Convert more visitors into sales
& subscribers with targeted coupon box

Show coupon pop ups that turn visitors into email subscribers,
social followers and increase online sales

Better Coupon Box

Better Coupon Box

Price: FREE

Available on Shopify, Wordpress, Magento,
BigCommerce, Lightspeed, Weebly and Tictail

Highlighted Features

  • Build email list & social followers by showing a beautiful & unique coupon popup.

  • Exit intent popup to prevent cart abandonment and boost conversion rate.

  • Better User eXperience both for you and your customers. User-friendly and responsive design. Works on all devices.


Most online store owners when kick-starting spend a huge budget on Ads to generate paid leads, but losing ~90% visitors, who land on the site but leave and never come back. So how to retain every visitor to your online store with Better Coupon Box?

why use
Better Coupon Box?

Increase Social Followers

Better Coupon Box helps to increase your fan base in Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest,... Therefore, you will have more chances to reach your targeted audience on social networks.

Never lose no potential customers

Detect about-to-leave customers automatically and motivate them to complete their order by offering exclusive discount codes with exit intent popups. There's no better way to secure all potential customers and sales!

UX-UI Optimization

We’ve optimized UI and UX to the best, making Better Coupon Box the easiest app to use. Coupon pop-ups can go live on your store within just 1 minute!

What customers say about
"Better Coupon Box"?*

Syrc Style

Fantastic app to offer costumer discounts i like the it appears on my shop is great design. Easy to install and I love how it looks on my shop. i highly recommend it will boost sale and is free why not have it.

Sparkle & Jade

Excellent app for coupon offers with a simple and clean design. Should a customer use or close the offer and want to get back to their code when they are ready for checkout, they can do so by clicking on the small icon that remains in the corner of the page. That is a great feature. Installation was instant without having to copy and paste any codes and customer service was quick to respond to my suggestion for a small improvement while it was still in beta. Works like a charm. Highly recommend!

Torquoise Bazaar

I've installed the Better coupon box and am pleased to say it is working great, It's already added 300+ likes to our fan page :)

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