Holiday is around the corner, have you prepared anything for your store to take the best advantage of this holiday yet?

In 2013, retail e-commerce sales during November and December amounted to 46.55 billion US dollars during holiday season, up from 42.29 billion US dollars in 2012. More than half of the holiday season online shopping revenues in 2013 was accumulated during that year’s Thanksgiving and Black Friday. On Black Friday 2014, US online revenues amounted to 1.5 billion US dollars, up from 1.2 billion US dollars in the previous year.

It proves a huge opportunity to boost your revenue during the last months of the year. Moreover, holiday shoppers are buying even sooner than before.

Therefore, we have prepared for you a collection of holiday themes on Checkout Boost app so you can run promotion throughout several months!

Checkout Boost Holiday Themes

Along with it, we have some ideas to share with you to make the most use of these holiday themes for your store.

1. Specialize your promotion designs

Themed promotions can boost up to 500% more in conversion rate for online stores. Thus, we’ve carefully designed many amazing holiday themes for your promotions this year, including: Halloween, Thanksgiving, Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Christmas, New year, Valentine – everything you need until next year!

Checkout Boost Holiday Themes

2. Think out of the box, run creative holiday campaigns

It’s easy to think of thousands of promotions if you’re selling holiday related products, but it doesn’t mean that other types of products won’t have a chance in this holiday sales. Decorate your products in holiday-style, host a Facebook contest using hashtag and sharing function in Checkout Boost, close sales with hourly discounts and free shipping,….

checkout boosts app, best holiday themes

Have fun, be creative!

3. Give customers a treat to motivate them complete purchase and invite more friends

If you haven’t tried free gift offer in Checkout Boost yet, now is the time! Though discount and free shipping still work great, but what’s better to have a gift for free? Plus, customers love sharing new interesting things with friends, so let them spread the words for you.

checkout boots app, holiday themes

That is a great way to convert the increased holiday traffic and bring in more new customers without investing money on ads (which costs a lot).

After seeing your offer, if customers decide to use it later, it will be minimized into a small icon to remind them. Thanks to customers’ feedback, we’ve just released 64 new minimized icons so you will have more options to match your brand design and the theme you choose.

checkout boost app

Get your store ready for the coming holiday season now, the sooner the better ;)

Login Checkout Boost app today and enjoy your new themes. If you haven’t had Checkout Boost yet, sign up now for a trial and boost your holiday sales for 15 days free!


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