The famous 4th of July is around the corner, people have been preparing to celebrate this Independence Day with parties, picnics and parades…It’s a huge opportunity to take the best advantage of this holiday and turn your store to a money-making machine.

If you’ve got no ideas, let Beeketing team help decorate your online store with Better Coupon Box app and these five awesome themes so you can run promotion right after you get them all.

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05 special themes to double your sales this upcoming Independence Day

Happy Independence Day, America!

Happy Independence Day

Independence Day

Independence Day theme

Happy birthday, America!

Happy Independence Day theme

Happy Independence Day

Happy Independence Day

4th of July

4th of July

Premium features that make Better Coupon Box become a top-notch tool to gain new sales

  • Exit Intent Popup – the very must-have elements every online store should have…

By tracking the mouse hovering on your site, exit intent popup will detect when the customer is about to leave, and briefly interrupt customers’ Intention to exit with an attractive popup window and guide them towards a strong call-to-action such as “Get Discount” or “Subscribe” button.

exit intent popup

When you have their attention back, they will continue exploring your store and might buy something as they have the incentive to. With only a simple exit popup, you have a second chance to bring this customer one step further along the conversion funnel.

  • Fully customizable coupon boxes that match perfectly your store’s design

Appearance is everything with an online store. With more than 10 customizable theme templates, you can create your own beautiful pop up promotions with every image you want to use that fit the website’s design. One more thing, if you have some basic knowledge about CSS coding, you can freely style your coupon box the way you want. Is that awesome?

  •  Playing Hide and Seek right on your storefront

With Premium Better Coupon Box, you have an option to hide Get Discount button after customers see the discount code. It’s human nature that when we think we are missing out on something, we are more excited about it. Hide your offer and limit the time of it can trigger this sense of scarcity in visitors and make them want to seek a chance to use it in your online store. This Hide and Seek strategy will help you get visitors engaged then easily turn them into customers just by a simple psychological trick.

So now, is it enough for you to start rocking this holiday sales with us?

If you want to get all these premium features and apply them to your store, let’s try our Premium Better Coupon Box! It costs just $99/ year in this special occasion (instead of $249/ year earlier), and we have a money back guarantee within 15 days, to make sure you pay only for what’s worth!

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Let’s fuel your Independence Day sales!

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