Boost Sales app has been playing as a key function in many customers’ stores to increase revenue, which motivates us a lot to add more features and help you grow sales even higher. Today we’re very excited to announce our latest & biggest update for Boost Sales, it includes tons of new features that focus on design, user experience, flexibility and control.

In this update, we’ve released Sales Motivator and last-step checkout features which will surprise you for sure! Plus, a new dashboard for Boost Sales that helps you control and optimize all offers better, add new features and a new theme.

Let’s get started!

1. Sales Motivator

Up-sell is awesome, how about more than that? The new Sales Motivator will not only help you to up-sell products, but also motivate customers to add more items to cart to get an extra discount. Cool, isn’t it? Now you can even earn more from each customer, while they’re saving their money with you. It’s a win-win game for both.

sale motivator on Boost sales app

We’ve applied game design techniques to engage and motivate your shoppers to add more products to their orders, which ultimately achieves your goal of more sales. Shopping has never been that fun, right? It helps to increase user engagement on your websites, making your customers more likely to buy, come back & refer you to friends.

2. Last step up-sell

Do you know why supermarkets always put chewing gums, candy, batteries,…near the counters? It happens for a reason, that’s their last step up-sell to motivate you add more products to cart while waiting for your turn.

Such technique has been so successful that all supermarkets in the world are using, why don’t you apply it for your online store? With our last step up-sell feature, it will be easier than ever.

offer up-sell item to increase sales

When customers click “Check Out” button in cart page, one last up-sell will show up to remind of some items they might want to add but didn’t have a chance to, thus increase your order value. These products are well-chosen based on their shopping behaviors and your sales history, just like the Smart Recommendation feature.

Simply turn it on and enjoy sales going up!

3. Offer multiple products in Up-sell

One up-selled product is never enough, don’t you think? Though with the Smart Recommendation function, it’s easy for you to up-sell more related items to customers, we understand that sometimes you want to customize it yourself.

That’s why we’ve released a new feature which helps you to choose multiple products to show in 1 up-sell offer.

offer discount price

Feel free to choose several products as we’ve optimized our design to help you with that, and you can choose the discount price for each item if you want. Is it what you’re looking for?

4. A brand new Theme

We’ve also released a new theme to give you more choices, which we’ve A/B tested with our own online store to make sure it’s bringing higher conversion. It is recommended that you try different boost-sales themes to test which one works best for you.

new theme for Boost sales app

60% of e-commerce traffic is coming from mobile, where we always pay high attention to. That’re why all themes are fully optimized for mobile, both tablet and phone, on all devices.

Boost sales app on mobile

Better mobile design and user experience can bring you hundreds, thousands even tens of thousands of dollars per month… Our designs are 100% mobile responsive, ensuring you make the sale no matter if your customers are on desktop, mobile or tablet!

5. Better app dashboard & sales report

Thanks to customers’ feedback (which we mean YOUR feedback – thank you), we’ve optimized User Experience in the backend of the app so you can track the sales faster and more efficiently.

Right in app dashboard, there’s everything you need, from overall statistics of impression, conversion, sales to detailed report of each offer.

Sales reports on Boost sales app

Moreover, you can preview offers you set up, track the conversion from each one and turn it on or off right in App dashboard. It helps you easily see which offers work best and quickly decide which offers to keep.

track conversion on Boost sales app

Better control for you is what we aim to achieve with this new dashboard.


We hope you like these updates and we’d love to hear more from you: what you really need, what you really want so we can make the best product for you.

If you need any help applying these changes to your store, or have some suggestions, feel free to contact us, our customer success gurus will get in touch right away.



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