Hosting two-thirds of all active Shopify stores in our Marketing Automation platform, we at Beeketing have been amazed and inspired by many successful Shopify stores starting from zero to 6 or 7-figure sales in months, even weeks. mHow did they do that? We searched for the best Shopify stores in our database, looked at their unique product offerings, store design, and spoke with the founders to hear their story of starting up and building growth strategies for their brands.

Guess what? We put it all here for you to see their success stories for yourself, pick up the best tips & tricks, and create your own eCommerce success story in 2019.

Wallet Co

Wallet Co

Wallet Co disrupts the wallet fashion market with innovative compact designed wallets that provide users with the comfort of carrying a very lightweight wallet in their pocket every day. The sleek black & white website design gives shoppers a feeling of minimalism that matches the business concept in a subtle way.

Having years of experience creating seven eCommerce businesses from scratch, the founder of Waller Co expressed the importance of optimizing check-out conversion by adding features that create an impression of urgency, such as an indication of low stock or products selling out quickly.

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Prymal has been selling healthy creamers for coffee lovers who suffer from Diabetes conditions on Shopify for one year, growing from $2K in revenue in January 2018 to $35K revenue by end of the year.

Courtney, the founder, spent 1 year and a half developing the products to help her grandfather and father Type II Diabetes continue drinking tasty coffee every morning without damaging their low-sugar diet. Her very first customers interested in having a trial test turned out to be her early adopters and brand advocates, who eagerly shared their experience with Prymal creamers on Instagram.

Believing in her healthy natural products, Courtney started building the Prymal brand by inventing great flavors and coming up with creative content and marketing campaigns on Instagram all by herself. 2019 is the year of official launch for Prymal brand, with new flavors added and more investments into marketing.



With 5 years selling cosmetics in traditional offline channels, B’desir recently launched their presence online and quickly pulled off quite a coup fulfilling nearly 400 orders worth 40 million USD in revenue within the first 30 days.

The team is particularly aggressive in optimizing cart abandonment ratio, finding these two tactics working the best:

  • Directly call leaving customers asking why they abandon carts and encouraging to finish checkout
  • Offer a time-limit incentive offer that urges customers to complete checkout before time runs out

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The Tago Shop

The tago shop

The Tago Shop sells smart jewelry products based on high technology that allows customers to customize the design based on their changing mood and outfit. Growing revenue month over month at an average rate of 20%, this business has a dedicated sales team focusing on educating targeted customers about their game-changing products.

Clartés Bohemia

Clartes Bohemia

A new online store built from the 10-year traditional family business of glassware artisanship and bespoke lighting manufacturing, Clartés Bohemia sells premium glassware products for kitchens and home decoration. All their products are hand-blown in their family-owned glass factory in the north of Bohemia.

In the first 4 months, their conversion rate improved significantly from below 2% to 8%, mainly because of their lean approach to doing eCommerce and using Beeketing Apps. What the brand has done great is to tell the story of their family tradition consistently throughout the websites. The story creates trust in the brand, which ensures customers of the product’s authenticity, high quality, and intangible values.

Lukas, who is in charge of growing the family business online, gave advice to new online businesses on starting lean from the beginning: entrepreneurs should validate the products and market first before putting in any greater investments. Once they start seeing the traction they should reinvest the revenue to keep the store growing.

Nectar Bath Treats


Guess if this brand sells cookies & ice-cream or bath & body treats? They sell joy and surprise experiences through charming body products that look and smell just like candies.

Nectar Bath Treats focuses on optimizing user experience browsing the website and applying various tactics to maximize sales conversions.

They build an eye-catchy popup that blends in with the whole theme design, to offer new customers a small coupon off their first order. With this tactic, they convert most new visitors into email subscribers and customers right on their first visit, for a long-term engagement through email marketing.

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The brand also exploits dynamic retargeting with an offer on the ads to maximize the opportunity to turn any visitor into customers.

Destination Towels

Destination Towels

The brand innovates beach towels – a commonly used product – to be aesthetic in design but still functional with sand-free and lightweight features for practical usage. What sets Destination Towels apart as a loved brand in Australia is the artworks of destinations all over the world printed on the state of the art beach towels, which gives customers a personalized feeling that they can bring with them when traveling, going to the beach or at the gym.

With the help of his sister who works as a graphic designer, Anthony Glick designed every product down to the packaging to make his products completely unique. A self-taught entrepreneur, Anthony built the website himself and has been growing the business enormously. Anthony Glick is a well known Australian photographer and also features on the popular tv show called Bondi Rescue where he works as a lifeguard on Bondi Beach which is Australian busiest beach.

As an entrepreneur, Anthony advises that Instagram and Facebook are must-do marketing channels to drive new customers and sustain a long-term business.

The Paisley Polkadot

the paisley polkadot

Starting with a good cause of contributing to making every woman feel beautiful and confident, Mindy from the States created The Paisley Polkadot brand to sell fashion and accessories products that she believes can make women love themselves for who they are.

Mindy gets people to know about her brand in different ways: she wrote an inspiring brand story on the website to captivate customers, she used real images of women showing true values of beauty on the homepage to further strengthen the vision of her brand, and she ran a VIP Facebook group to engage people who are not only interested in her products but also advocate common values. To keep interested customers loyal to the brand, Mindy also added a loyalty program that motivates to make repeat purchases, follow social accounts, and refer more friends:

the paisley points

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Inspiring as a small boutique brand, The Paisley Polkadot doubled revenue quickly in the first 3 months from opening.



Infantnatic was founded from a simple hobby of a mother: to dress up her children nicely. Maricel from Australia started building the website with the help of her husband and didn’t expect that her business could take off right in the very first months.

Maricel shares that the biggest challenge of running an online business is to make sure her customers are happy with the products and keep coming back to make repeat purchases. Maricel finds Instagram channel work the best in driving new customers and engage with current customers and will continue to invest more efforts into Instagram marketing while starting to explore Facebook ads in 2019.

Libra Coven

Libra Coven

Libra Coven targets a niche market: young women from 18-24 years old who like astrology and define their identity in a group of magical people. They put their unique designs in a wide range of apparel, accessories and decor items.

By focusing on Instagram marketing and smartly curating a giveaway tactic, the brand has been driving great traffic to the site and grown the monthly number of orders by 800% in just 3 months.

Sharing about the strategy that works best for Libra Coven, S.C., the founder, expressed that they changed how they target customers on social media and the results were positive. Instead of trying to fit all their products to a broad range of people, they separately advertise collections of items and target more narrow groups of people interested specifically in each collection.

The Home Shoppe

The Home Shoppe

The Home Shoppe is the ideal shopping world for anyone who is interested in upgrading their home with both outdoor and indoor furniture. Their large collections cover anything ones need in their houses, from garden decorations, cleaning accessories to kitchen cookware.

Even though they have just been in the market for 5 years, they reached the annual growth of 20% annually already. Their unique selling point is no other than offering good quality products from Europe at an affordable price. However, to drive the business to its peak, they also work hard on online marketing strategy. Xan – Marketing Manager of The Home Shoppe shared that check-out-cart offers, membership programs, and limited time deals are their keys to success.

Happy Wifey

Happy Wifey

There is nothing that describes Happy Wifey better than the word inspiring. They sell a whole lifestyle rather than just a sweatshirt. With the motto of “let’s have some fun”, they empower women of all ages to realize themselves.

They focus on sustainable and high-quality products, hence they don’t have many varieties in their collections. Despite this fact, they are a fast-developing clothing brand with a growth rate of 50% in revenue annually. As in the fashion niche, one of the most effective marketing channels is social media, their key to success is Instagram. They have been doing this strategy well as they partner with various Instagram influencers who share the same audience. Now their fan page has nearly 12,000 followers with amazing engagement in each post.

Wines Wholesales

Wines Wholesales

Wines Wholesales stays true to its name. They are a wine shop with a collection of over 1000 products while offering reasonable prices. As they have no brick-and-mortar store yet, they are able to lower the costs to the minimum by saving rental and labor resources.

Kelvin – the store owner shared that as their business relied on online sales, traffic attraction was his main concern. Kelvin has been experimenting with different online marketing approaches and found that Google was the key. He put much work in both SEO and Google Adwords to stay most visible to potential customers. His effort paid off now as his shop is growing at the 25% rates annually.

Anime Printed

Anime Printed

What we learned from Mark – the founder of Anime Printed is that success comes with continuous dedication and a deep understanding of customer’s demand. After the failure of his first two e-commerce stores, his third store – Anime Printed has witnessed a big hit in last month revenue of $3,000.

Selling fun anime-themed products has helped Anime Printed become one of the best Shopify stores for many anime lovers. The product’s bright colors with eye-catching figures are the elements that drive the attention of young customers to the store. Here, people can find a large variety of items from clothing, to decorations with popular anime characters. They are also encouraged to add more items into cart through the product recommendations widget.

Personalized recommendation

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H1Story Shop

H1Story Shop

Opened only 3 months ago, H1Story Shop is enjoying a 3% conversion rate while reaching  $8,000 in last month revenue. Clearly, this Shopify store has become an ideal destination for anyone who loves holiday-themed apparels with funny, and unique quotes. Adding the tag “wrestler”, which is also the background of the owners, on lots of the items further differentiates the store from the competitors.

The two elements that contribute to its current success are a simple site and app plugins. The owner said that a minimal web layout filled with holiday spirits is the most important to generate positive customers’ first impression and facilitates the shopping journey. Besides,

Based on the owner’s experiences, his conversion rates are mostly driven by the apps added to the website. For example, the Countdown Timer app has helped increase the conversion rate from the initial 1.9% to 3%.

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Community Wines

Community Wines

Community Wines offers the perfect wines to complete a dreamy afternoon chilling on the balcony and enjoying the sunset. Here, wine is curated for quality, only the best wines make the cut. The store’s elegant website features a wide range of wines, with a focus on what’s inside the bottle rather than the brand names.

Nigel – the founder of Community Wines believes that his customers should drink better wine with an emphasis on quality rather than price (“good wine does not need to be expensive wine”) so he spends considerable time curating wines for his clients, in which he personally tastes and reviews wines before they are offered to the clients.

Because of the store’s nature of curating wines and offering a concierge service to clients, Nigel must follow a different marketing strategy. Something not ordinary. Externally, he runs product ads on Google and promotes his wines and business across social media platforms, while at the same time building the conversations with his customers. According to Nigel, he engages his clients in an ongoing conversation to find out what they are drinking, like to drink and what they want to drink in the future…instead of just trying to sell them wines).”

Internally, he uses a variety of tools such as discount pop-ups to prevent cart abandonment and stimulate an incentive to check out.

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Anna Cate Collection

Anna Cate Collections

Putting a new look into classic fashion pieces, Anna Cate Collection features the timeless items, that allow women to mix and match all year round and still look trendy. Its mission is to let the customers frequently change their styles using the same items. The products here are inspired by the sustainable platform, promised to last for ages.

With an average of 30 orders per month, Anna Cate – the owner of the store, has said that the store’s core marketing strategy is to leverage its Instagram page and focus on social media advertising to attract not only the main middle-aged group but also the younger segment. In general, social media advertising plays the main role in driving traffic to the site.



Myaderm is the best example of the mindset “success will come when you dare to try”. Using one of the most controversial ingredients – Cannabidiol (CBD) in their products, Myaderm has astonished the public with its achievements, such as getting featured on stations like CNN and The New York Times. The following statistics will further prove how well this company is doing:

  • Initial conversion rate: 15%. Recurring conversion rate: 35-55% depending on seasons.
  • Peak month: over 2000 orders
  • October revenue: over $100,000

The secret behind this million-dollar Shopify store is to know exactly what the public expects in a healing medication. Something effective but not harmful even used in the long term. After years of researching, CBD is what they found to meet the requirements and act as a great alternative to the current over the counter drugs.

Despite the highly controversial nature, the company still find a niche to make their items go viral. Relying on word of mouth and face-to-face communications has helped Myaderm be in the best Shopify stores list. These methods are old school but they seem never get old.

Viking Lair

Viking Lair

“I never gave up on finding the right niche to sell. I failed six times to find a successful store.” – said Titus, the founder of Viking Lair

Viking Lair is where the ancient Vikings’ culture and styles are treasured. Anything here can remind the audiences about a whole glorious era of the Vikings. A truly must-see website for anyone who is a fan of Viking-movies or inspired by this unique European stage of history.

Viking Lair was previously owned by another person but it wasn’t successful till it’s in hands of Titus. Relaunched just a few months ago, this online store has become one of the most successful Shopify stores. The minimum monthly sales are $8,000 while the maximum can be anywhere between $15,000-30,000. The goal of reaching $85,000 in sales is not far anymore, especially when the store has just experienced a 200% increase in revenue last month.

Paying attention to make the most appealing products’ title and descriptions are Titus’s strategy to trigger people’s shopping incentives. On top of that, he keeps testing 3-4 advertising campaigns at a time to find which one is the best for his store.



This Shopify store is bursting with unique earphone designs. Crossloop is the only store in India that sells designer earphones. Its products are bold, stylish, and trendy. The story behind the brand starts with the desire to make the ordinary things look differently. Almost everyone has earphones, but they look the same. At Crossloop, people can wear their earphones in a new, fashionable way that expresses their true selves.

Started in April, after just 8 months on the market, it has an average number of orders of 50-80 per day on the website itself and similar on Amazon. It has also been featured as Amazon’s Select Brand in December.  Currently, the majority of sales are generating through Facebook and Instagram and its future plan is to expand the offering in 5-7 countries in the next two quarters as well as enhance the product advertising on Google.

Maraya’s Marketplace Store


Starting not long ago as a general store with no success, the owner of Maraya’s decided to specialize in a niche that he found quite potential: baby accessories. After 2 months, his business has got an impressive result that many merchants are dreaming of: $14k in sales in a week at a conversion rate of 5%.

The Maraya’s owner shared with us his recipe to success: He is always not afraid of trying new things to find out what really works for him, from running many different Facebook ads types to using new tools for conversion optimization.

And sometimes you have to lose money in order to make money”, the owner said. chooses to target a very niche market: people who are dealing with hair loss and looking for organic skin care Products. The store has acquired a reputation for a Single Product in 2016, to their wide range of unique and organic products today, with monthly sales over 200 orders.

The strategies to grow of are also unique too: they focus on social media, create helpful content for their customers, which helps to generate a lot of organic traffic. Besides, the store also succeeded in offering discounts based on shoppers’ cart value in order to encourage them to spend more.

African Black Soap Hair Growth Shampoo

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Unveiled Wife


In March 2011 Aaron and his wife launched Unveiled Wife to share their story and experience to give other couples hope for their marriage. The idea was immediately embraced by millions of married couples around the world and they have got a huge success since then.

One of the strategies that Aaron found work really well is running contest and challenges on social media to boost social engagement and organic traffic for the store.


Founded in Finland in 2018, Stoorla is a marketplace where shoppers can find a wide range of products from cosmetics to sports facilities to kitchen and home appliances. After spending months optimizing for store conversion, Stoorla managed to increase their conversion rate from 0.2% to 2% and achieved a monthly growth rate of 25%. The minimalist look of the website not only helps to significantly reduce the load time but also boost credibility towards their visitors.

Making decisions based on your own data is also crucial when it comes to growing your business” – Ella, Head of eCommerce at Stoorla.

The Gadget Blaze

The Gadget Blaze was launched on Shopify this year selling a variety of innovative accessories which people hardly see in a brick-and-mortar store. Thanks to conducting effective product research as well as successfully acquiring high-quality traffic from Facebook ads, The Gadget Blaze has become one of the best Shopify stores and makes over $10k in sales every single month at a conversion rate of 6%.

Ready to get your story told here?

Some can credit their success to their unique product idea, sleek store design, cost-efficient ads, or the perfect conversion flow that drives 40%+ of visitors into purchases, with the help of tools like Beeketing apps.

Where are you now and are you ready to scale up your eCommerce brainchild in 2019? Beeketing is eager to assist you in this journey and looks forward to telling your story here as one of the best Shopify brands that are scaling non-stop.

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