When was the last time you had invested in yourself? Have you ever attended a seminar or training to update your knowledge? As entrepreneurs, constant learning should be a priority because you make important decisions every day that could make or break your business.

We know that you’re all eager to learn but with such a busy schedule, you just don’t have the luxury of time. Don’t worry, we’ve got everything under control. You won’t have to read a book from cover to cover to become a better entrepreneur.

The answer is reading business blogs and listening to business podcasts to get yourself updated with the current trends in the market and overcome any business challenges at your own pace and without eating up so much of your time.

There’s an endless supply of business blogs and podcasts out there, you won’t have to read and listen to all of them to get the right inspiration. We’ve cherry-picked the best business blogs and podcasts that don’t beat around the bush but give you real industry practices to help you become a more productive and effective entrepreneur.

1 – Startup Savant’s Blog

Recommended for: new startups, budding entrepreneurs


Startup Savant prides itself as a totally free resource for anything about business services and software. Founded by Ryan James, Startup Savant’s blog is dedicated to providing entrepreneurs with contents on how to start a business and solve their business questions. The best thing about this business blog is the absence of ads. So, if you’re someone who is annoyed by the constant popping of ads every time you try to read an article, this blog will be a sight for sore eyes.

Aside from entrepreneurial pieces of advice and inspiration, you will also see reviews of business services and software. Their branding resources are highly recommended if you are looking to redesign your logo, website, or amp up your overall brand image.

Must-read blog post:

2 – Smart Passive Income’s Blog  and Podcast

Recommended for: Niche entrepreneurs, growth seekers

Smart Passive

Dating back a decade ago, Pat Flynn first started Smart Passive Income’s Blog to share with budding entrepreneurs his strategies that have helped him grow and flourish his online business.

Now, this business blog has obtained more than 150,000 aspiring and existing business owners who are seeking advice on internet marketing and starting an online business. He wanted his readers to use his successes and failures to achieve their own business goals.

What we love about this blog is the intuitive filter which allows you to select contents based on what your business needs. Here’s how it looks like:

Smart passive podcast

Aside from blog contents, you can also find business podcasts too. With more than 47 million downloads already, Smart Passive Income’s Podcast provides weekly interviews and updates on strategies for building and growing an online business.

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Must-listen podcast:

3 – Social Triggers’ Blog

Recommended for: budding marketers and sellers, self-improvement seekers

Social Trigger

The founder of Social Triggers, Derek Halpern, built several successful websites, including one which attracts more than 1 million page views a day before he adjusted his goals to focus on building and marketing businesses — sharing his tips to entrepreneurs in his Social Triggers’ blog.

Today, Social Triggers ranks as the 17,455th website in the world reaching more than 5 million people since its launch. Its popularity among aspiring and existing entrepreneurs is widely propelled by his use of data-driven marketing and content marketing.

He believes that to become better entrepreneurs, one must become a better marketer, persuader, and seller first. That’s why his blog contents focus on the art of marketing and persuasion. You will find topics on business negotiations, powerful ways of communication, body gestures, and effective business decisions.

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4 – Seth Godin’s Blog and Podcast

Recommended for: quick readers, self-improvement seekers, thought leaders

Seth Godin

Seth Godin is a well-known author who has published over 19 bestselling books and has been a recipient of various marketing hall of fame awards. He started the Seth Godin’s blog to share his knowledge and experience in effective marketing and leadership and has been a massive success ever since.

This blog is a standout because it’s relevant and direct. If you want quick bites of daily inspiration to push your work harder as entrepreneurs, then this blog is definitely for you. His writing is open, engaging, gripping, and honest. The blog posts are often witty and humorous, but captivating and easily digested.

Seth also appeared in various podcasts and started with Startup School, a series of podcasts guiding thirty entrepreneurs through a workshop on how they can form and grow their dream business.

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5 – Akimbo Podcast

Recommended for: self-improvement and career-life balance seekers, thought leaders

Akimbo Podcast

Akimbo, a series of podcasts from Seth Godin needs a separate discussion because of its critically acclaimed reviews. This year, he launched Akimbo to address the public’s clamor to listen to more of his inspirational business tips and ideas. The idea of creating Akimbo as another line of podcasts is because its distinct from what he previously produced.

And, even though Akimbo is just recent, it stands out as a different breed of a podcast. It boasts itself to going away from fancy productions. Akimbo is 100% natural and self-made without inviting guests. The podcasts are highly inspirational and revolve around the business culture and how we can improve it.

Must-listen podcast:

6 – Duct Tape Marketing’s Blog and Podcast

Recommended for: small business owners, marketing on a budget, general entrepreneurs, thought leaders

Duct Tape

Founded by John Jantsch, Duct Tape Marketing’s blog has instituted its way to over 75,000 subscribers. The blog’s aim is to deliver simple and effective marketing advice and strategies specifically designed for small business owners on a modest marketing budget.

It produces all general areas of business strategy but has been carefully modified to best suit small businesses to help them work around their tight budgets. You can get every topic, ranging from lead conversion, SEO, online advertising, up to referral marketing.


The same is true with how they produce their podcasts. Duct Tape Marketing’s Podcast is hosted by the founder who interviewed thought leaders, business experts, influential marketers, and authors for over a decade now.

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Must-listen podcasts:

7 – The $100 MBA Show’s Podcast and Blog

Recommended for: business efficiency movers, growth seekers

The 100 MBA

Hosted by Omar Zenhom, The $100 MBA Show is a critically recognized and awarded podcast, serving straight to the point and actionable lessons from some of the industry’s top experts.

It prides with solid business lessons without the backstories and promotions so you can get straightforward actions and insights for your business. It’s a perfect example of a fast and reliable resource for business needs that don’t take hours to grasp a concept. It keeps you stay focused and keep the lessons coming in just 10 minutes of listening to the podcast.

The podcasts are coupled with The $100 MBA Blog where you can regularly find practical articles, tips, and even videos to teach entrepreneurs with business strategies in the real world.

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Must-listen podcast:

8 – The Copywriter Club’s Blog and Podcast

Recommended for: copywriters, content creators, business innovators

The copywriter club

Hosted by Kira Hug and Rob Marsh, The Copywriter Club is an incredibly popular business podcast that produces in-depth interviews with thought leaders and industry experts about writing a copy that stands out and sells.

The podcast is a niche for copywriters and content creators who want to learn the basics of writing and how they can take that to the next level. It’s also specifically best for entrepreneurs who want to amp up their business by applying great copywriting in their marketing activities.

You can learn how to improve your product descriptions, call-to-actions, content marketing, email marketing, PPC campaigns, and a lot more. They also talk a lot about running and marketing a small business both in their podcasts and The Copywriter Club’s Blog.

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Must-listen podcast:

9 – Creative Empire Podcast

Recommended for: creative entrepreneurs, innovation seekers, out-of-the-box marketing

Creative Empire Podcast

True to its name, Creative Empire is a podcast that revolves in creativity and how it affects your business positively. Hosted by Reina Palmer and Christina Scalera, this podcast is aimed at entrepreneurs who manage and operate businesses in the creative field.

Each week, the podcast guests creative experts and business owners to share interesting and insightful stories about their experiences. Aside from out-of-the-box lessons, this podcast is also well-rounded for anything about starting and running a business. You can find engaging and unique topics about legal matters, networking, product promotions, and more.

Must-listen podcast:

10 – eCommerce MasterPlan’s Podcast

Recommended for: all rounded eCommerce business owners, loyalty marketing, customer retention

eCommerce masterplan

Hosted by Chloe Thomas, eCommerce MasterPlan’s Podcast gives you 30 minutes worth of inspiring stories from marketing experts, business consultants, and industry leaders. The podcasts are packed with business strategies circled around getting new customers, the tending tools and technologies to use, and how to be more productive in your business.

You will learn all corners of improving your business, from strategies on how to acquire more traffic, improving customer loyalty, up to growing your business on a budget, you can expect them all here.

The podcasts are fast, relatable and straightforward so you won’t get sidetracked while listening. The short duration will also fit into your busy schedules and make sure you won’t feel overwhelmed.

Must-listen podcast:

The Road to a Better Entrepreneur

A successful business is often mistakenly attributed to one’s luck. But, if you talk to the best entrepreneurs out there, they’ll tell you that being successful and staying on top of your game requires three essential things: hard work, skill, and knowledge.

With these 10 business blogs and podcasts in your reach, you will feel more comfortable facing the business world, tackle any business challenges with confidence and expertise, and leading a successful business by being a better entrepreneur.