Exit intent popup has been getting increasingly popular in e-Commerce selling. Average market’s statistics is 35% of lost visitors can be saved by exit intent offers. Having 35% of your slipping-away customers hang on and respond? That’s enough to get started.

Online sellers worldwide are searching for the term “exit intent popup”, looking for the right tool that can help them prevent site abandonment and boost online salesNothing complicated, exit intent technology uses javascripts to track user’s movement on web browser, and automatically displays a coupon pop up as a special offer to customers who tend to leave the site.

How exit intent popup can solve your conversion pain?

The average time online shoppers stay on an eCommerce website is just 15 seconds. That’s definitely not long enough to convert any shoppers into making a purchase. Plus, 68% of shoppers drop their order and leave at cart page right before check-out. Many of our clients have even suffered worse statistics on their own web stores than these market’s averages.

This is the pain point of most e-Commerce stores: No matter how well you may do to generate new traffic into your store, you will eventually lose most visitors, from both organic traffic and paid leads, if you don’t do anything to stop your customers from abandoning your site with unfinished orders.

Exit coupon pop ups are to disrupt this situation.

Better Coupon Box's exit intent popup

The psychology behind is fairly simple: people need the right motivation and incentives to take a desired action. When your customers are leaving the site, you can quickly change their mind in that short moment of indecision by incentivising them with a special last-minute offer “just for you”.

Instead of letting customers go, you pop up an exclusive discount coupons offer on exit to interrupt their decision to leave. Not only can you convince them to stay longer on site (which gives you more time to convert them into paying for your products at discount), but you can also grab their contact by asking them to sign up email or follow your social profiles to get discount code. Building a rich email list and social fan base comes useful when you start marketing campaigns for your business.

How to create the best coupon pop ups on exit that can convert?

When it was newly introduced, people had to create html exit popup script on website, which was a painful task for store owners who are not technicians or run their online webstore without a developer team.

But now, that’s no longer the way it works, thanks to Better Coupon Box, a free coupon plugin which allows creating effective coupon pop ups on exit in less than 3 minutes, without any coding skills required!

Here’s 4 ways you can make the most use out if this powerful free e-Commerce tool:

#1. Give customers a reason to stay with coupon pop-ups

Coupon pop ups by Better Coupon Box app

With Better Coupon Box app, you can create unique coupon pop ups for your own store, on any page, at any time you think necessary to convert customers deeper into the purchase funnel. Where it is on exit or not, your customers now have reasons to stay longer to discover your products, and are more likely to buy at better prices.

Plus, this is your golden chance to grow customer base to engage and sell on multiple channels, simply by asking customers to:

  • Follow social media profiles (Social coupon popup) – increase social followers base who you can engage with on social media channels.
  • Subscribe emails (Newsletter signup popup) – grow email list quickly so you can advertise products via email marketing channel.

#2. Craft compelling messages that touch about-to-leave customers:

People are motivated and inspired through capturing messages. Copywriting in your offers is where you can play with your words to deliver emotional touching pitches to customers and change their mind.

This is how easily you can craft your messages with Better Coupon Box app:

create a coupon pop up with Better Coupon Box app

#3. Set up exit intent for your coupon pop-up in 1 click:

Instead of creating html script, which is too technical and time-consuming, let the technology do it automatically for you. With just one click, you can choose “Smart on exit-intent” as option to show the exit coupon box on your website.

Create exit intent popup with Better Coupon Box app

Plus, you can also choose who you want to show the coupon box to: all customers, new visitors only or returning customers. Choose your audience wisely to save your cost and target the right customers you want to tap into with your on-exit popup.

#4. Optimize offers on the right time & at the right place

Right time, right place, right device…all these factors are important to together create a compelling offer that can retain and convert online shoppers.

  • It would be great to run your offers during peak shopping crazes like holiday seasons. Thus, choose the appropriate time range to activate your campaigns. If you wish to keep it as a permanent offer on exit, just uncheck the option
  • Specific offers work on specific pages. You can choose to show exit pop-ups on certain products pages, cart pages or homepage only.
  • If you have a large proportion of traffic coming from mobile devices, don’t forget to turn exit intent popup on mobile.

With Better Coupon Box, everything comes so easy in check-box options instead of CSS/HTML coding:

optimize better coupon pop-ups

Congratulations! Your exit coupon pop-up is ready to convert now!

So now, with just 3 simple steps in under 3 minutes, you can create an awesome exit intent popup that can help you retain bouncing visitors and turn them into customers, and of course, sales for you.

This technology used to be something hard to implement on e-Commerce websites, but no more now with the help of Better Coupon Box.

Let’s create my exit intent coupon popup

If you need any help to make the most use out of this free coupon plugin, just leave a comment or Contact Us for personal support. We’re 24/24 ready to help you succeed in selling online!

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