Are you finding a way to dramatically increase revenue by transforming abandoned carts into recovered ones?

Is yes, this blog post is definitely for you.

I am going to show you how you can leverage the power of Web Push Notification – the most advanced yet fairly new channel to re-engage and convert your cart abandoners into customers.

With the simple, instant and direct nature, web push notification is the key to recovering your abandoned carts. It gets your customers interested in revisiting their carts and send them back to your online store at the best timing so that they can complete their purchases with ease and convenience.

Just like with other channels – how you use web push notification is vitally important. Let’s dive in and see how you can optimize web push notification to massively increase your online revenue!

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web push notification for abandoned cart
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First thing first: How to maximize the opt-in rate of your notifications.

Opt-Ins are the Door To Success of your web push notification campaign. The higher the rate is, the more abandoned carts you can recover.

But it is estimated that up to 60% of website visitors opt-out of push notifications. It’s easy to understand because the default opt-in box only offers a simple text-based prompt with: “company name would like to send you notifications.” The user has two buttons below that, which typically read: “allow” or “block.”


These limitations leave the online store owners with almost nothing to work with. Fortunately, Recover Cart Pusher offers a workaround that allows you to use more text and graphics – the Permission Box. By default, this box is enabled automatically and shown to your site visitors at the same time with the browser opt-in box.

Web Push Notification for abandoned cart

Now that when you have a customizable permission box, it’s time for creativity. You need an enticing subscription pitch to maximize the number of subscribers.

  • Write a succinct permission message: The message in your opt-in tells your visitors why they should subscribe to your push notifications. What this means is that the copy must clearly convey the benefits of receiving your push alerts.
    Also, let them know they can unsubscribe anytime. This simple sentence proves that you will not send spam notifications and that you really care about their privacy.

Web Push Notification for abandoned cart

  • Set the delay time. If the popup is triggered too soon, it will end up interrupting the customer’s shopping experience on your online store. So what’s the best timing? It’s this simple: you need to find our the visitor engagement on your site and hold it off for about 50% – 60% of the average time on page. By doing this, you can dramatically increase your opt-in rate

web push notification for abandoned cart
The average time on page of your online store can be found in Google Analytics report.


  • Use other communication channels to encourage subscription: for example, you can promote the benefits of subscribing to push notifications on Facebook and then put a link to your website. By giving the right context and building anticipation about what your web push notifications will offer, you’ll see an increase in opt-ins.
    Or running ad campaigns to bring quality traffic and grow your web push notification subscriber list. This is much better if you just bring them and just let them leave if they do not purchase.

How to recover abandoned carts with Web Push Notifications.

As the notification message is the central element, it’s important to keep it short & keep it simple. Below are a few tips:

  • Keep in mind the character limits. This differs among the browsers.It will take a bit more time and effort to optimize the notifications for all the devices and browsers. However, once done right, it will elevate your campaigns to the next level.
    Below are the text limits of a web push notification:
Browser Chrome (Android)

Chrome (Desktop)

Safari Firefox
Title limit 30 50 40 30
Body limit Unlimited
(100 maximum recommended)
120 100 30
  • Sending a series of notifications is usually more effective overall than sending just one and it’s a simple yet powerful framework. It’s a logical 3-part progression, you can take the notification serials below as reference:

    – Reminder

    – Discount with urgency


    – Deadline reminder

Remember that one size doesn’t fit all. Test, test, and test again until you find the best messages as well as the best notifications strategy so you can make the most with Recover Cart Pusher.

Now it’s your turn. Share your creative way to recover your abandoned carts with web push notification.

Again, in case that you have not untapped this potential channel yet, do it NOW when not too many businesses have got around to leveraging this tool yet, there’s a HUGE advantage to you for being one of the first within your industry. The ones that have taken the initiative on this are seeing incredible results.

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web push notification for abandoned cart