Shopify – the leading commerce platform is the perfect solution for building your own independent storefront, which is especially true when it comes to dropshipping. If you are a dropshipper, chances are your product cost is much higher and your operational costs are lower in comparison to wholesalers. With an enormous App Store of over 2000 apps from more than 1000 app developers, Shopify is eliminating the disadvantages and creating significant advantages in terms of sales, marketing, and store management for Shopify dropshipping businesses.

This article will highlight the 12 best apps for your successful Shopify dropshipping stores. The list covers all aspects to build a profitable dropshipping store from product sourcing to sales, marketing, and supporting tools. What’s more special is most of the apps rank top in each Shopify category, meaning that you can leverage them to make big money without spending so much effort and money on tedious tasks.

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Product sourcing for Shopify dropshipping store?

First thing first, the #1 question that usually comes to your mind when you start your online business is ”What to sell?”. This is quite probably the hardest part of the path and the apps below are your key weapons to win the battle. Finding the right products to sell and automating the fulfillment and shipping, dropshipping gets a lot easier with these apps.

#1. Oberlo

Oberlo is the most well-known app for anyone who is related to dropshipping. The app allows you to easily import products from AliExpress or Oberlo Marketplace into your Shopify store and ship them directly to your customers – in just a few clicks. When a customer places an order, it will be automatically synced to Oberlo system, here all the rest from packaging to shipping the order will be taken cared of. Inventory and prices are always up to date, so you never sell a product that’s out of stock or above your retail price.

best Shopify dropshipping apps


#2. Dropship Connector

Dropship Connector is also an app to automate 95% of dropshipping process. Saying Oberlo pales in comparison with this new app at some points isn’t much exaggerating.

Simply put, they both have features to help dropshippers automate their workflow and track the whole process. But Dropship Connector outweighs Oberlo for 3 reasons:

  • Oberlo charge dropshippers $29/month for these features: Order auto-fulfillment, variant mapping, and order tracking. Meanwhile, it’s all FREE with Dropship Connector.
  • Dropship Connector automatically updates tracking numbers onto PayPal accounts for its users. You hardly find this premium feature on other dropshipping apps out there, including Oberlo!
  • And Dropship Connector is available not only on Shopify but also on ShopBase – a new, powerful platform for dropshipping & print on demand business.

Place multiple orders

So now, if you are seeking for a free and better alternative to Oberlo, you know where to find it!

#3. Printful

Another type of dropshipping product resource is print on demand. Printful makes it easy to sell printed products on Shopify such as t-shirts, sweatshirts, tank tops, canvases, posters, …After you install Printful app, you need to choose the type of product, upload your design and publish them to your Shopify drop shipping store. When a customer places an order, it will be automatically sent to Printful so they will print the product using your design and ship it to your customer.

best Shopify dropshipping apps

#4. Spocket

Spocket is a popular option for dropshippers both on Shopify and WooCommerce. The app specializes in products from the US and Europe–you can simply add products you like to your own store in one click. There is constant sync between the product on your store and Spocket so you don’t have to worry about inventory levels. And when a customers orders something from your store, the order will automatically appear on Spocket, where you can check it out. The product will then be delivered to the customer’s doorstep by your dropshipping supplier!

Spocket offers quicker shipping and better products as its USP, and branded invoicing is another cool feature of the app. You can add your own logo and message to the invoices.


No matter how good your sales are, there is always room for improvement. Below are the top-rated apps on the Shopify app store that help you stand out from the crowd, foster higher conversions, greater sales, and increase customer engagement.

#5. Boost Sales

Upselling and cross-selling are proven techniques that can give you an immediate boost in sales. Especially with the dropshipping model, when it costs you nothing to add additional correlating products to offer your customers. So basically, you can leverage these techniques at no risk. And Boost Sales is one of the best Shopify apps that helps to lift up conversion and sales by increasing order value per online shopper. Especially, it can automatically collect your sales data and generate offers which make customers more likely to purchase.

best Shopify dropshipping apps

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#6. Personalized Recommendation

Another tool that helps increase order value tremendously is Personalized Recommendation. If you were a customer, there’d be more likely to buy at an online shop where you know if it was trusted by other customers or what trending products that they picked. At this point, product recommendation widgets that show Best selling products, Who bought this also bought, Frequently bought together can be good references which make the purchasing process on your Shopify dropshipping store more reliable and agile.

Born from big data machine learning, Personalized Recommendation can help you automatically set up these automatic widgets without you lifting up a finger. It also has exclusive feature of personalized “Handpick just for you” which suggests your customers relevant items based on their shopping cart.

best Shopify dropshipping apps

#7. Checkout Boost

Needless to say, an incentive drives action. Research has shown that “reciprocity” plays an important part in triggering customers to take action towards your products: If someone does something for you, you will naturally want to do something for them in return. You can take advantage of this psychological tip to reward customers and motivate them to finish their orders.

Free shipping, free gift, and discount code are among the most effective types of incentive that you can employ to improve the checkout rate of your Shopify drop-shipping store. With Checkout Boost, you can easily create a well-designed offer, like this.

best Shopify dropshipping apps

One big plus of Checkout Boost is the social sharing feature. Giving away a gift to your customers in exchange to a social sharing post is totally a reasonable thing you can leverage.  You can easily get tons of organic traffic from the app without spending a single penny on ad.

#8. Sales Pop

With more than 4,300 5-star reviews and almost 60,000 installs, Sales Pop is one of the most famous apps on Shopify app store. Why? Because it’s FREE and super effective to increase your conversions. Built with the concept of social proof, Sales Pop displays the recent sales on your store. When customers know what other people are buying on your store, it creates a positive influence and motivates them to buy your products.

best Shopify dropshipping apps

PRO TIP: You can totally make use of upselling strategies to elevate sales and save every penny counts, all in one place, without installing any third-party apps. Interesting? >> Find more details here.


The heart of the success of a business lies in marketing. Not only does marketing heighten brand awareness but it also increases sales, grows businesses, and engages customers. To help you save time and get the job done effectively, these are the top-notch marketing apps that effectively attract new customers, increase customer engagement, and drive more traffic to your dropshipping website.

#9. MailBot

Getting customers to your Shopify dropshipping store is not easy, getting them to engage and shop with you again and again is even more difficult. That’s where email marketing can tap the pain and solve it.

To do successful email marketing campaigns, automation and personalization are the keywords for. Sending the same email content and the same product recommendation to your customers is lame because each customer has totally different preferences. However, drafting content for each email and manually sending them to your customers cause so many headaches and waste your time. That’s why Mailbot is your must-have app when it comes to email marketing, the app takes care of all these tasks for you with advanced segmentation and smart recommendation features.

MailBot automatically generates different emails for every single customer based on their preferences – a higher level of personalization which will assure a much higher open rate and conversion rates for your campaigns.

best Shopify dropshipping apps

#10. Plug in SEO

This might be the best app to improve your SEO and Google traffic. Once installed, Plug In SEO keeps you informed of the improvements you can make to rank your Shopify dropshipping store higher on Google. You’ll get simple instructions about how to fix any SEO shortages and mistakes found for free. But it requires a fixed-charge if you would like an expert to fix the issues.

best Shopify dropshipping apps

#11. Social Media Marketing Automation

Being consistent on Social Media does not only help you stay connected with your customers but also drive traffic and sales for your online stores. This is especially important if you are running a dropshipping business when you can add a hundred of new products to your store at a time. But the thing is, it is extremely time-consuming and the app from is an absolute solution for you. With this app, scheduling your social posts of product updates for a whole month can be solved in the matter of a few weeks.

Product images and information are synced automatically to the app, also, you can even edit images or add funny gif to increase the engagement of your posts. Social Media can not get easier, right?

best Shopify dropshipping apps


Since customers are becoming savvy and their expectations are getting higher, it is more important than ever to render a delightful customer experience for your online store. The apps below add interactive features to your Shopify store, bring a unique customer experience and make your store stand out from the crowd. What’s more awesome is all of them are FREE. Check them out!

#12. Countdown Cart

Countdown Cart is the only app you need to create a strong sense of urgency and scarcity for your Shopify drop shipping store. Believe or not, Countdown Cart is FREE and contains multiple features that you have to pay if you use other apps – too good to be true. With Countdown Timer, Stock Countdown and Social Proof, the app helps to persuade customers that the time to buy is NOW before it’s too late.

best Shopify dropshipping apps

PRO TIP: Social Proof is a super-effective tool that uses the influence of crowds to trigger conversions. The effect of the crowd would motivate consumers to make purchasing decisions.

You can set up various types of Social Proof for your Dropshipping store, such as Real-time Updates, Reviews and Ratings, and Trust Badges. >> More details

#13. Quick Facebook Chat

Facebook is among the most popular social channels, so why not leverage your Facebook business account and use it as one of the communication points with customers. Quick Facebook Chat embeds a nice chat box into your Shopify dropshipping store which allows you to chat with your customers’ personal Facebook profiles, not just anonymous visitors. So you can personalize the conversation for each of them. It’s never easier to build trust and establish the relationship with your customers like between real people.  

best Shopify dropshipping apps

#14. Mobile Converter

Accounting for more than 50% of eCommerce traffic, mobile is growing significantly and soon it will become the dominant platform. Whether you are owning a Shopify dropshipping store or a traditional online store, it’s more important than ever to optimize your mobile web experience. That’s why Mobile Converter is a must-install app. The app helps to set a fixed Add-to-Cart bar on the top or bottom of the mobile screen and display your product images in a full-screen slide. These features eliminate the disadvantages of the small screen and increase sales by simplifying site navigation. Mobile Web Boost is a powerful solution for you to satisfy the mobile customers and boost up your mobile conversions.

best Shopify dropshipping apps


Own your own business while traveling the world – Isn’t this your dream?

Well, with a sound preparation and the right tools, you can rule the dropshipping world and have the lifestyle you want the most. Hope this blog post will be a stepping stone on your path to becoming a successful Shopify dropshipping store owner.

Let’s take action right now.

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