Dear Beeketing customers,

As previously announced, we had been upgrading our system during the last month. Today we are delighted to let you know that: We are officially BACK!

Now you can easily install Beeketing apps to boost your sales on Shopify Appstore here:

Beeketing Shopify apps

So what is new with all of our apps and Beeketing system so far?

Our team has worked really hard and succeeded in:

  • Moving 3 out of the most popular Beeketing apps with 260,000+ users (Sales Pop, Countdown Cart, Quick Facebook Chat) from PHP to Golang code. You may notice that the links that lead to the app dashboards now have changed to a new format (, instead of with a better performance. The rest is being scheduled to publish the new version.
  • Setting up our system on multiple servers instead of a single one as before, successfully enhancing all Beeketing apps’ stability.
  • Upgrading our system security to ensure the privacy of all users’ data.

and stay tuned for one of our biggest updates ever in the next 2 months as well!

Our team at Beeketing has always tried our best to accomplish our mission: bringing customers the top-notch apps to boost their sales. Therefore, we hope that these better changes can give you a helpful hand in taking your eCommerce game to the next level.

Besides, celebrating this Earth Day April 22nd, Beeketing would like to contribute to making our planet a better place by giving 1-year free usage for one of any Beeketing paid apps to any non-profit companies/organisations all over the world. Just shoot us an email at with your company website to let us know. For more information, read here.

Last but not least, we are also building an eCommerce Community on Facebook – a place where thousands of merchants will share their expertise in selling online with each other as well as asking & answering questions about running online stores. Join us to come up with some new ideas to boost sales right away:

Thanks for your support.


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