From the very start, our goal is to keep bringing Checkout Boost to higher milestones to complete its ultimate mission of helping online stores earn great sales.

In this post, we’re excited to announce 02 great new features that made its way to Checkout Boost today:

  • Edit Twitter sharing message to better target the right audience
  • Set up notifications to motivate customers to spend more in order to receive checkout-boost offer

Here’s what and how:

1. Edit Twitter sharing message to better target your audience

The default Twitter sharing message is “Check it out”. Do you think this simple text sounds like being written by an excited person who just discovered an amazing thing? Let’s make the sharing message more personal and engaging by editing your Twitter message, as below:

use social media to boost sales

And your customer will see the message like this when sharing:

boost sales with social media

By editing the Twitter sharing message, you can add your store name, your contact, or hashtag your Facebook / Twitter account. This helps you better address the message to the right customer groups you are targeting.

Some recommended messages for you:

  • I love [Store Name]! Check them out now for a discount/ free shipping/ free gift on your first order! #yourtwitteraccount
  • Take a look at this awesome product I’ve just bought. Cool huh?
  • Get 10% off your first product here, I’ve just taken mine
  • Check out [Store Name] for their awesome products, like the one I’ve just bought here
  • I’ve just found a great store to shop, check it out. You won’t be disappointed! Love #yourtwitteraccount
  • I’ve just found a great store to shop, check it out #yourtwitteraccount

2. Set up notifications to motivate customers to spend more in order to receive checkout-boost offer

You must have seen similar examples from many other e-Commerce website, like this: you make purchase of $35 while that store offers free shipping for orders over $50. So you receive notifications in cart page or header bar reminding you that you should spend at least $15 more to receive free-shipping. Most of the time, online shoppers will accept this kind of offers, because shipping fee is normally higher than or close to the amount they need to spend more. So why not?

Good news is you can do the same for your store, with Checkout Boost now If you only want to apply checkout-boost offer for orders over a specific amount of spending, you can motivate customers to spend a little more to get your discount / free gift / free shipping offer.

checkout-boost offer

Edit the Cart page message (a header-bar notification to let customers know how much more they need to spend in order to get your offer) with a sweet beautiful copywriting to convince your customers to spend some more.

Here’s how it looks:

how to sell online

Some recommended messages for you:

  • SWEET! Spend {{money}} more and get free shipping!
  • Just {{money}} more and you’ll get this free gift!
  • Nice! You’re only {{money}} away from a free gift!


So are you ready to play with these new awesome updates of Checkout Boost now? Don’t miss any simple way to optimize your offers even just little by little, because you may end up losing some serious sales by ignoring small conversion boosters, like these 2 goodies!

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