8 out of every 10 WooCommerce store owners I talk with tell me they’ve just started out for a couple of months and barely make any profits. They asked me for WooCommerce examples or best WooCommerce stores to find what make the differences. If you’re starting out your WooCommerce business, this article is just for you.

So, I visited their websites, and not to my surprise, none of them implemented any so-called online-selling secret recipes adopted by the best WooCommerce stores I fortunately know of.

So, I decided that I have to get the stories of 3 successful WooCommerce examples unfolded for the sake of 80% eCommerce sellers, who are stabbing in the dark.

This article will tell the 3 success stories of best WooCommerce stores that Beeketing has a chance to work with as a partner in their online selling journey.

Get inspired by how they make extra thousands of revenue per month, apply the tips on your business, sit back and watch your sales roll in.

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WooCommerce Example #1: A Germany brand boosts average order value to 437%

Total Revenue = # of Customers x Average Order Value per Customer

To lift up total revenue, one could choose to focus on driving new traffic or selling more to each existing customer. The Germany brand Amazingdealz already gets quite a decent source of traffic pouring in everyday, so they decided to concentrate on increasing the average order value per customers. That means, they aim to upsell & cross-sell relevant items so each customers will purchase more than they previously plan.

Instead of simply displaying related products, this Germany brand goes a little more tactical to trigger the preference for shopping with discounts from online shoppers. They offer a 15% discount on order over 50 EUR, and place personalized product recommendations based on what customers add into cart.

Take their most popular offer that have a 34.4% conversion rate for example: those who buy a hair and dirt filter for puppies will see a list of accessories for puppies, and an offer of 15% off if they spend more to reach 50 EUR of cart value.

WooCommerce examples of upsell & cross-sell

They create lots of similar upsell offers like this for most items listed on the store. By upselling with gamification techniques, Amazingdealz successfully boost their average order value per customer by more than 4 times, and made 76,800 EUR of extra sales in 4 months.

Tool: Boost Sales | Upsell & Cross-sell Popups

WooCommerce Example #2: An Australian brand gives away free gifts in exchange for a checkout rate of 18.6%

67.8% of online shoppers who enter cart page will leave the site without completing purchase.

Let’s do a quick calculation: In every 100 visitors you get by paying for Facebook ads or influencers, in average you’ll get 15 add something to cart. With 68% cart abadoning rate, there are only 4 left finishing their orders. So, at the end of the day, your conversion rate is only 4%.

Allbarks – a brand that sells all kind of dog treats from Australian, somehow managed to boost their conversion rate to 18.6%, which is 4.65 times higher than the eCommerce average of 4%. How can they do so?

Allbarks applies an effective combination of tactics:

  • Targets customers who are about to abandon their carts using exit-intent popups
  • Offer a list of free gifts that are most popular offerings of the store
  • Create urgency for the offer by adding a real-time countdown timer: their offer is valid for 5 minutes only, so customers take it or lose it forever!

best woocommerce stores that use countdown offers

By smartly triggering such exit-intent offer at cart page, this brand manages to retain most leaving customers and convert them into buying customers. In just 4 months, they retain 1891 orders worth a total of $66,200.

Tool: Checkout Boost | Social sharing, Countdown timer, Exit-intent

WooCommerce Example #3: A Canadian brand boost social shares and made $115,000 extra sales in 2 months

The idea cultivated by Herbapproach is simple yet very creative: for every customer who adds an item to cart, they offer a 10% discount coupon if the customer shares the order to Facebook or Twitter. What for? By getting customers share their favourite products to social networks, the brand gets socially advertised for free and win social referral traffic.

Here’s an offer of 20% discount displayed at their cart page if customers share their cart to Facebook or Twitter. Discount coupon will automatically be applied to order after customers share.

woocommerce examples that use Beeketing

In just 2 months, this Canadian brand got shared 853 times, 45K referral visitors who clicked on the shared links and entered the site, and made $115,000 sales from that.

Tool: Checkout Boost | Social sharing, Countdown timer, Exit-intent

Success comes overnight? Definitely a NO, but all it takes is test, test, test…

Tactics, strategies, growthhacks, or whatever name you call it, come in various forms when brands implement on their online stores. These are 3 WooCommerce examples, among many other best WooCommerce stores, that think out of the box to boost their sales in innovative ways. I don’t know what work for yours because you need to test any possible strategies to see which one can help to boost your WooCommerce sales.

By unveiling the stories of those who have seen some decent success, I hope to give you some inspiration and ideas so you can turn into action today. Sales will not roll in overnight, but you will start to see success come in if you keep testing and validating ideas persistently, right from today.

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