Have you ever challenged what more WordPress popup plugins can do than collecting email subscribers and signups?

Popup forms when curated smartly, at the right time in the right place, can work like a charm.

Many awesome plugins with creative ideas behind go beyond building a massive email list, but use popups to empower sales boosting strategies, such as upselling & cross-selling, offering free gifts, or running countdown timer.

Among thousands of plugins on WordPress plugin directory, how can you find the best WordPress popup plugins that can help you grow sales (especially if you’re running a WooCommerce store)?

In this post, we have done the research for you, hand-pick a list of 20 best WordPress popup plugins for WooCommerce, and divide them into different categories of features:

  1. Email subscription, Contact forms
  2. Upsell & Cross-sell, Product Recommendations
  3. Promotional offers: free gift, discount code, free shipping
  4. Social proof popups
  5. Quick-view popups

We will also reveal all pricing information to help you quickly decide which plugins are suitable within your budget. Some of them are even totally free without Premium or Pro upgrade at all!

Group 1: WordPress popup plugins for email subscription, contact forms

List Builder by Sumome

Sumo is a free suite of tools that automate your eCommerce business growth. Out of all the Sumo tools, List Builder is the most popular one widely used by 600,000 websites and online businesses.

It’s designed to fit any type of eCommerce businesses in various cases with a wide range of customizations available:

  • Customizations based on your goal: Collect emails, add call-to-actions, give away discounts, and encourage social shares.
  • Change how and where the form shows: Pop-ups, scroll boxes, inline forms, welcome mat, and smart bar.
  • Maximize your conversion by setting the visibility rules: Show after x-second, click trigger, on-scroll, and exit-intent.

List Builder by Sumome

Sumo List Builder comes with the drag-and-drop form builder. So you can setup a pop-up without knowing a single line of code.

Pricing: Free for the first 500 subscribers, Pro plans from $29 to $199 per month

Install: Free tools to automate your site growth by Sumo

Better Coupon Box by Beeketing

Known as the Marketing Jetpack for WooCommerce, Beeketing is a marketing automation platform that has 10+ WooCommerce extensions to boost sales conversion funnel at different steps.

Better Coupon Box app in Beeketing plugin allows creating beautiful coupon popups, which collect customer’s email and social likes in exchange for a coupon code. There are many popup templates to choose, and even a full CSS/HTML custom place for users to design a unique popup on their store.

best wordpress popup plugins
Exit-intent technology is included to help stores prevent abandonment. Control settings over how and when the popups should display are in a wide range: universal or unique coupon codes, show on specific pages only, show to target groups of customers only, show minimized button on site corner,… You can easily set up an awesome coupon popup on your store with this app without no coding skills.

Pricing: Free version & Premium version at $99 / year (Full Money-back Guarantee within first 15 days)
Install: Beeketing for WooCommerce plugin, then choose Better Coupon Box.

Popups by OptinMonster

OptinMonster optin forms has many different types to help you capture customer emails: popup forms, floating header and footer bars, slide-ins or sidebar forms.

They have exit-intent technology as the key feature to prevent site abandonment. With their easy-to-use popup builder, you can quickly tweak and customize the design within a few seconds to produce the best design for your site. Here’s the example of well-timed designed exit intent popup right in their website as a live demo for potential customers:

WordPress Popups by OptinMonster

Pricing: From $9 to $29 / month, but billed annually only

Install: Popups by OptinMonster

Group 2: WordPress popup plugins for upselling & cross-selling, product recommendations

Boost Sales by Beeketing

One of the most popular apps in Beeketing plugin is Boost Sales. This app cleverly applies the tactics that help Amazon make billions of USD in revenue per year: upselling & cross-selling.

When customers view or add a target product to cart, the app will show interactive recommendation popups that upsell related items or cross-sell product bundles.

wordpress popup plugins for upsellwoocommerce cross-sell

When creating an upsell or cross-sell offer, you can handpick any products or collections in your WooCommerce product list.

However, what if you have 2,000 items in your list and cannot spend days creating custom offer for each one? Let the app automatically suggest products by analyzing the sales data and customer behavior patterns on your store using its smart recommendation algorithms.

Price: 15-Day Free Trial, then subscribe 1 of 3 packages $30-$37-$39 / month

Install: Beeketing for WooCommerce plugin, then choose Boost Sales

Group 3: WordPress popup plugins for promotional offers with special effects

Checkout Boost by Beeketing

The average visit conversion rate (from visitor to paying customer) seen by eCommerce industry is 2.8%, meaning that only 2-3 in 100 visitors actually make a successful purchase.

Checkout Boost in Beeketing plugin works on improving the checkout conversion by showing incentivising offers right after customers add products to cart.

Here are the main types of offers you can create with this amazing app to encourage customers to complete checkout:

  • Countdown timer: offer a free gift / discount / free shipping code if customers complete the order within a limited time.

WooCommerce sales countdown

  • Social sharing: offer a free gift / discount / free shipping code if they share their order to Facebook or Twitter. These social shares will bring you social referral traffic from your customers’ social networks.Checkout Boost for WooCommerce
  • Exit-intent: detect customers who are about to leave the site, then pop up a free gift / discount / free shipping code offer to retain.
  • Post-purchase Upsell: after customers finish checkout, offer them a discount / free shipping code and upsell some relevant items to invite them to buy more.

Price: 15-Day Free Trial, then subscribe 1 of 3 packages $20-$27-$29 / month

InstallBeeketing for WooCommerce plugin, then choose Checkout Boost

WooCommerce Multiple Free Gift

This plugin helps you offer free products or gifts to your customers when they purchase products at your store. WooCommerce Multiple Free Gift plugin allow writing your own gift conditions and give you high control on how you want to provide gifts to your customer. Some example of the conditions:

    • Provide gift when only one item is added to the cart.
    • BOGO (Buy one get one)
    • Buy X get Y free
    • Buy X get many free gifts (Y,Z…free)
    • Allow gifts based on total items in cart and total cart price.
    • Purchase over X USD get free gifts
    • Purchase N number of items get free gifts

WooCommerce Multiple Free GiftPricing: Free version with very limited features. Pro version starts from $49 for single license. More pricing details here.

Install: WooCommerce Multiple Free Gift

Group 4: WordPress popup plugins for social proof

WooCommerce Live Sales Notifications

A genius idea to leverage social proof in motivating customers to purchase is let them know that other shoppers have bought the item. WooCommerce Live Sales Notifications plugin syncs with new orders from a store in real time, then generates recent sales feed that display in form of a small popup, like this:

WooCommerce Salepop

By showing that others are making purchases, this clever popup plugin creates a sense of a busy store, builds brand trust and authenticity, and motivate new visitors to start buying.

Time controlling is flexible: you can set interval time between popups, duration time, and expiration time.

Another great feature is: if your store is new and doesn’t have any real orders yet, you can create custom notifications to promote items you want to drive sales for. Why not fake it till you make it?

Pricing: Free. No premium, subscription or hidden fees.

Install: WooCommerce Live Sales Notifications

Live Sales Notification for WooCommerce by AppZab

This plugin has exactly the same features as WooCommerce Live Sales Notifications, but has 1 more feature of creating a side bar widget that scrolls up notifications like this:

WooCommerce Live Sales Notification

Pricing: $16 for single license

Install: Live Sales Notification for WooCommerce by AppZab


Group 5: WordPress popup plugins for quick view popups

Product Quick View

Adding a quick view popup to help shoppers have a quick look at and compare products without navigating to each product pages, this plugin innovates the quick view popups to make them more attractive and converting.

The look of quick view popups built by this plugin is more clean and modern than other plugins in the market. The popup themes features:

  • Products image slider under hero image
  • Size guide and Color swatches
  • Customer reviews imported from Yotpot app.
  • Clear CTA button to buy quickly right on quick view popup

Price: Totally free

Install: Product Quick View

Options are here, Choice is yours

We have exposed all great WordPress popup plugins so you don’t have to try a hundred ones in WordPress directory. Now, it’s your turn to decide which one works best for your website. What works for one may not work for another, so the best next step is to try 2-3 plugins and see what fits your needs, looks best on your website and makes you feel most convenient to use.

Share with us your thoughts about these plugins after you try them. We’d love to update our list with better plugins you can find so that it benefits WooCommerce entrepreneurs the most.

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