“It’s time for us to go bigger, bring all what we have outside of Shopify so we can help more people grow their online stores. Where do you think would be our next stop? I’d say WooCommerce”

The Founder & CEO of Beeketing told all (what we lovingly call) Bee members in early 2016, setting a firm goal that Beeketing – the No.1 Popular Marketing Platform in Shopify must not limit our mission. Instead, his ambition is to reach more e-Commerce platforms to help millions of people build their dreams of becoming successful entrepreneurs. So we decided to head for WooCommerce, become a part of the global biggest e-Commerce community, and help as many people to sell better as we can.

Marketing plarform for online stores

How we got started

Our journey started 6 years ago, when we launched our first eCommerce product: a website builder tool, to help people who wanted to sell online but had little technical skills to build a website of their own. Back then, we were helping more than 90,000 customers to build their online businesses in 1.5 years. But we realized one big problem that our customers were facing everyday, that caused us to pause after a year to look back and rethink about what we’re doing.

Our customers – small & medium online store owners –  couldn’t sell effectively as they expected, even though they had a beautiful website.

What we learnt from thousands of interviews, hours of 1-on-1 talking to our customers was stunning: 95% of online sellers have little marketing and selling skills. Some groups of eCommerce entrepreneurs have enough budget to hire marketing specialists to execute selling strategies for them. But yes, 95% just have themselves on their own to run everything of their business. And even when they can build a beautiful website with our tool, they still have so many difficulties in selling and making profits, due to lack of necessary resources (time, money, people).

That’s where we stopped for a while, and thought about how we should help current online entrepreneurs sell better, before helping the new one to jump in. And that’s how Beeketing began.

From Shopify to WooCommerce

We first launched our apps on Shopify platform in 2015, and has become the No.1 Marketing Automation Platform there, with 3 FREE apps always on the top tier, and 5 other apps among the most popular:

Beeketing for WooCommerce

Beeketing for Woocommerce

Having been working days and nights in 2 years to help nearly 50,000 Shopify merchants to increase conversion rates and boost sales, we’re confident that we now have a deep understanding about what you really need. We’re ready to go outside of Shopify and bring our tools to help many others.

What is our vision of Beeketing for WooCommerce?

Our concept to help online sellers is pretty simple: in order to succeed, they need to know how to sell just like big global eCommerce websites. Amazon is the typical success case study to learn from. Amazon is a huge system: they have in-house data development center and marketing department to keep everything on process. Can that 95% of online sellers who just run their own business do the same to succeed? Probably no, without the help of technology.

So we see the root-cause problem, and that’s where we come in to provide solutions. Our mission is to help e-Commerce entrepreneurs implement the secret sauce of Amazon: track and learn behaviours of online shoppers on their store; execute personalized selling strategies; and do everything in the automated way so they can scale up.

Beeketing for WooCommerce plugin consists of 10+ WooCommerce extensions (we call “apps”), each with a unique set of features to help online sellers optimize conversion rates at different steps in the purchasing funnel. All Beeketing apps are connected together by the Beeketing data centre, where all store’s data (customers, sales history, activity logs…) is collected for analysis.

Beeketing Marketing Automation platform aims to help S&M online sellers enjoy selling the automated way, and win the eCommerce game!

So, are you ready to Welcome Beeketing to WooCommerce?

Just as why we started out in the first place, we come to WooCommerce with a mission to bring marketing automation tools to help WooCommerce entrepreneurs sell better and win the eCommerce game. Are you willing to achieve your goals with us?

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