With over 1400 apps in the Shopify App Store, finding the best Shopify apps to enhance the selling abilities of your online store is not an easy task.

If you search for a feature in app store search, let’s say “email popup”, there might be hundreds of apps showing up. How to pick up the best quality apps that provide the exact function you’re looking for, at the best pricing, with the best customer support to back you up?

In this article, we hand-pick 15 best Shopify apps worth your try, which we have ourselves tested and assessed based on comparison with other similar options. Especially, all apps in this list are either free forever or starting from free version for you to try at no cost.

Dig into the list to discover how these awesome Shopify free apps can help you build a successful yet cost-effective online business, in every way you can imagine.

Category #1: Marketing


SEO Image Optimizer SEO Image Optimizer by Booster Apps

Most business owners seem to neglect Google Image Search as a potential traffic channel. This simple app helps you optimize ranking of product images on top of search result on Google, by automatically generating ALT text for every single product image.

Instead of manually editing ALT text for each image every time you import new products into the store, you just need to create a template for SEO Image Optimizer, then it will save your time by updating ALT text for all new images instantly.

With over 4,200 reviews on Shopify App Store, this free app is a great go-to option if you’re seeking tools to improve SEO for your online store.


Better Coupon Box Better Coupon Box

A free tool to create 100% customizable coupon popups, Better Coupon Box app is one of the best Shopify free apps that aim to help Shopify merchants engage first-time visitors to become email subscribers and social followers.

Unlike other popup builder tools, Better Coupon Box proves to be a superior solution with many valuable features:

  • Exit-intent popup to capture leaving visitors
  • Options to target different groups of user to optimize ROI of discount coupons
  • Theme design to create popups that match your store’s look & feels
  • Fully responsive on all mobile devices to capture mobile visitors

best shopify apps to create coupon pop up

Receiving nearly positive 2,000 reviews from Shopify merchants, this app is a must-have app for any Shopify sites that wish to have a largely growing email list and social fan base to sell to.


Happy Email Happy Email by Beeketing

Another marketing app that thousands of Shopify shop owners love is Happy Email – a brilliant idea to engage first-time customers with brands right at first sight.

When installing the app, a carefully pre-written email template is already ready with your name, your shop name, like this:

best shopify apps to send welcome email

Every time a new customer signs up for an account or finishes their first purchase, the app will automatically send out this warmly welcome email from your email address after 30 minutes, just like you, as the founder of the store, personally writes to thank your customers.

Imagine how surprised your customers can feel when they receive a personal message from you the store owner? They might know how busy you are with running a business, but still find time to personally thank you via email.

This unique free email marketing app makes your customers feel special, taken care of, and become loyal to your brand.


Category #2: Sales


Yotpo Reviews Yotpo Social Reviews

Leveraging the power of social proof, Yotpo app – one of the best Shopify apps of all time – helps you generate reviews from real customers after purchasing products from your shop.

Yotpo reviews

After customers successfully make a purchase, the app will send them a follow-up email with review request form where customers can directly submit their review within the email. Optimized fully for mobile, Yotpo helps you increase product reviews by making review writing so easy and instant with 1 click for your customers.


Sales Pop Sales Pop app

Built from the concept of leverage social proof like Yotpo, Sales Pop takes another approach to help online sellers build trust and authenticity on their brand by.

When installed, the app auto syncs with your store’s sales data to retrieve successful order information, then display as recent-order notifications to any visitors to the store. This way, it creates the sense of a busy store, strengthens the confidence in customers and motivates them to start shopping.

Sales Pop example


Mobile Converter Shopify Free Apps

Mobile first! Mobile first! Mobile first! I bet you might’ve heard this a thousand times but I want to emphasize once more: mobile customer experience is more important. E-Commerce is switching to mobile commerce, you should get your store ready now if you want to win the battle.

Built with the aim to help you thrive the mobile commerce world, Mobile Web Boost is always a must when it comes to building an online store. The app greatly simplifies the mobile navigation of the store with a fixed Add-to-Cart bar, creates a modern feeling with a full-screen view of your product images and shortens the buying process. Believe us, you will be surprised how a little tweak can turn the table.Free Shopify Apps


Pre-Order Manager Pre-Order Manager Ecommerce Plugins for Online Stores

Still selling a product even when it is out of stock? Here is how Pre-Order Manager app works to make this possible for you.

When a product goes out of stock, the app will replace the normal “Buy Now” button with a “Pre-order Now” button, that lets customers go through the regular purchasing process.

Pre-order Manager app proves an excellent strategy if you have a lot of hot items that quickly sell out, or if you want to test new products before actually stocking inventory.


Personalized Recommendation Personalized Recommendations Ecommerce Plugins

Functioning just like the product recommendation engine on Amazon.com, Personalized Recommendation app boosts add-to-cart rates by suggesting personalized products to customers based on their browsing behavior and interests on your store.

best shopify app to recommend product

Easy to install, quick to set up in a few clicks just for the first time and requiring no coding skills Personalized Recommendation makes the seemingly impossible task of recommending the right products each individual customer is highly likely to buy totally possible and even effective.

Not a totally free app, Personalized Recommendation is no-brainers for business owners, as it does not charge you a fix subscription fee every month or year. The app pays for itself by taking only 4% of the extra sales it generates in a month. This app is a wise investment for those who don’t want to spend a fixed fee without knowing the exact ROI.


Quick View by Secomapp Quick View by Secomapp

Made to improve the shopping experience, Quick View app gives shoppers a quick access to product preview in one click without reloading the whole page. Shoppers can view product details instantly without leaving the catalog navigation. Products can also be added to cart right from the Product Quick View page.

If you have a lot of products for customers to discover, having Quick View can reduce the browsing and shopping time for customers, enhance the shopping convenient and improve conversion rate as a whole.


Category #3: Social Media


Social Autopilot Social Autopilot Ecommerce Plugins for Online Stores

Every time you list a new product on your store or publish a new article on your blog, Social Autopilot will automatically tweet them on Twitter or pin them on Pinterests to shout out to your social followers. (It used to work with Facebook as well, before Facebook prevents third-party apps from automatically posting on people’s Facebook accounts.)

Made by Bold Commerce – a very popular and trusted app partner on Shopify app store, Social Autopilot is their only forever-free app. This app is designed to make your life as a store owner easier by taking some work off your plate each day: promote every single new product on your social media to boost engagement, traffic and sales.


Social Media Marketing Automation around.io

Promoting your store on social media is one of the most time-consuming jobs. With Social Media Marketing Automation app by Around.io you can easily post/schedule your product listings on all your connected social platforms to boost social traffic and sales in your store. Here’s all you can do with Around.io:

  • Schedule a Week/Day full of social media posts from your product listings with Week/Day planner in just few clicks.
  • Create collages from product images or upload and save own images in Image Library to share or schedule.
  • Discover popular contents, GIFs on social media inside your dashboard and ready to be shared.
  • Create your own posts and save in Post Library to share whenever you wish.



OrangeTwig – Design Promotions, Schedule & Forget orange

Shopify merchants like this app because they can “leave it all to the app”. This app designs social media posts for their stores, and then shares these posts across all the social channels – Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr, Instagram.
You can set the number of days and frequency of sharing. And, you do not have to design any creatives, the app does it.
It also runs sales, daily deals and promotes coupon codes. Layouts created by this app can look as beautiful as this:

Orangetwig templates


Category #4: Shipping

Aftership Shipping Tracking and Notification Software by Aftership

The better you sell online, the more burdensome shipping management becomes as a liability. Aftership app imports tracking of all your shipments into one place, making management so simple, hand-free, and time-saving.

aftership report

In Aftership tracking dashboard, you can view delivery statuses of all your orders easily. The app automatically detects the correct couriers and gets the latest status from couriers (it supports 360+ couriers worldwide). Knowing your delivery performance quickly beforehand, you can take actions before it is too late.

By sending email or SMS delivery status updates, Aftership also helps to improve customer satisfaction and their trust on your brand.


Category #5: Inventory


Bulk Product Edit Bulk Product Edit by Hextom

For stores that have hundreds of products in stock, repetitive editing work is painful when you want to, let’s say, discount all products by 20% for 3 days.

Bulk Product Edit app is made to bulk edit product’s price, compared at price, tags, inventory, title, vendor, product type, weight, description, SKU…You can target products to edit by collection, product type, vendor, tags, title, and keywords.

If you want to run storewide promotions on specific days, you can also schedule bulk product edit tasks to run on any future date, or on daily/weekly bases.


Oberlo oberlo

If you are running a dropshipping with AliExpress business, Oberlo is a must-have Shopify apps that makes fulfillment an easy seamless process for your store.

Oberlo imports hundreds of products from AliExpress.com directly into your store in minutes, has your orders fulfilled and shipped directly to your customers 100% automatically, and makes sure your inventory and prices are always up to date.


Used to have no free plans, Oberlo recently becomes completely free for those who just start out until they have 500 successful orders.


Category #6: Customer Service


Quick Facebook Chat Facebook Chat by Beeketing

The only Customer Service app on Shopify app store that has nearly 2,000 reviews (the second popular one has less than 400 reviews), Quick Facebook Chat is absolutely loved by thousands of new and current Shopify merchants.

Straight from its name, the app presents a way for your customers to reach you on Facebook Messenger for direct support.

best shopify app to install Facebook live chat widget

No more agents in shift, no more emails. With Quick Facebook Chat, you or your customer support agent can be anywhere, anytime chatting with customers via Messenger inbox.

By providing instant support via Facebook, you can build a long-term relationship with each customer, promote new products to interested one via chat window with them, and even predict what they will probably like by following their Facebook activities.


Category #7: Reporting


Compass compass ecommerce plugin shopify

Compass is by far the best reporting app in Shopify app store. The app gives you a single view of 30+ important ecommerce metrics, with industry’s benchmarks and insights.

Think of it like having an Amazon-like team of data scientists at your disposal to help you make sense of all statistics in eCommerce and give you recommendations you need to make decisions for your business. By knowing where to allocate your resources, you’ll save thousands of dollars in marketing and sales.

Compass reporting dashboard for Shopify

Here’s what their customers have been saying:

“Compass is awesome! Powerful off-the-bat visualization and analytics that are actually actionable.” 

“We love Compass! it helps us to set our monthly goals, identify problems and support critical decisions.”


Category #8: Tools


Countdown Cart Free Shopify Apps

The concept of using urgency and scarcity in marketing is not new but it works great and effectively all the time. Customers tend to delay buying, why should they make a quick decision if they don’t have to? Countdown Cart helps to persuade your customers that the time to buy is NOW before it’s too late by creating a strong sense of urgency and scarcity for your Shopify store

The app is ridiculously easy to use, and it works immediately after being installed. It adds a countdown timer, a stock countdown and a social proof widget to your product pages, which makes customers buy faster and create a significant increase in your sales.

Free Shopify Apps


Best Currency Converter BEST Currency Converter

For brands that go global, Best Currency Converter helps to decrease customer frustration and cart abandonment by letting customers confidently shop in their local currency.

Supporting 170+ currencies including Bitcoin, this app converts prices instantly, on any devices, any Shopify theme smoothly. The app can also detect each customer’s location and automatically selects the currency for them. They can also change currencies manually from the Currency Switcher.

best currency converter


Quick Announcement Bar by Hextom Quick Announcement Bar by Hextom

Quick Announcement Bar app enables you to build header banner to promote news, promotions, events to customers right on the store. It wouldn’t be a noteworthy tool here without these advanced features that makes Quick Announcement Bar a helpful app for Shopify merchants:

  • Geo targeting so bars only display to visitors from selected countries
  • Source targeting that creates different bars for visitors come from different sources such as Facebook Ads, Twitter posts, Pinterest Pins, etc.
  • Support emojis in the bar messages
  • Responsive, and optimized for all screen sizes including desktop, tablet, and mobile



15 Remarkable best Shopify apps in all categories in Shopify app store have been revealed and reviewed in details for you. Why waiting while you can try them at no cost?

Check them out and leave your comments here to let others know how these awesome apps work on your store.

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