Are you ready to take your marketing emails, which is not easy to handle and sometimes is quite hard to get success, to the next level? Don’t start this “battle” with empty hands while you can find amazing tips here to help you be the winner. We suggest 6 types of emails that can be used by every online seller to make email marketing easy as a piece of cake.

1. Welcome email

Why: To welcome new subscribers and create a good relationship

Who: Every business, no matter what products or services you sell.

Great tips for you:

When customers subscribe to your store, it’s like the first time you contact one-to-one with them, so a nice and warm welcome would be highly preferable. It is suggested that you send them a thank-you email right after customers subscribe to get in touch, or no later than 24 hours. Though it’s quite hard for you to manually send those emails, there are a lot of helpful services that can support you do this in a blink of an eye, such as Mailchimp or Happy Email.

Show the personal side of you or your business will strengthen the relationship with customers. However, keep welcome email short and simple, a 5-sentence email (about 150 words) is the best.

Moreover, you can consider to offer your customers some reward or gift. It’s a good chance to encourage your customers to make their first orders because they have already been interested in your business.

Make great impression to customer

2. Thank-you email/ Confirmation email

Why: To show your appreciation for customers’ support and reconfirm customers’ orders.

Who: Every business, especially if you sell tangible products.

Great tips for you:

Firstly, you should clearly confirm customers’ order information and show your gratefulness to them for their purchase. In addition, some information like shipping policy, return and refund policy… could be useful for your customers. Adding these info could prevent both you and your customers from misunderstanding or unnecessary trouble. If you think of sending your customers a new interesting offer, it is suggested to include a clear call-to-action message in your email, as thank-you email or confirmation order email is one of the emails with the highest open rates; but try not to push a hard sale.

3. Promotion email

Why: To promote your products and service, and to generate more sales from your existing customers.

Who: Every business.

Great tips for you:

Build trust and encourage future purchases

First thing you need to do is to make a clear call-to-action message. It will just take your customers 3-5 seconds to look at your email and then decide if they should read it or not. A clear message will attract your customers more easily.

Offer free gift/free shipping/discount

You need to make your customers act quickly after reading your email by creating a sense of urgency, avoiding them to close your email. One of the most important things is to keep your message short. Ideally you just need to state the offer and when it expires. If you run a promotion program or competition program, you can add some links or contact information in case your customers want to know more.

Furthermore, you can use up-selling or cross-selling technique to recommend them other products that you think they might be interested in. You can also send your customers a card, gift or voucher in some special occasion like Birthday, Christmas or New Year. People love receiving gift on their special days while they will feel more appreciated than normal.

4. Educational email

Why: To help customers use your products or service better, to engage with your customers and to avoid being an aggressive salesperson.

Great tips for you:

For this kind of email, it is suggested to provide your customers with useful information. For example, if you sell personal gym or yoga products, you can send your customers some tips to eat and exercise to optimize the effectiveness of the product.

Remember to check your email over and over again before clicking “send” button is a-must. This is important to avoid misspelling or grammatical errors. And by re-reading it, you can edit to make your message smoother.

5. Testimonial or Feedback email

Why: To rate your products and customers service

Great tips for you:

The key point is to create attractive images and messages. This is important for a feedback email, especially it is one of the emails with the lowest open rates and the highest bounce rates. You need to make sure that your message is eye-catching and easy to read.

Customers will give you their feedback if they feel like they could help the others, rather than your business so that you should add a socially beneficial purpose for your email. For example, “some girls are looking for this dress but still wondering if it’s suitable for them, why don’t you share your feedback to help them from being confused”.

Last but not least, you must estimate the right time to send your email. If you send your email too soon, your customers may be hesitated because they haven’t used it yet, or too late, they will even forget about their experience. A good way to manage the time is to make a flowchart with carefully estimate the packing and delivery time.

6. Survey email

Why: To rate your business performance and to understand your customers taste

Great tips for you:

Try to keep your message short and focused. The key here is to ask questions that matter to your business and easily to answer. The shorter the survey, the higher chance customers finish it. Finishing a survey often takes time, that is why customers usually refuse to make it. Therefore, reward is recommended sometimes if you want to know customers’ opinion.

Increase customers’ loyalty for Shopify store

We believe these are 6 emails that every online sellers should practice for their stores. How do you do your email marketing? Let’s share with us in the comments below.


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