Black Friday is just around the corner, and it sure is one of the biggest shopping peaks of the year!

Large retailers are more than ready to cut down on their margins to offer customers with huge lowest price deals, so as a small online business, how can you compete with them and boost sales during Black Friday and Cyber Monday craze?

Fear not, because here are a few proven effective marketing tools to help you out and take your revenue to the next level this holiday season:

#1 Urgency, urgency, urgency!

It’s human nature that when we think we are missing out on something, we are more excited about it. Limit the time of your offer can trigger this sense of anticipation and scarcity in customers and make your Black Friday promotions more urgent and exclusive. You can even make the offer available within one or to hours, or for a limited number of items.

Your tool: Create urgency with a coupon pop up by Better Coupon Box app to remind customers of your amazing offer and get them to like you on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or subscribe to your email, which can help you get them engaged and increase conversion rate.

increase online sales for black friday with coupon pop up

#2 Bundle products into Holiday Gift Packages

Demand for gifts on Black Friday and holiday season in general is sky high, so why not help your customers find the perfect gift sets by bundling some of your best selling items? You can also suggest some exciting gift ideas for people who don’t know what to buy. Don’t forget to offer them a huge discount to make it even sweeter.

Your tool: Boost Sales app can help you suggest amazing product combos when customers view one product — to help them save money buying gifts and you increase your sales! Every time your customers view one product in the bundle, a beautifully designed popup will offer them to buy other products in the gift set as well.

suggest produc combos to boost sales

#3 Offer free shipping

It is pretty shocking that shipping fee can make or break customers’ decision to buy or not sometimes, which means they can abandon their cart solely because of high shipping fee. So, this Black Friday, encourage your shoppers to buy more and kill 68 cart abandonment by offering them generous free shipping deal. You might want to check out this reference: Amazon have just changed their free shipping policy from $49 to $35.

Your tool: Don’t hesitate to let them know about your amazing free shipping promotion, Checkout Boost helps you pop up a window right before your customers checkout, giving them even more incentive to purchase.

offer free shipping promotion

#4 Have a blasting email marketing campaign

Great deals are great, however your sales will not increase if customers don’t know about them, therefore some businesses start sending newsletter since Halloween. While it’s pretty obvious you should give them a heads up and make them anticipate for the offer, it can be quite difficult to have their attention among other Black Friday promotions. If you don’t want your email to get lost in junk mail or simply drown in others, make sure you use eye-catching images and strong call-to-action buttons. Most importantly, do not just sent them a mass promotion email that can put you at risk of being unsubscribed, try to customize each email to your customer’s preference.

Your tool: Email Automation is here to take your email marketing campaign to the next level, which tracks your customer’s previous choices, hook them back with the attractive Black Friday deal and thus make them come back to buy these products that they love.

marketing automation


What tools are you using to boost sales this Black Friday? Why don’t you try out these awesome widgets to save up to 50% marketing cost, and share with us your thoughts?

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