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We all at Beeketing would love to send you a warm welcome and thank-you for getting started with Better Coupon Box.

Better Coupon Box app was built to help online business owners create beautiful professional popups to convert visitors into email subscribers and social followers. With a user-friendly editor, you need no coding skills to create modern coupon popups in under 2 minutes.

But wait, what’s more that you haven’t discovered in this little awesome app used by nearly 750,000+ online shops worldwide?

Better Coupon Box is more than just displaying coupons to users who subscribe email or follow social profiles. In the Premium version, you will be armed with powerful tools to prevent cart abandonment, bring some real style to your store, save marketing cost, and boost email marketing.

Let’s learn what’s in there:

Premium features that power up your coupon popups 10X

Exit Intent Popup

Like it or not, the eCommerce industry suffers an average of 68% cart abandonment rate, which means in 10 people who add items to cart, 7 will drop and leave the site. Losing 7 in 10 potential sales, don’t you think it should be a problem we should tackle?

In Better Coupon Box, we add Exit-Intent Technology that can do wonders to prevent customers from leaving the site and abandoning carts. By detecting the mouse’s movement, the app knows when customers are about to leave the site and displays an exit pop-up right before then to incentivize them to stay longer.

It works a bit differently in mobile: if customers close the current mobile web browser or change tabs, exit popup will show later when they come back.

exit intent popup on mobile

Triggered Popups on Specific Pages and to Specific Customer Groups

While the basic shows coupon popups on every page and to all customers, Premium gives you tool to set up a popup on specific pages only, and trigger to specific groups of customers. This feature can help you save a great amount of marketing cost because not everyone will receive your coupon.

While the free version shows popups to all customers, you can choose to limit your coupon popups to new visitors or returning customers only. If you run different coupons to each group of customers, you can create multiple popups, each targeting a separate group.

target customers to show coupons

Similarly, you can also set up your popups to display on specific pages only:

trigger popup on specific pages

Seamless Auto-Sync with External ESPs

If you use an Email Service Provider (ESP) solution to conduct email marketing, you definitely need Better Coupon Box to automatically syncs all contacts into your ESP, so your pre-built email marketing campaigns can start sending.

Once connected with the chosen ESP on the first time, Better Coupon Box will seamlessly auto-syncs contacts with the ESP for you, in real time.

Integrate Better Coupon Box with MailChimp

We have integrated with the most popular solutions Mailchimp, Constant Contact, Campaign Monitor, Aweber, GetResponse, Klaviyo, iContact, and of course, much more to come.

Especially, Beeketing has built our own Mailbot Email Marketing app to work in perfect pair with Better Coupon Box. All eCommerce’s most efficient email campaigns already pre-built for you, a powerful drag-and-drop editor, advanced customer segments, smart product recommendation algorithms are among features you should take huge advantage of by choosing Mailbot.

Export Email Subscribers

In the basic version, the number of email subscribers collected is only 100. Upgrading to the Premium version, you will be able to collect unlimited email subscribers and export the list in a .csv file.

Go to Subscribers tab to find the list of all email contact collected via your coupon popups:

export subscribers

Hide “Get Discount” Button to Restrict Repeat Accessibility to Popup

The minimized “Get Discount” button is where customers can click to manually open popup again anytime they want. What if you want to show the coupon once only, and customers cannot open the popup again once that turned it off?

There is such an option for you to restrict repeat accessibility to your coupon pop-up in Premium version:

hide button

100% Customizable Themes for Personalized Popups

Here comes the most creative and exciting part when designing your coupon popups: you can flexibly customize popup themes so it matches well with your store’s look & feel.

For non-tech store owners: use 1 of 6 pre-designed templates we already prepared for you and freely upload your branded images to create unique popups for your store.

design popup

For tech-savvy store owners: we have full custom CSS/HTML option for you to play with your skills and creativity!

What is the pricing for Premium Better Coupon Box?

Premium Better Coupon Box comes at 3 flexible plans:

  • $30 / 3 months
  • $54 / 6 months
  • $99 / 12 months

and a Full Money Back Guarantee within the first 15 days, if you feel that the upgrade is not a good-to-go.

So it’s risk-free, why not give it a try? Contact Us right away for more information and expert help in getting a smooth upgrade to Premium Better Coupon Box.

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