With 2,077,766 powered websites, WooCommerce is now the reigning leader in the eCommerce platform industry. Its customization and scalability made it a tempting option for online stores.  

But what makes WooCommerce extra powerful is its plugin integration capabilities that add essential features to scale up your online store and sell online successfully. The good news is you have the tools to boost your conversions and sales. The downside is there’s more than 50,000 plugins in the market and still counting. This means that you have to take multiple painstaking and time-consuming tests just to find the best free WooCommerce plugins for your store.

In this article, we have comprehensively reviewed top 10 best WooCommerce plugins to help you fast-track that tedious process. The most awesome part is that they are all FREE or freemium.

Here’s our rundown of the best 10 free WooCommerce plugins:

01 – Booster for WooCommerce 

Are you thinking of taking your eCommerce store globally? Powerfully loaded with different features, Booster for WooCommerce is an all-in-one tool online stores going international. The most striking feature is its capability to localize your website depending on the shopper’s country. This best WooCommerce plugin supports website localization to translate your website profile, product descriptions, contents, and graphic images to match the language of your target audience with cultural sensitivity and accuracy.

Aside from language, it is capable of automatically changing your product prices at local currency. You will be able to add 159 additional currencies not originally included in WooCommerce and display the matching currency symbol.

free woocommerce pluginsHow a product page will display when a shopper from Lithuania visits your site. The language, price, and currency symbol have all been altered to adapt to the user’s country.


  • Local Currency Settings: manage your prices in various currencies and display the subsequent currency symbol to adapt to your user’s current location.
  • Product Visibility by Country: hide specific products in certain countries. When shoppers from selected countries enter your store, specific products will be removed from their category, archive and search views.
  • Product Availability by Time: set the availability of your products in a certain timetable.

02 – Beeketing for WooCommerce

If you are looking for a comprehensive Marketing Automation solution to automate the sales & marketing for your WooCommerce store, don’t look over Beeketing for WooCommerce plugin, one of the best WooCommerce plugins for marketing. It includes different tools designed to optimize conversion rates, increase average order value and nurture loyal customers.

With Boost Sales tool, you can create Upsell & Cross-sell offer popup that combines well with WooCommerce related products feature to increase average order value of the store:

best woocommerce plugins

With the best WooCommerce plugin Checkout Boost, you can set up different types of promotional offers to incentivise customers to complete checkout

free woocommerce plugins

You can also send personalized follow-up emails to customers triggered by their behavior with Mailbot tool, created personalized product recommendation sliders with Personalized Recommendation tool, send recent-sales notification popups to create a sense of a busy store with Sales Pop, implement a facebook chat window with Quick Facebook Chat tool, and more.


  • Advanced Automation: big data algorithms are built-in the plugin, powering up the capability to do marketing automation for each store by analyzing and learning from store’s historical data.
  • Easy setup for non-coders: designed for non-technical store owners, the plugin is very easy to implement and configure without coding skills needed.
  • Analytics dashboard: each tool has a separate analytics board to help you track results from your campaigns and optimize accordingly for higher conversion.

03 – WooCommerce Live Sales Notification

One of the smart tips that new stores use to promote their store as a popular brand and advertise hot products is to display recent sales notifications, that pop up on the store corner to drive customers’ attention to best sellers of the store.

top woocommerce plugins

Demo of live sales popups on both desktop and mobile screens

WooCommerce Live Sales Notification plugin can automatically sync with the store’s real order list to generate notifications, or allow you to create “fake notifications” to promote some products and create the sense of a busy store if your business is new and hasn’t got any orders yet.


  • Totally free: while other similar plugins may charge you $5-$30 per month, this plugin is totally free – no subscription, premium or upgrade cost.
  • Time control options: Schedule perfect timing to show sales notifications: display time, expiration time, and interval time.
  • Many popup themes to match store’s design: Different popup templates with different colors, and even holiday-themed popups are prepared for you to impress yourr customers.

04 – YITH WooCommerce Wishlist

YITH WooCommerce Wishlist is a free plugin that allows you to add a wishlist button to your online store easily and conveniently. Big eCommerce companies such as Amazon and eBay all have wishlist buttons because they understand that it is critical to continue selling even when the products go out of stock.

top free woocommerce pluginsShoppers can easily share their wishlist items via their favorite social networking sites.


  • Select Your Wishlist Layout: Direct your users to a wishlist page with your chosen style and layout.
  • Allow Multiple Wishlists: Enable multiple product wishlists for your users as needed.
  • Share Wishlist on social media: Allow your shoppers to either keep their wishlists private or share them publicly via social networks to drive social referral traffic.

05- Refer A Friend for WooCommerce by WPGens

This plugin focuses on building a powerful referral system for WooCommerce stores. Instead of monetizing your referral program, you can reward your shoppers with coupons for their successful referrals. The coupons can be calibrated either as discounts for their next purchase or even free items, making it a win-win for your business and your shoppers: they get rewards and you get more customers.

best woocommerce plugins free


  • Simple configuration: You can easily define the type of coupon, minimum orders required to qualify, and set the value for each coupon.
  • Automatic display: A referral’s coupon will be automatically shown on the account page so it’s always visible and accessible for use.
  • Light and fast: The plugin is programmed for lighter and faster processing.

06 – WooCommerce Direct Checkout

The workflow from a product page to a cart page before the checkout can be a tedious process for your shoppers pushing them to abandon their cart. But, did you know that you can simplify your checkout process by skipping the cart page and directing customers straight to the checkout page?

Direct Checkout plugin simplifies the checkout process by enabling an alternative to the ‘Add to Cart’ button to land shoppers into the checkout page immediately. With that, there are fewer steps for shoppers to purchase a product which makes the process simpler and more immediate for sales transactions.  

woocommerce plugins freeThe ‘Buy Now’ button skips the cart page process and directs shoppers to the checkout page.


  • Easy Implementation: Enable or disable the direct checkout process anytime
  • Continue Shopping: Add a “Continue Shopping” button to allow shoppers to continuously browse for more products.

07 – YITH WooCommerce Request A Quote

YITH WooCommerce Request A Quote plugin is designed for eCommerce stores to receive quote inquiries from customers. This allows online store owners to better understand the needs and wants of their shoppers. By integrating a quotation process on your site, you can compromise with certain types of purchases that cannot be handled by your current ordering system like bulk orders and special conditions needed by the customer.

must-have woocommerce plugins


  • Immediate Configuration: Conveniently activate or deactivate the “Add to Quote” button on your product page. This will also help redirect shoppers into a single request quote page.
  • Convenient Customization: Personalize how your button or link appears by changing the texts.
  • Automatic Sending and Receiving: The request form can be automatically sent to your email and the requestor’s inbox.

08 – Woocommerce Google Product Feed Manager

Online stores can manually feed their products to Google Shopping through spreadsheets. But, this requires a daunting task of manually updating your product information and re-exporting the file.

Using Woocommerce Google Product Feed Manager will help you easily feed products to Google Shopping without that laborious manual trouble. Aside from appearing far more quickly than the manual option, you can also modify the fields to improve product visibility in Google Shopping.

best woocommerce plugins


  • Always Up-to-date: The plugin keeps track of any changes on the channel templates, so you don’t need to keep an eye out for it.
  • Feed Optimization: Improve the titles and descriptions, change pricing or tweak any field in your feed to optimize visibility and sales potential.
  • Advanced Filters: Remove products in the feed such as seasonal, unprofitable or out-of-stock items.

09 – WooCommerce Multiple Free Gift

WooCommerce Multiple Free Gift plugin helps to delight your shoppers by giving them free gifts. This can drive more happy customers who will keep coming back to your site. You can satisfy your customers but still sell profitably by specifying your gift conditions. You can reward a free gift depending on the amount of money spent by the customer. This way you will boost your customer loyalty and attract more sales.

free woocommerce plugins


  • Conditional Configuration: Specify your conditions when a gift can be given either for a single, particular or multiple products.
  • Customizable Options: Choose the number of gifts allowed per user and personalize your promotional messages.
  • Localization Capable: The plugin is translation ready and currency converter compatible.

10 – WooCommerce Google Analytics Integration

Did you know that you can view Google Analytics dashboards right inside your WooCommerce admin area? There won’t be a need to log in and log out of Google Analytics site. You can get real time analytics with the comfort of your own WooCommerce account.

With this powerful plugin, you can transform data into insights such as identifying the right channels to spend most of your time on, uncovering which products are most likely to be purchased by specific customers, and determining what your customers are actually looking for so you can change your strategies and improve your sales funnel and drive more revenue to your store.

best wc plugins


  • Universal Analytics: Monitor basic data including page sessions, user acquisition channels, and customer retention.
  • Enhanced eCommerce Analytics: Trail the user’s behavior across your eCommerce store starting from product views to cart actions and conversions.
  • User Insights: Understand how different devices used by the same user can affect a purchase.
  • Product Insights: Identify the products with most sales or returns or refunds and take actions accordingly.

Plug it in and sell more

Plugins don’t have to be costly to be effective. Check out our in-depth reviews about the best WooCommerce plugins above, choose the one that suits your needs, and launch your free trial now to amplify conversions and grow sales today.

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