Opening an online store has become more and more popular in the last decades all over the world. With the release of website platforms like Shopify, WooCommerce, Magento…store owners now don’t have to worry about technical issues, but focusing on the business side.

The very first and most challenging part is growing traffic for your online stores. Most people may simple start with implementing elements/plugins on the site, for example coupon pop ups. However, there are more ways than that for you to find your potential customers and get them to your website.

This article will give you some ideas to start with.

1. Join groups of potential customers

In the age of Internet and social networks, geographic barriers seems not create any difficulties in communication. There are many websites, blogs, social groups, forums established to connect people whose interests  and concerns about items, products are the same. These communities will be promised lands for you to promote your online sales.

However, do not be a graceless when joining in any community by solicit behaviors, or spam posts, it will make other members uncomfortable. Let’s really listen to them, and share with them or even provide some useful content for people. Your voice ,eventually, will be appreciated and many people will trust and interest in the content you referred. As a result, many of them will visit your store and consume your products.

2. Attach special importance to SEO

Google is becoming more popular than ever, everyone using internet is familiar to Google. Search engines have become one of the irreplaceable parts of the internet. A large number of customers have the habit of looking for information about products, or anything they are interest through Google. Therefore, the development of SEO (optimize search engine) is one of the wise tactics to increase readership for your website.

Beside building a website, it is one of the most interesting technicals at this time, hence, it would be flawed and outdated if you do not have any knowledge about it

Beeketing regularly posts articles on how to do effective SEO for websites. Let’s follow our posts and apply those methods, you will see positive effects from your efforts to optimize search engine..

3. Using social networks to share your posts

In recent years, social networks are developing as storms. Not only have students and youth people participated in social networks but people in other ages have also engaged to. Your customers mainly get involved in the major social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest or Google Plus.

Therefore, along with creating content and promoting website in traditional channels, you shouldn’t skip these social networks. It’s essential to create an business account and promote your store on there. Your online store will be known by more and more people, whenever you share links of your products or services on social networks, people who are interested in will click to view on your website.

To promote your online store on social networks, however, is not a piece of cake. You need to create a detailed plan providing continuous interesting contents to bring new values to your customers, so you held a part of success.

Another suggested idea is to give customers some incentives to share your site on social media. You can show a coupon pop up on your site to ask customers to share your products on their social networks in exchange for a coupon discount.

4. Setup Google Analystics to track your results

Google Analystics is a free Google tool that allows you to analyse the change of traffic on your website.

Google Analytics generates detailed statistics about a website’s traffic and traffic sources and measures conversions and sales. It is essential to use this tool as it helps you know which topics readers are favorite most, which sources you can exploit to increase the readers to the website. Based on these analyses, you can adjust the quality oriented articles as well as find other ways to promote your online sales more efficiently.

5. Join to answer at FAQs website

Remember, people who ask questions and other people have the same questions only appreciate when you actually invest your answers. Most wisely, you should find out the answer was most interested areas related to your business, then write an article on your website to answer such questions. The next step is to post that links on the topic question for those interested in visiting.

6. Organize contests

Holding contests with valued prizes is one of effective methods to increase the number of customers to your website. Unlike usual messages, the invitation to participate in competitions will be more attractive. For example, you are the owner of a selling fashion website, you can think of an online photo contest that your fans will have a right to participate and choose which one has the trendy style. Or if you own a gift shop, let’s think about a competition in which participant will write the best wishes for their mothers on March 3, etc. Once you have your idea, then implement them by the following steps:

  • Identify the target objects of the competition
  • Determine the competition time
  • Calculate cost for gifts, and others
  • Decide transmission messages for user

And to optimize your efforts, you should update these contests or important information to your website. People will actively access your website to vote or to find out more information. Thereby, you will have opportunity to introduce more about yourself.

7. Develop email campaigns regularly

Many customers are very interested in the useful information related to your field. Some of them really love and would like to receive updates about promotional events, the new intakes from you. Does that suggest anything to you about it? Yes, we are talking about the regular emails sent to your customers.

First, you need collect the customer emails with a message that you will send them the useful information if they leave their email. After getting the email list, you need focus on your post’s content or content of your website. That might be the tutorial how to make a dish if you are the restaurant website, how to arrange the usual flowers if you are the flower shop, and how to dress up if you are the fashion website, etc. Then, you send these new posts via emails. The repetition will create habits, and your customers will be gradually interested in your website to get the useful info.

However, it should be noted that when using this method is that you do not turn into a nuisance person as sending too much emails. In case they do not wish to receive further emails they can choose to unsubscribe . You can find out about Mailchimp service, a effective service to create regular newsletters.

Email marketing to increase customers experience

*Mailchimp – An email marketing tool is commonly used

8. Publish more useful videos

Besides Facebook and Twitter, Youtube is one of the content sharing sites are most frequently visited today as we can find all sorts of videos on it. If you do not want to ignore this piece of fertile land to attract more customers visit your website, then embark now.

Your task is simply to make video clips that you think they would be useful for your customers then upload them to Youtube. Please note that the most important thing is the description, do not forget to insert your website link on the description viewer interested access easily..

Here, Selling Tribe will suggest you some types of video so you can make your own campaigns:

  • Makeup tutorial video chains if you are cosmetics website
  • Flowers guidelines video chains if you are flower shop
  • How to remix old clothes if you are online stores etc…
  • How to remix old clothes if you are online stores etc…

increase conversion rate with Youtube

*Makeup tutorial video chains for cosmetics website

You don’t ever think that making ​​a video would be very difficult and expensive. Today with just one camera, or phone you can also completely self-improve for yourself the fascinating videos. The most important thing is how to create videos which bring helpful content to viewers.

9. Take the effectiveness of word-of-mouth marketing

Word of mouth marketing is a form of marketing that every business wishes to own. What’s more amazing when your main customers become representatives who will introduce you to their networks? A normal person will trust in the advice of his acquaintance more than in the ads they see somewhere every day.

So how to apply this form to increase traffic for your online store? The answer is to give your customers a motivation so that they can introduce your website to others.

The motivation here may be small gifts accompanied with offers that encourage customers referral your online store for their friends. You can also release some promotional coupon card and give them to your customers when they purchase goods. These coupon cards are only valid for the third person who is donated back. Your customers will have a reason to introduce you to people so that more people will know about your online store.

You should bear in mind that you only get success with this strategy when you truly believe in your product or service quality you are providing. Make sure they are the best choices for consumers.

Increase sales by using word-of-mouth

*With the development of social networks, mouth marketing is more effective

10. Use paid advertisements effectively

The paid advertisements are definitely not waste if they are used properly. Cost of initial investment can bring more revenue for your online store if you use effectively.

Some forms of paid advertising that you can use to promote your website is Facebook advertising, Google Adwords, banner ads on a  famous site, or the appropriate forum, etc.

Spend effectively to increase profit for online store

*Facebook Ads, and Google ads are both effective

Each form will match with an object, and a specific message. Find out what vehicles can reach your targeted customers on the basis of considering the financial ability to select appropriate means of advertising. Because they are ads which aimed to drive visit to your website, you should provide a compelling reason for them to click on the links to access your website.

No matter what method in the 10 methods listed above implemented, don’t forget the most important thing is your ultimate goal which increase the number of customers, not the amount of website visitors. Make sure that after accessing your website, viewer will feel convinced.

If your website is not picky whether its advertising is strong, you won’t create any impression with customers. They will visit once and never go back again.

Let’s follow our blog to read more usefull learn how to sell on social networks

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