As you may know, it’s been around 10 months since we first launched our loyalty program, which is as a gift from us given to our valuable customers. From that time on, this program has provided more than 7 thousands of our users with the opportunity to use our paid apps for free. Literally!

Beeketing loyalty program

We at Beeketing even in many times, witness that a number of the retailers had been using 3 paid apps of ours to generate thousands of dollars without losing any initial costs for those apps, thanks to Beeketing loyalty program.

You can see below some achievements what store owners have got with our paid apps, for example:

Sounds interesting, right? So let us walk you through how to earn loyalty points and get these compelling apps for yourself.

Let’s get started:

1. What are loyalty points? Why should I earn that?

Beeketing loyalty points are our rewards for users based on their activities with our apps. They are a type of credit which users can use to subscribe Beeketing paid apps.

You can check your points by clicking on the right top corner of the backend of any Beeketing apps > My rewards:

My rewards - Loyalty program

My reward - Loyalty Program

The exchange rate is 10 points = $1. So, if you want to use Boost Sales app for free in a month with its Starter plan, you should earn at least 250 points.

The more interesting is, you can also spend your reward points flexibly like real money on your app subscription. Back to the example with the Starter plan of Boost Sales app above: What if you have only 200 loyalty points to redeem while its Starter plan costs 25$? Just simply spend only 5$ more, then you’re good to go. It’s cool, isn’t it?

2. How to earn more points in the loyalty program?

I bet that you might once have experienced other loyal customer programs, in which you have to spend a lot of money on the products to be able to earn reward points.

With Beeketing program, you won’t have to do that! By participating in an abundance of relatively simple events (what we’re sure you’ve already done every single day) like registering an Beeketing account or logging into our system, it’s enough to bring more loyalty points to you. Gaining more and more Beeketing points has never been easier!

Below is the table listing all the actions you can take to earn more loyalty points:

How to gain more point - Loyalty Program

Let us do a math for you:

If you are a new Beeketing user, you can take these 4 actions below effortlessly yet immediately:

  • Sign up a Beeketing account = 10 points
  • Install the first Beeketing app (any apps) = 10 points
  • Install 4 paid apps: Checkout Boost, Boost Sales, Personalized Recommendation and Mailbot = 40 points (we offer 14 free-trial days for each app so you can install all of them for free)
  • Create the first order of Checkout Boost app (free) = 20 points
  • Create the first cross-sell & Upsell offer with Boost Sales app (free): 30 points

SUM = 110 points

Tah dah! You would get 110 points = $ 11 from Beeketing immediately without any initial investment! Easy money, right?

3. How to redeem Beeketing points?

What makes our loyalty program stand out is that you can freely redeem your earned points to subscribe the new paid apps, or to spend on the next recurring subscription of your current apps.

Redeem to subscribe a new paid app:

When installing any paid app, you can choose “Use my Beeketing points” in the confirm payment step to redeem those points in the first month of the subscription.

How to redeem loyalty points 1

Redeem for your recurring subscription:

In My Rewards dashboard, click “Redeem my earned point” to redeem your points for the monthly/ yearly recurring subscriptions.

C:\Nhan Dang\Beeketing\Loyalty point\How_to_redeem_loyalty_points_2

You can choose to use points for any of these apps: Mailbot, Boost Sales, Checkout Boost. If you have installed the chosen app, your points will be redeemed for the next month’s subscription of this app.

how to redeem loyalty points 3

FAQ: “If I cancel the app before the subscription starts, will my points be refunded?”

Answer: I’m afraid not. If you cancel the app before the subscription, your points WILL NOT be refunded. Learn more about the rules and regulations of the program here.


Being trusted by more than 330,000 store owners across the world, we at Beeketing are always trying our best to celebrate our customers no matter that they are free or paid ones. Beeketing loyalty program is as one of the presents we want to give to our beloved users in order for them to have the chance to try our cutting-edge paid apps, as well as boosting their revenues without losing any dimes. If you have any concerns or questions related to our loyalty program, please shoot us an email to [email protected]. We will be right back!

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