy Email more branding-optimized with shop logo and social media icons.

So we made it: the Branded Signature feature to help you include Logo and social media links into the email, like this:

Happy Email branded signature

Do you want to get such a professional and unique look for your Happy Email? Let’s become a Happy Email Power User to have Branded Signature FREE forever :-)


Step 1: We’d love to have your review for our Happy Email app on WordPress Plugin Directory, at :

Step 2: After leaving the review, please Contact Us Here to let us know, so we can upgrade you to Power User and activate Branded Signature feature for your account.

Noted: Kindly use “Happy Email Branded Signature for my WooCommece store + your store domain” as your email subject.


Let’s spread the happiness ;)



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