As an online store owner, you probably are familiar with the frustrating phenomenon of cart abandonment, which makes all effort to pull traffic to your store to a waste. To make these visitors come back and purchase, you might be sending emails with information of the products they added to cart, it works somehow.

However, if you only send reminder emails to cart abandoners, what about the visitors that are interested in, but have not added your products to cart? Chances are, you are missing 68% of sales opportunities on your store.

That’s why we are introducing the break-through cart abandonment detecting technology in Email Automation app – which helps you recover cart abandonment, before it even happens and boosts conversion rate.

Cart Abandonment is too late. Save your sales before it happens.

Email Automation’s smart widget follows each of your customers’ on your store to learn their behaviors, such as viewing or adding products to cart. Each activity will be scored to determine the customer’s favorite products, even before he adds it to cart. This way, Email Automation can generate sales for you from every visitor, as soon as he shows interest, not just from cart abandoners.

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Capture every sales with instant Sales Nurturing campaign

increase sales with email marketing

With the smart user-behavior-based technology, Email Automation helps you increase conversion rate and retention rate by segmenting each visitor into one of these different scenarios:

Case 1:

  • If Email Automation detects that the customer likes a product but does not buy (view but not add to cart), the app will send reminder emails about that product.
  • If the customer comes back by clicking to the nurturing emails, adds some products to cart but still does not convert, his data in the system will be automatically updated. Thus, the next Sales Nurturing email will suggest the new products, not the original product from the first email.

Case 2:

  • If customers add some products to cart but don’t convert, our app will start sending the sales nurturing/ cart abandonment emails to them.

Better segmentation to target each group of customers better

Along with the new cart recovery, we’re happy to introduce another powerful feature: better customer segmentation, which allows you to segment:

  • Customers who view specific product(s) / collection(s)
  • Customers who add specific product(s) to cart
  • Customers who perform a specific event, for example: “Purchase product”, “Opened email”, “Clicked email”,…
  • Customers who subscribe emails via Better Coupon Box
  • Customers who perform an event from other Beeketing apps (Checkout Boost, Boost Sales,….)
  • …..

better customer segmentation

From these customer segment, you can send more targeted emails to convert visitors into sales. You can either segment customers who have or have not performed an event to send follow-up emails.

For example, how wonderful it is if you can send a follow-up to customers who haven’t opened the cart abandonment emails yet? That means doubling your chance to recover carts!


“Prevention is better than cure”, it’s actually true that the best way to kill cart abandonment is to prevent it from happening at first place. Email Automation saves your sales by not only recovering abandoned carts, but also tracking and reminding your visitors of the favorite products that they haven’t added to cart.

Best part is that you can target each group of customers based on the activities they performed on your store. From recovering abandoned carts to follow up customers based on their behaviors, you can do it all.

Email Automation app is beyond an email marketing app – it’s the most powerful and simple tool that you can have on your store to never miss any sales.

So why not experience it for 15 days for free, and see what wonders it can do for your store?

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