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Increasing average order value requires a lot of effort in different aspects like planning, logistics, marketing, advertising, demand forecasting, website designing, etc. 

By trying to increase the average order value (AOV), you are convincing people to buy more from you when they have come to buy a particular product. You not only have to ensure that your product is irresistible to them but it is very cost-effective at the price you are giving them.

Today, acquiring customers online is hard. Plus, the advertising costs are also becoming expensive every day. Also, people have other options and marketplaces where they can find similar products. 

Therefore, getting people to buy more from your online store while staying on the page is the real deal, also known as conversion rate optimization. How can you get the feat of doubling or tripling the AOV on your store? 

Well, we are going to discuss the same. Here are few tips that can help you do so. 

Give product recommendation 

This is just a basic step to increase AOV in your store. But this works like a charm. You must give your users recommendations when they are checking a specific page. Like, if they are browsing a page of an electronics gadget, you can show them accessories on that page. 

Upsell products 

During the places of checkout, you can also recommend other products to customers through upselling. Based on your website’s CMS, there are many apps, modules, and plugins available that can enable upselling for you. 


Set minimum order value

Minimum order value entices users to buy more to redeem the offer and grab maximum benefit from the purchase. You can set the bar to a certain price point which if users meet, will get the discount. 


Create bundles for users 

Instead of selling a one-off product, club the relevant ones together and sell a package to the users. This will not only increase your AOV exponentially but also create a good customer experience because now they no longer have to browse the web or any store to find relevant products. 


Be up-to-date with the latest trends 

This is a no-brainer. You must always keep a check of the latest happenings and trends of the market.  This will give you the edge to be ready for any major changes and apply them in your business. To know more about such trends, here’s a detailed infographic from Pack & Send.

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