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So you want to build the perfect Facebook page for your business? You came to the right place.

Determining your goal before getting it started.

Building the perfect Facebook page doesn’t mean to me what it might mean to you. Your first step is going to be figuring out what your company goal is on Facebook. Facebook’s channels are best used when you are able to maximize their effectiveness with a specific goal in mind. This is not to say that you can’t do well with a broad strategy, but the most effective ones are narrow in scope.

Take a few minutes to think about your objective: are you going to use your page to focus on sales, customer service, media relations, or general outreach? If you aren’t 100% sure right now, spend some time looking at businesses who have similar products. Go back through their timeline and try to analyze what their strategy is and whether it appears to be effective or not.

* Remember that as a smaller brand, you should be focusing your analysis on brands of a similar size. While there can be good takeaways from Coca-Cola’s page, look to brands that are your size.

#1. Profile and cover photos are the starting point.

  • Your cover photo is the first thing people see when they get to your Facebook page, make sure it pops. Obviously you don’t need to spend much time and effort on this in the beginning, but be mindful, as it is, and will become a cornerstone of your brand’s identity on Facebook.
  • Integrate your profile picture or not? A lot of people ask me whether they should integrate their profile picture into their cover photo. To start with, don’t. Your profile picture will be in any ads you run and used in other properties around the web so make it unique.
  • No text! Unless you are offering a promo code or something else short and sweet, avoid putting text in your cover photo. Your cover photo should offer a snapshot of your brand and should not be a way to deliver information to your fans and potential customers.
  • Deciding on the photo: use either a clean and focused product shot, or showcase a unique way to use your product.

cover 1

cover 2

#2. Engagement: respond to comments and messages.

  • Messages: As Facebook pushes more and more engagement through Messenger channels you need to make sure you are ready to handle it. Download the Pages app and respond to every single message you get ASAP. Even if it is a quick and simple response, let people who are reaching out know you are there. Your response rate is going to be visibly shown to people coming to your page whether you like it or not. Don’t waste this simple opportunity to get your foot in the door.


  • Comments: Comments are a bit more complicated. They are public, can be shared and can seen by everyone. Making sure to handle these in a timely manner is not as important but you never want someone to have to follow-up with you because you missed a post. Keep your tone positive to neutral. If you come across a hostile comment try to get them to email or message your business directly so you can handle it outside of the public domain.

#3. Interaction: give the people what they need.

  • It is important to engage your audience in a meaningful way. In a way they can relate to and participate in. Add a short video to your About page/sidebar – this will provide a quick way for your potential audience to get a snapshot of your business, of your personality, and of the overall message you are trying to convey.


  • Another important factor to consider is the composition of your posts. The majority of your posts should contain photos as they are the easiest to digest, share and interact with. Video should come next; this does not mean it has to be video created by you, pulling relatable content from YouTube or Vimeo is just fine. You should still make text only posts but keep them few and far in between. Giving people a reason to interact with your posts from a visual perspective is the most important aspect of posting.

#4. Analysis

  • Make sure that all of the links you use on your Facebook page in the About section, in your posts, next to your photos etc. are shortened and include Google’s UTM tracking tags so you know what is working in terms of driving traffic and converting on your site. As a bonus, you can use these UTM tags to track ad and creative performance as well.
  • Use Google’s UTM builder to quickly and easily build the links you will need to track all of the traffic coming to your website.

#5. Voice

  • Most importantly, make sure your Facebook page speaks to your brand as a whole. Tying all of these different aspects of your page together is what will really help your page attract, retain, and engage both new, old, and potential customers.
  • A quote from Facebook themselve is a great way to tie things off. Grady Burnett, Facebook’s director of global online and inside sales at Facebook says, “One thing that matters a lot in pages as well as in ads is really being open and authentic,” Burnett. “Making sure that what you’re sharing on that page or in your ads also transmits that company culture.”

What is the solution for you?

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We feel honoured to have Quinn’s insights featured in our blog, and we are incredibly thankful for the knowledge he has shared with us.

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