In WooCommerce core, coupons creation and management are allowed to help merchants run promotional campaigns with coupons. In this article, let’s discover what types of coupon you can create in WooCommerce and available control options.

Tips, tricks and some useful third-party tools are also suggested to help you extend the coupon functionality, which is quite basic and limited in WooCommerce core.  

First, go to WooCommerce >> Coupons >> Add coupon:

add coupon in woocommerce

Add new coupons

There are 3 types of coupon you can create in WooCommerce:

  • Percentage discount: percentage discount for entire cart subtotal
  • Fixed cart discount: fixed value discount for entire cart subtotal
  • Fixed product discount: fixed value discount for selected products only. This coupon applies separately per eligible item. For example: a per-item $5 coupon will apply a discount of $20 if there are 4 eligible items in your cart.


general settings

On this section, you will choose the discount type, coupon value, coupon expiry date, and choose if you want to allow free shipping option.

Tips: Set coupon amount = 0 and check Allow free shipping, coupon will grant free shipping only and no discount amount.

If Allow free shipping option is checked, make sure that you also enable free shipping method in shipping zones that you want to offer free shipping coupon:

enable free shipping

Follow this path: WooCommerce >> Settings >> Shipping >> Shipping zones >> Choose zones to edit >> Add shipping method >> Add Free shipping >> Turn it on.

Usage restriction:

In this section, you will find options to control the usage of the coupon:

User restriction

  • Minimum spend & Maximum spend: set the minimum and/or maximum substotal for the coupon to be applied. Note that the sum of substotal + tax is used to determine the minumum spend, while only the subtotal is used to determine the maximum spend.
  • Individual use only: check this option if you don’t want the coupon to be used in combination with other coupons
  • Exclude sales items: check this option if you don’t want to apply the coupon for sales items. If this option is enabled, fixed cart discount will not apply if there are sales items on cart.
  • You can choose to apply the coupon to specific products / categories, or exclude specific products/ categories.
  • Email restrictions: put in specific emails that you want to apply the coupon for orders under those billing emails.

Usage limits:

usage limits

In this last section, you can limit the numbers of times a coupon is used in total, per customer and limit coupon use to only X items in cart when using fixed product discount.

Enable coupon usage at checkout

When coupons are created, don’t forget to enable coupon at checkout so coupons can be applied at checkout step.

enable coupon at checkout

Follow this path: WooCommerce >> Settings >> Checkout >> Enable the use of coupons

Coupon promotion tools

When coupons are created, you need to promote coupons sitewide or to target customer groups so coupons can be used. Here is a list of 10+ ideas for you to promote your coupons effectively:

  1. Promote on a website header banner (Tool: Notification Bar by Zotabox)
  2. Promote on a coupon popup on website
  3. Send triggered newsletters to segmented customers (For example: send a reward coupons to customers who have made at least 2 orders within 1 month (Tool: Mailbot in Beeketing plugin)
  4. Promote on social media profiles
  5. Affiliate with influencers to promote your coupons on their channels
  6. Run Ads on social platforms or Adwords
  7. Motivate customers to spend more to reach the minimum cart value to get coupon (Tool: Checkout Boost in Beeketing plugin)
  8. Encourage customers to share coupons to their friends
  9. Send post-purchase coupon at thank-you page to motivate customers to make repeat purchases
  10. Offer coupon to exit-intent customers to prevent cart abandonment (Tool: Better Coupon Box in Beeketing plugin)
  11. Send coupons via web push notifications to recover abandoning customers
  12. Send coupons via mobile app notifications
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