Watching all the sales coming in everyday for our customers, we’re very excited to see Checkout Boost app has brought real benefits to your online stores.

Since our study of customers gaining 25% conversion rate with Checkout Boost, the number has increased much higher now, at the best of 40% according to our report.

To align your growth and our growth, to make both businesses sustainable, we have come up with a new pricing for Checkout Boost app.

Pricing that scales with your growth

Pricing that scales with your growth

This new pricing consists of 3 different plan: Starter, Pro and Ninja.

Starter plan is suitable for all stores with 1 basic checkout-boost offers for all products. This kind of offer is the most popular choice within our customers as well, so it’s the basic option for everyone to start with.

Pro plan goes with 10 smart offers and 60 success orders per month. With the average order value of $30, 60 success orders will bring you $1800 in sales, so the app will definitely pay itself.

Ninja plan is everything you need to grow. It includes unlimited offers, unlimited success orders and the most exciting thing is 10 trendy flat themes to attract your customers. Best part is that it’s only $2 higher than Pro plan (you know, your breakfast costs even more).

All of our current customers will be upgraded to Pro plan for FREE, which means you will save $12 each month. For new customers, a 15-day free trial is always available for you to decide the most suitable plan.

Coming along with new pricing, we also introduce 10 new trendy themes for Checkout Boost. All the designs come in flat trendy style, which features clean, open space, crisp edges… to bring a more impressive look to your store.

These themes fit most website designs, so you can freely choose your favourite one:Trendy Themes for your online storesOur designers have optimized UI-UX for these new themes to the best, so it can help to motivate your customers to complete checkout and boost your conversion rate even better than before.optimize UX with amazing themes Optimize UX with trendy themesWe hope to accompany you in the long run, to grow your business and bring more money in for you with more helpful features on progress. We’re developing our apps everyday, so if you have any suggestion or feature requests, please feel free to let us know. We’ll do our best to meet your expectations.

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