Previous posts in this guide have detailed about different types of products you can create in WooCommerce core. In this post, we dig deep into WooCommerce grouped products type – a collection of very similar products that can be viewed together but purchased separately in one main product page.

What is products grouping in WooCommerce

Grouped product type is used when your product has different versions and you need to create a single product page for each version of the product. Customers can view each version either as a separate product or within a main grouped product page.

Let’s say you’re selling educational toys. Your products have versions for toddlers, 2-3 year olds and 4-5 year olds. You may want to use product categories to classify products by age ranges. At the same time, you can use product grouping for versions of the same product but for different age ranges.

Keep in mind that grouped products are different from bundled products. While a WooCommerce grouped product normally links different versions of the same product, or similar items in a product range, that can be bought separately, a WooCommerce product bundle usually sells frequently bought together items in a combo. You cannot purchase each offering in a product bundle separately, but you have to take the whole bundle, normally at a discounted total price.

How to create WooCommerce grouped products in 3 simple steps

Setting up grouped products takes a little more work than creating other types of products in WooCommerce: you need to create separate simple product pages for each version, then create a top-level group product page, and add the simple products into the grouped product.

Step 1: Create individual simple products:

Create each product version as a simple product page in WooCommerce, following: Products >> Add New >> Add details on the product sheet >> Choose Simple product option:

create woocommerce simple products

To save you a bit of time on creating many similar products, duplicate your current simple product page by clicking on Copy to a new draft on the right hand menu.

copy simple product

Step 2: Create the group product:

 Duplicate one of the simple products you just created to draft the top-level group product, and select Grouped product option:

create WooCommerce grouped products

Step 3: Group simple products into the grouped product:

On the grouped product sheet, choose Linked Products >> Choose simple products you want to add into this grouped product page:

add simple products into grouped product(In old versions of WooCommerce, you had to go to each simple product page and link it back to the grouped product, which unnecessarily multiplies the workload. Now, you can add all simple products in the grouped product sheet, all at once.)

You’re done here! Let’s see how the grouped product page looks:

how a WooCommerce grouped product page looksOn the WooCommerce grouped product page, customers can choose separate quantity of each version belonging the group, and buy all with just 1 click.

Extra notes on WooCommerce grouped products:

Here are a few bonus points to help you understand what you can do with WooCommerce grouped product feature:

  • You can add a simple product into different grouped products
  • You can only group simple products, NOT variable products (so products like clothes that have size and color variables cannot be added to a WooCommerce grouped product page)
  • For grouped products, you can create upsells product slider, but you cannot create cross-sells on cart page. Learn more about WooCommerce upsells & cross-sells.
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