When it comes to eCommerce, a word that first comes to mind is growth.

As per an authenticate survey, eCommerce sales ratio from 2014 to 2020 will be a hike around 200%. They show that retail sales may exceed $4.085 billion by as soon as 2020.


As eCommerce grows, there are a huge number of successful online stores that excel in sales and services because of their UX, marketing, and selling strategies. You can learn a lot from knowing their strategies for growth.

Last week, we’ve talked to 10 of the best eCommerce websites in the world to hear their stories about what works and what doesn’t. Whether you’re starting a business or trying to market better, these best eCommerce websites and their best strategies will definitely give you some inspiration.



We’ll kick off the list with a sure-fire winner — a Dutch online store sells branded toys for everyone. It doesn’t matter if you’re finding baby toys, boys/ girls toys, or board games for adults, Verkoop has them all covered. After all, who doesn’t love games?

Verkoop.com is well organized in 12 different categories. First, Verkoop.com has a scroll-down navigation with 100 sub-categories ranging from outdoor toys, wooden toys, educational toys to toys for summer, for Christmas, and for parties…The shop manages to appear handy and informative at the same time, despite its vast array of different products, which is no easy feat.

Do you know what is the best? Their delivery is super fast – you can place an order and receive it in just 1 day, even in just 12 hours as long as you’re in countries like the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium,…

Verkoop.com also focuses on growing email list to maximize sales conversions. They create an eye-catching popup that blends in with the whole theme design, to welcome new customers with a small coupon off for their first order. With this tactic, they convert most new visitors into email subscribers and customers right on their first-time visit Verkoop.com.

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Just one year after their launch, the company made an expected $1.200,000 in sales, and is continuing to grow since then.

Hemp Market

In contrast with Verkoop’s founder, Alan at Hemp Market decided to invest in an only-for-grown-up product: cannabis.

Hemp market. store

They don’t make a hard sell on their products. Alan and his team want to focus on creating a stress-free culture where customers can come to balance their lives and feel positive vibes through Hemp products.

Hemp Market team appears to be so expert in cannabis. They continuously seek out new items with better quality in order to provide the best experience to their customers. With a wide range of product types, they have almost everything in the cannabis market. They even provide hemp body care and vegan products like raw natural unrefined rolling papers.

Hemp Market is growing at an impressive speed, their growth rate is approximately 20% per month.

In our interview, they passionately shared their growth strategy and it is not something hard to achieve. Hemp Market focuses extremely hard on their customer support. Customers can reach out to their live chat support anytime they want and ask about anything related to vaporizers, papers, glass artifacts,…to better understand Hemp products and find the right item they want. Then if customers have any issues, they will take it seriously to solve and improve. Their motto is ‘The customer is always right.’


NoiseAsh is one of the most interesting stores that we had a chance to talk to. They sell quite unique products, which are software instruments and audio plugins.

The best thing that we should learn from NoiseAsh is the way they build their store. Since their niche is special, they make a demo video for every single plugin they sell. There, customers are able to test how different the sound would be after adjusted by their plugin.

NoiseAsh products

By putting demo audio on top of each product page, NoiseAsh assists customers on their buying process, helps decisions can be made faster and easier. It’s the best way to prevent customers’ confusion and hesitation that leads to a common pain point – cart abandonment.

To gain trust from new visitors, they even show testimonials and reviews from popular brand names in the industry as below:


NoiseAsh's review

In addition, NoiseAsh uses Sales Pop to show notifications of recent orders. By which, visitors may feel more confident to make a decision. They know that there are many people out there are purchasing NoiseAsh products as well. This tactic can be applied to online stores of all shapes and sizes.

NoiseAsh - Sales Pop

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Tesla’s Toys

Tesla’s Toys

Tesla’s Toys launched its online WooCommerce store in 2016 selling authentic figures and toys from Japan. Their aim is to make Japanese culture closer to anime fan all around the world.

In their website, you can get latest, rare and 100% authentic Japanese toys at absolute affordable prices. This is hard to find in the world full of low-quality knock-offs.

Tesla’s Toys advises doing advertising via Adwords to ensure a good and steadily growing business at first, then extend your marketing via social media later. This strategy goes a very long way for any business, just as it did for this WooCommerce store.

Yanzi – the founder of Tesla’s Toys – shared another smart tactic to boost up conversion rates on her website. She displays live sales notifications that show what products other customers have recently purchased to motivate purchasing and build trust with new shoppers.

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Founded in 2000, HoopsKing is a big giant in selling training equipment, aids & drills for basketball players, coaches & trainers all over the world. This BigCommerce store is turning 18 years old and still growing fast over years.

The founder – Coach Chris – was a former basketball player at his 20s, but at that time basketball training resources were minimal and he craved all the information and equipment he could get to become the best player he could be. That’s the story behind HoopsKing, he wanted to help other basketball players make their dream come true.

HoopsKing.com is not just a normal online store that sells training equipment, it also provides all kind of information in the form of videos which you can purchase from the top coaches in the game of basketball. Many of them are free or require a minimal fee to access:

minimal fee

This Christmas, Chris made HoopsKing be a merry place to shop. He promoted the holiday sales by showing a Merry Christmas popup that offers 10% off storewide & free shipping for shoppers that follow HoopsKing on social media. This popup is well decorated with a cartoon Santa Claus and his reindeer crew at the top.


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Can fashion be high quality and affordable at the same time?

This question came up with a business idea when Rüdiger Maria Müller first founded manebair. He wanted to “create beautiful and high-quality fashion products with style, but not at any price”.

To turn his idea into action, he partnered with other leather manufacturers and brands in the world to create stylish and fashionable bags and backpacks that’s truly vegan and eco-friendly.

By the end of this year, manbefair managed to grow by 50% over the previous year with their highest conversion rate ever: 5% in the peak season. Their best practice for growth is making scalable cloud-based solutions for online store. They’re selling and scaling on different platforms like LightSpeed and Amazon,…

Dark Horse Marine

dark horse marine

The last thing you want to worry about when you’re out on the water is whether or not your equipment is up to par.

Founded in 2014 in the US, Dark Horse Marine is dedicated to marine stuffs and camping products. You can find anything you’ll ever need to be fully equipped when you’re out on the water or go on a camping trip here.

The founder – Bobby Mateo – have more than 40 years of experience serving the entire marine and boating community – from individual owner/operators, to boat builders and engineers, to boat dealers and repair shops (and everyone in between) – providing top quality parts and tools to keep your boat out on the water.


Which of these stories inspired you the most? These online stores vary in their successes but they are all great sources of inspiration to help build a successful eCommerce business in the near future. Most of these examples make thousands of dollars in sales each month, some even make millions. But they all have one thing in common: they’re using Beeketing to increase sales and boost up conversions for their online store.

If you want to feature your store in this article, just let us know in the comment section below, or reach out to us at [email protected], we’ll see if we can help. Cheers!

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