No-one can deny the efficiency of up-sell and cross-sell in online selling. When Amazon introduced the up-sell in 2006 (using the phrase “customers who bought this item also bought”) their sales increased by 35%.

If you’ve been with us for a while now, you may have come across this statistic before that one of our customers reached $6,000 revenue in extra revenue with just Boost Sales app. Therefore, we’ve been working hard to constantly update our app to support you sell even better.

In this latest update version of Boost Sales, we have supported multi-variants for both up-sell and cross-sell offers.

Multi-variants in Boost Sales

We’ve seen many feature requests on multi-variants and now it’s time to bring it live. Your customers will be able to choose which variants of a product they want in your up-sell/ cross-sell offer without any limit.

It is suggested that you contact us to finish app installation as our instruction before using this feature. We’ll help you do it for free so you can enjoy using the app.

Moreover, in app backend, you can freely choose the bundle price for each variant. It could be the same, or each variant bundle has a different price, all depends on your choice.

Boost Sales multi-variants

For example: you can up-sell 1 skirt + 1 T-shirt size S at $35. With the same skirt, same T-shirt but you choose to offer size L in the bundle at $40. Isn’t it what you’re looking for?

There’s one more interesting thing in this update that Boost Sales now supports translation.

Boost Sales translation

Either your store is using English or Italian, Spanish,…. you can easily translate all the default phrases in app to make the popup a good fit with your shop.

Let’s try these new functions with Boost Sales app to rock your sales!
Or if you have more feature requests? Feel free to share with us in the comments below, maybe your idea will be our next update ;)


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