Halloween is coming close, and it is one of the biggest holiday shopping peaks of the year.

To get ready for this event and not miss any sales, you need not only a unique decoration for your store and but also a killing Halloween marketing campaign. Therefore, we have prepared for you a spooky Halloween theme to spice up your storefront, and in the new Premium version of Better Coupon Box, an option to customize coupon box and 04 Upgraded Features.

★ New Spooky Halloween Theme And Customisable Coupon pop up

This Halloween, what better way to greet your customers than a coupon code with spooky look and feel? Give them a special discount code for the Halloween, and increase your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram follows or email subscription at the same time with customizable coupon pop up:

spooky halloween theme for coupon pop up

If you want an even more special design, Premium Better Coupon Box allows you to access to css file and customize the fonts, color, patterns, size… to build the most attractive and unique coupon pop up for your brand this Halloween. Awesome, isn’t it?

design your own coupon pop up with CSS

★ 04 Brand New Better Coupon Box Features To Rocket Your Sales

Let’s pump up your sales with not only an unique Halloween design but also 04 Advanced Features that are now live exclusively on Premium Better Coupon Box:

  • Exit Intent popup
  • Option to remove “get discount” button
  • Option to show code to new or returning visitors
  • Sync email database with MailChimp  

Keep in mind that these updates will only be applied for the Premium Better Coupon Box and will not affect current free features.

#1 Exit Intent popup

If you are running an online store, I bet you would want to attract as many visitors as possible, and that they stay on your page, browsing products,… for as long as possible, until they make a purchase. However, do you know that 68% of your visitors leave without buying anything?

That is why we would like to introduce to you the powerful technology in Better Coupon Box’s Exit Intent popup, which gives you a chance to appeal to your visitors before they leave your site.

This feature works based on an advanced predictive algorithm, which detects visitor’s activity, through mouse movements and velocity, when the visitor is about to leave your website. Then, a beautifully designed popup window will offer the visitor an attractive coupon code to hook them back, not only motivating them to continue browsing your products, but also encourage them to checkout.

exit intent popup in premium better coupon box

The mission of Better Coupon Box’s new Exit Intent feature is to keep visitors staying on your site, giving them the incentive to buy and thus helps you to successfully convert this random traffic into a paying customers. It won’t be long before you notice both your conversion rate and revenue are rocketing.

#2 Option to remove “get discount” button

We have been incessantly working to improve Better Coupon Box based on your feedback, and finally, the most awaited feature is now released!

In this brand new version of Better Coupon Box, you can choose to show the “get discount” button or not after your visitors have followed you on social media or subscribed to your email. Now, they are not distracted by the button, and will continue to browse products and checkout. Hence, they will feel the urge to use the discount code before they forget, as there is no button to remind them anymore.

Option to show code to new or returning visitors

You can rest assure that your visitors have a flawless shopping experience, while increasing your social follows and boost sales.

#3 Option to show code to new or returning visitors

The smart technology in Premium Better Coupon Box tracks your visitors’ cookies and behavior, detecting if they are on your page for the first time or not, therefore allows you to choose to target one specific group of customers.

For first time visitors, you might want to welcome them with an exclusive coupon code for the first purchase. If you choose to target this group, coupon box will show only within 24 hours of their first visit. This can be a great way to attract new customers to your store.

You can also choose to target only the returning visitors: they might not have bought anything the first time they visit, but why don’t you give them some rewards for coming back and buy something this time? With Premium Better Coupon Box, when visitors come back to your store, you can offer them an unique coupon code, which only pops up 24 hours after their first visit. Now, you are rewarding your loyal customers and increasing your customer retention over time.  

Option to show code to new or returning visitors

#4 Syncing email database with MailChimp

Let us take you to the next level of marketing automation, where you can automatically sync the emails collected from Better Coupon Box directly to your Mailchimp’s database. Now, you can conveniently send newsletters to all the customers that have subscribed to you through Better Coupon Box.

Syncing email database with MailChimp

This new upgrade offers you an efficient way to approach your potential customers with frequent updates, and increase your chance of sales.

So why do you wait trying these exciting new features and hit record sales this Halloween season? Hurry up and grab your chance to upgrade to Premium Better Coupon Box with special Halloween discount price: $99 per year from original price $249 per year! Let’s give it a try and let us know what you think.